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RosieL's Avatar RosieL 06:50 AM 10-23-2011

SFMB - I'm jealous! Friends are telling me to stop being so eager to feel defined movement, because soon enough it'll become uncomfy and annoying. I can't help myself but think I'd rather be poked and know it's my baby in there than only feeling the rock. heehee


Ravensong - Yay for the all-clear! :) 


flavorful1 - I'm with you. Ice cream and cookies are of little interest. But I'm a sucker for brie and sliced apples at the moment. I could eat a whole wedge of brie and two apples and be VERY happy with myself. 

flavorfull1's Avatar flavorfull1 07:01 AM 10-23-2011

Rosie, you will feel the baby soon!  and I dont know, even though it got uncomfortable at times, I always loved feeling my baby move!  Can't wait to hear when you do! and yes yummy apples!  Hope life is less crappy and difficult after this past week?


Last night during a nice two hours of insomnia....partially due to drinking half of a latte that was not decaff....I got to sit around and feel my baby thump on the outside.  It was cute and sweet to get a small thump thump every now and then and feel it move around.  I think it went through a growth spurt this past week.  The kicks were still softer than my DS at this point in his pg but I think it is bc I am more stretched out than last time lol.  Hope everyone is having a good morning!


Ravensong- happy for you that you got the all clear and I am curious about the story behind you donating?


Snflwr- totally getting kicked or punched in the cervix every now and then...do a kegel or two and the baby seems to move. I do not remember this so early last time!



RosieL's Avatar RosieL 08:53 AM 10-23-2011

Totally OT - We had our first frost, so I went outside to visit the garden I have been neglecting over the last couple months. I pulled the rest of our carrots, a lingering few eggplants, and 8 pounds of hot peppers. EIGHT POUNDS. I know the peppers got happier later in the season, but I didn't expect this much. Need to figure out how many to give away and how many to can or dry...


EDIT: I just checked the definition. I picked over a peck of peppers today! lol.gif

justKate's Avatar justKate 07:43 AM 10-24-2011

Rosie, that's awesome about the peppers.  Will you pickle some?  I had a billion serranos, jalepenos and banana peppers last year, and ended up freezing a lot of them because I was too intimidated to pickle them. 

RosieL's Avatar RosieL 11:02 AM 10-24-2011

I raw-packed a bunch last year and used them for chilis and other dishes throughout the winter. I think I'm going to look into pickling them this year, but the recipes I've found call for canning lime, which I don't have on hand. That's why I didn't get to doing it yesterday. I don't want to peel all these peppers, so slicing is the way to go. Apparently canning lime keeps them  bit crispier, but when they go in chili it doesn't matter if they're crispy. Choices choices... :) DH and I do canning together, so it's usually fun and we're getting into a groove with it!

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