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MaryLang's Avatar MaryLang 03:54 PM 11-25-2011

I thought we could compile a list of things we can do to support our bodies during this very unnatural position we find ourselves in.


I guess I'll start with a few:


Red Raspberry Leaf can be healthy for our Uterus' and they need all the help they can get!


Massaging our scars to help break up adhesion's.


Belly Binding is incredible, great to take one to the hospital.


Mother's Milk Tea, bring this to the hospital too! Sometimes the trauma to our bodies can make milk take a bit longer to come in.

Storm Bride's Avatar Storm Bride 05:56 PM 11-25-2011

This isn't exactly natural, but...I found taking a combination of iron supplements and probiotics after the c-section (I started them right after the c-section, with my last two - you could probably take them ahead of time, too) really helped me bounce back. 

McGucks's Avatar McGucks 06:45 PM 11-25-2011

One thing that comes to mind for me (pretty low-tech, admittedly) is lay off the sugar.  I have heard that sugar can compromise the body's immune system to some extent.  That said, a dear friend brought me a pecan pie after my c-section, and it was 100% glorious.  I destroyed it.


I do think that eating as healthfully as possible (including lots of fruit for fiber to assist with bowel movements and help with hydration) is important.


Drink tons of water to stay hydrated for nursing.  I LOVED the hospital's ice, was that granular kind and just seemed so wonderful.


Any kind of loving touch from someone you want to touch you can do wonders. 


I like this thread...we need to take good care of ourselves so we can take care of our babies!

justKate's Avatar justKate 07:15 PM 11-25-2011

I just wanted to echo two things that were already mentioned--


Hydration--my milk took SIX days to come in, I think because of the trauma/stress, medications, and dehydration.  Drink water like you're still pg.


Supporting the incision/belly binding--get the size recommended by the manufacturer, not the size you think you might be.  I bought mine in a medium and it was helpful for about 5 days.  Then I realized I should have bought the small, which corresponded to my pre-pg size as directed by the manufacturer.



And add that we need to keep in mind that this is (often labor, plus) major abdominal surgery.  Go easy on yourself physically.  The best way to get out of bed is to lay on your side, keep your legs together, and have someone lift you by your top arm to a sitting position.

Kimcarrots's Avatar Kimcarrots 12:20 PM 11-26-2011

Hello all -


I am pre cesarean and this is what I am doing for self care:



I'm taking a B complex, Boulardii probiotics (the perfect one for antibiotic use), and a blood builder.  I'm doing some yoga breathing exercises because I'm a bit worried I might "lose my breath/get breathless" on the operating table - like some have experienced.  I will keep these up after the birth also.



I am doing a lot of talking to the babe - about how his/her birth might feel and what he could do to help. I asked him/her to wait until I say to start coming out so maybe I could go to the hospital in early labor.  I don't know if it will happen but I love talking to my babe!


I have the belly binder (hopefully in the right size) and I just ordered a case of Kombucha for after the birth (probiotics and hydration!)  it also helps me with gas and intestinal stuff.


Anyone else with pre cesarean ideas?






tracymom1's Avatar tracymom1 12:56 PM 11-26-2011
justKate my milk to 6 days to come in after my section, too!! I kept wondering where the heck it was!! With my subsequent vaginal births it only took a day or so. I definitely think that there could be a link between c-sections and delayed milk... though I am sure not everyone experiences this. My section was at 35 weeks and after a long and complicated pregnancy so I am sure that added to it, also.

After the section, I recommend the Earth Mama, Angel Baby c-section balm they have to rub on your scar. That stuff is awesome! I also say that it is important to learn some gentle, easy exercises that you can do in bed or lying down that will get the blood flowing to your abdominal area. Talk to a yoga instructor or your OB about what would be appropriate. Any movement you can gently do will greatly east the transition back to normalcy.

I also did a belly binder and LOVED it!
star*mora's Avatar star*mora 12:21 PM 03-02-2012

i took a lot of pulsatilla and nat mur to help balance my emotions along with b12.

hypericum for nerve pain

breast milk on the scar.

and coconut oil with a bit of tea tree oil added, along with cool compresses for first gentle massage, and any resulting inflammation

a lot of iron too

star*mora's Avatar star*mora 12:23 PM 03-02-2012

oh and immediately after each birth i did a lot of self abdominal massage to support involuting the uterus.

CoBabyMaker's Avatar CoBabyMaker 11:44 PM 03-02-2012

Great thread! 


oh and immediately after each birth i did a lot of self abdominal massage to support involuting the uterus.

Can you describe this in more detail for me?


Sort of off topic but related to pro-biotics....Are antibiotics routinely given during c/s?  Is that standard regardless of an obvious need?

MsDolphin's Avatar MsDolphin 01:09 PM 03-25-2012

Great thread!

mommymcnair6's Avatar mommymcnair6 08:17 PM 03-28-2012
I took homeopathic arnica after surgery to help reduce swelling and trauma. Helped a lot!
McGucks's Avatar McGucks 01:41 PM 04-30-2012

I have heard about using warm castor oil or castor oil packs (oil on a cloth next to skin, cover with plastic or something, then a heating pad atop) to massage the abdominal area, even for adhesion way past when the baby is born.


My mental health was tremendously improved after my c/s when I had visitors (brief--under an hour, at most).  Being isolated, scared, lonely, or unsure can make everything feel worse! 


Getting outside, even just to sit in the sun for ten minutes, is a good thing to do.  Taking even really short walks, when I was able to, was also good for me physically and emotionally.

fayebond's Avatar fayebond 06:09 PM 07-03-2012

For the scar, I liked a blended massage oil (hemp and tea tree oil, premixed or very cheap to make a 3/4 hemp, 1/4 tea tree, + a couple drops of something that smells good to you, I love jasmine and lavender together).  Castor oil I've heard is better to speed healing, but this mix is not sticky or stinky to me and that makes it easy to apply, massage a second or two, and get out of the bathroom and back to caring for baby.  

MaryLang's Avatar MaryLang 08:09 PM 07-03-2012

I just wanted to say thanks for the Arnica tip! I took it to the hospital and have been taking it since (almost out, gotta get more!). It really makes a difference!


Oh and I wanted to add a tip from my MIL: Take extra Vitamin C and Zinc at least two weeks before surgery and the recovery period.

CoBabyMaker's Avatar CoBabyMaker 08:28 AM 07-05-2012

Do you tell your doctor that you are taking these things?  Just Curious.  I know they are all good but I also know they can be quite powerful.  I don't know if any of them would interact with something else.

fayebond's Avatar fayebond 10:19 AM 07-05-2012
Originally Posted by CoBabyMaker View Post

Do you tell your doctor that you are taking these things?  


Funny story.  I told my OB that I was taking extra vitamin D and fish oil.  She read me the "I can't recommend things that the FDA hasn't specifically approved" riot act, right down to the "vitamins can be harmful if you take too many" line.  So I stop bringing it up at appointments and took them less frequently (I couldn't down the one-daily pills without throwing up and figured at least this way I was getting part of that without overdoing it). After that baby was born, the nurse brings me some vitamin D and fish oil with the other pills from the on-call OB.  Apparently the first OB had written it down in the wrong part of the chart, as if SHE had prescribed it to me.  So all the nurses who came through kept asking if I had enough vitamin D at home and could they get me more fish oil!    :)  

MaryLang's Avatar MaryLang 10:28 AM 07-05-2012
Originally Posted by CoBabyMaker View Post

Do you tell your doctor that you are taking these things?  Just Curious.  I know they are all good but I also know they can be quite powerful.  I don't know if any of them would interact with something else.

Not sure if this is a general question or if you meant someone specific. But yes, I have disclosed everything I take to everyone, my OB and every nurse or pre-op person I've spoken to, no issues. In fact one of the nurses said, "Geez, I need to start taking more vitamins.".

CoBabyMaker's Avatar CoBabyMaker 04:21 PM 07-05-2012

I meant it as a general question.  Thanks!