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terifinn's Avatar terifinn 01:29 PM 10-30-2011

I haven't been on mothering in a while. I went on a few times in my daughter's earlier stages. And, now, at her 14month mark, I'm 14 weeks pregnant!


I was on the mini pill and am now pregnant. And I'm dealing with the different struggles I have with my life changing again.


But I'm happy and surprised and not really believing it yet. :)


Nice to meet y'all!

terifinn's Avatar terifinn 01:31 PM 10-30-2011

Oh and I'm due April 26!

thomatuttle's Avatar thomatuttle 03:37 PM 10-30-2011

congratulations and welcome!!

itsybistyspider's Avatar itsybistyspider 06:13 PM 10-30-2011




RosieL's Avatar RosieL 06:32 PM 10-30-2011

Congrats and welcome mama. :) Hopefully the forum can be of help as you adjust to the new reality. :)