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DeChRi's Avatar DeChRi 11:14 AM 08-17-2011

According to conception date, I will be due April 30th.  My first was EDD+5, 2nd was EDD-1, and 3rd was EDD-4.  So I am estimating a roughly on time arrival.  This was unexpected and I am really stressed at the moment.  Our situation is here:


That being said, I may spend a lot of time here since we are not telling anyone IRL for a longggg time. 


I hope I can contribute some insight, once I get my bearings, as I have done this a few times. :)


Congrats to all of you!

dealic's Avatar dealic 11:50 AM 08-17-2011

Hello and welcome :)


I read your other thread, and it seems like you have a lot to focus on right now. hug2.gif First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy. Second, I hope your two daughters start to stabilize soon and feel better.


If you ever want to talk about it, please feel free. I work with children with special needs, and I see families struggling to find that balance. Its not easy, but I hope you find success at it. Since its a recent diagnosis, things are probably extra crazy now, but hopefully they will settle into a new norm for you and begin to be easier to cope with.



DeChRi's Avatar DeChRi 11:56 AM 08-17-2011

Thank you. :)  It is just a lot now, but you are right, we will get better at it.  The Drs we see next week are the best in the country.   I just got BFP this morning, so I am still absorbing it all.  Breathing deeply, lol.

judybean's Avatar judybean 02:50 PM 08-17-2011

First, CONGRATULATIONS!  Babies are always blessings!!!  What a joy to bring a new soul into this world!


Second, oh mama!  You DO have a lot on your plate!!  (((hugs))) to you!  I don't blame you one bit for not telling anybody IRL at the moment.  People are so judgemental sometimes (as if it's any of their business anyway!).


Third, THANK GOODNESS that pregnancy is nine/ten months ;)  It gives you some time to get used to and/or plan for this new baby!


I wish you peace and blessings and am excited to share this journey with you :)

DeChRi's Avatar DeChRi 10:49 AM 08-18-2011

Thank you all for the replies.  I am getting used to the idea, which now has be ping ponging between blinding fear and total warm fuzzy.  It's funny, but the actually having the baby here does not scare me like I thought.  The pregnancy worries me.  First two were a walk in the park.  I am an exercise junkie and was lifting and running until they came along.  Number 3 I got SPD by 20 weeks, was barely able to walk by the time she came, and have had some prolapse issues sense.  After some pubic pain (probably phantom pain of paranoia) this morning, I am picturing myself bed ridden by 15 weeks in pain with my uterus hanging between my knees, lol. 

wendybird's Avatar wendybird 11:07 AM 08-18-2011

Congrats on the upcoming baby!!!  I too hope your girls are stable soon, and that your pregnancy progresses smoothly, with no pain for you and no issues for the baby.

DeChRi's Avatar DeChRi 11:09 AM 08-18-2011

Thanks Wendy. :)  Somehow returning to MDC makes me feel warm and fuzzy about it.  Which is great. :)

Itsasecret's Avatar Itsasecret 02:44 PM 08-18-2011

I'm sorry. I understand feeling shocked and dismayed! I pray you can get the girls some relief and settle into a new routine with them. My niece has a similar issue with protein and it was so hard when she was younger.


But congrats on the pregnancy! Babies are such a blessing!

RosieL's Avatar RosieL 03:09 PM 08-18-2011
Wow, OP you certainly have a lot t deal with. Sound like you're already starting to process and take it all in stride. You are a strong mama! I hope this forum helps in some way. I look forward to following your story as we go through these nine months.