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kpsunbound's Avatar kpsunbound 10:33 AM 10-04-2011

Hi all - this is my third baby so I really should remember these things better by now...  But I've noticed now that I'm 14 weeks along that I'm not needing to get up as often in the night to urinate.  Is it normal to go from incessant thirst and peeing (first trimester) to a more "normal" routine come the second trimester?

adoremybabe's Avatar adoremybabe 10:49 AM 10-04-2011

Now that you mention it, the last few nights I haven't had to go as baddly either. At the same time, this is my fourth and I never had to get up in the middle of the night to pee every single night in the first trimester.


I am sure it  has something to do with the placement of the uterus ... moving up at this point in pregnancy.

UnassistedMomma's Avatar UnassistedMomma 10:54 AM 10-04-2011

11 weeks tomorrow, and the last two nights I have been insomnia and pee free for the first time in a few weeks!  It has been wonderful!  Seems that I remember from my other pregnancies that once the uterus gets big enough to begin lifting up and out of the pelvic cradle, you get some respite from the constant peeing until baby starts to get a bit weighty. :)

Christy1980's Avatar Christy1980 11:14 AM 10-04-2011

I'm so glad someone posted this!  I am peeing less (from 4-5x/night to 1-2x/night) and was worried something was wrong.  Yay for normalcy, lol.

RosieL's Avatar RosieL 08:54 AM 10-09-2011

Me five! I've gone from 12pm, 2am, 4am to just one 4-5am pee. I this additional sleep contributes to my feeling more energetic. orngtongue.gif

Thursday Girl's Avatar Thursday Girl 03:35 PM 10-13-2011

I am so happy to  report that I, as well, am now only peeing 2x a night. of course i do pee like 2x while trying to fall asleep, but totally better then the 5x a night before.