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I had one last night that was so vivid...well all my dreams are vivid since becoming pregnant.  It's upsetting to me though so I would like to get it out here.  I have had two other early loss dreams, a good dream where I was blissfully nursing my newborn boy (still had strange aspects).  Then last night's where I grabbed my baby from the birth pool to cuddle and gently make sure he was breathing...his face was turning nice and healthy pink, then he looked ugly/creepy.  I cuddled him to my chest and when I pulled him away his face had melted into a formless pancake like profile.  I was scared and crying, "not again" (losing another baby).  The umbilical cord was still attached and in me but seemed to have way too much blood stuck in it...I helped it with gravity and my baby seemed to be getting better again.  Then I lost track of where my baby was, only to turn around and noticed he had gone into a glass mason jar filled with some type of brown/red soda...I freaked and when I lifted him out I noticed he had a red lotus flower coming from the top of his head.


I think I'm closer to being able to interpret this dream now that I've gotten it out.  It was just so upsetting when I remembered it this morning that I couldn't make any sense of it except being scared.


Anyone else having bad dreams about their baby, or had them in previous healthy pregnancies?  Would feel better to know I'm not alone.

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I had a bad dream w/ DD that Dh was trying to kill us.  He kept morphing from his face to different men's faces.  It was really scary.  I can't really remember any others right now, but we were fine.  And Dh has so far not tried anything, lol.


((hugs)) I know these things can be scary.  I'm sure everything is fine!

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I've had a couple traumatic dreams, one of which I really needed to share and haven't felt like I've shared enough, so I posted below. I was physically affected by it, felt like I was in mourning after I woke up. So, yeah, I think I know what you mean? For all I know this pregnancy is healthy. Good heartbeat at 11.5 weeks and no indications otherwise. 


Hugs to you mama, I'm sorry you are experiencing tough dreams. hug.gif



Originally Posted by RosieL View Post

I had a strange, disturbing experience/dream with an incredible upside last night. It was so powerful I need to write about it. I journaled, but I still don't feel like it's "out" like I need I to be. 


I dreamt of miscarrying. I was away on a trip (seemed like I was a chaperone) without DH and I started to bleed. It didn't hurt, just bled profusely. I found an uncle who was on the trip with me and cried violently while he supported me. I passed the fetus and he asked if I wanted to know the gender and I said no. I spent the next few hours (or so it seemed) crying with convulsions and utter, deep sadness. I woke up with my pillow wet, weeping. I felt sadness throughout my entire body. I got up, had some water, peed, and got back into bed. DH sleepily cuddled me up which allowed me to go back to sleep. 


What's the upside of this horrible, painful experience? I suddenly feel a deep love for the baby inside me. I immediately felt like speaking to him/her, so I wrote to him/her. I feel like a mother. I feel like we are two, and I love my child. 

It's incredible. 


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Last night a dreamed that the street outside of my house was littered with dirty syringes and I had no shoes.  I was so scared to walk home and so worried for my baby but I had to get home.  That has to be one of the weirdest dreams I have ever had.  Usually when i have awful or scary dreams like that I feel just terrible the next day, but this morning when I woke up, I just felt relieved.

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I have had a lot of scary dreams, some while pregnant about the baby (and those babies are 8, 5, 2) and a lot more about them after they are already out. The very worst dream ever was when we, my husband, sisters, and I were being marched with a lot of other people towards these caves. I had my baby with me but my other kids were with my sisters and we all got separated. It was like a camp for refugees or a concentration camp. I just kept screaming while they marched us trying to get my other kids with me, but my sisters couldn't hear me and they couldn't have gotten out of line anyway. then they led us to these caves, we had to go in them and mine them I think. you had to bend down to enter and I was just crying and I watched my middle daughter go in with my sister and I just had this urge to suck them all back in my womb were they would be safe. This I believe was a pregnancy dream, 2 of my girls were on the outside and one still growing in the womb.

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I had my first baby dream last night. It was so scary for me at the time, but once I woke up I think I was just amazed how real it had seemed (like I should get dressed and go be with the baby). I dreamed I was 14 weeks and went into labor (impossible I know). I somehow didn't realize how early I was and assumed the baby was fine, talking with the kids about how they could go visit the baby where the nurses had brought it. Then I asked when we were going home and the nurse explained how early I was, that they'd never even seen a baby this early make it so long. I was instantly terrified and had to go see my baby. While there were some things odd about them (like the way their eyes moved which I assumed was a 'premie' thing) they were small but more like 32-33 week size.16 I realized I didn't even know what gender I'd had. I leaned in and saw a newspaper clipping the nurses had taped to the bassinet about the baby. It told all about the struggles of "Quinn Michael".16 Funny, I hadn't picked a middle name for a boy yet, but I really like it! I don't know if this is body's way of saying I'm not over fear of loss just because I'm past the first trimester, or just my way of affirming that deep down I think it's a boy?!? It was really horrifying though to think of the months I'd spend sitting in that NICU room in the hospital.







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I had my second bad dream two nights ago (the first one was about being told I had to induce even though I was only at 10 weeks...and more strange than scary). The one two days ago was just a straight up miscarriage dream. I dreamt that I smelled blood--the way I do when I'm about to get my period--and when I went to the bathroom I was just bleeding and bleeding. I kept hoping that I hadn't lost the baby, but it was so much blood there's no way--except that the blood was clean, so maybe? I tried to find a pad and my DP was helping me look and I just couldn't stop crying. I woke up and went straight to the bathroom--nothing. No blood. just freaked me the heck out. I'm hoping it's not prophetic--second OB appt on TUesday, so I hope everything still seems good in there.

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