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alittlesandy's Avatar alittlesandy 07:45 PM 04-03-2012

I have an RCS scheduled for Thursday, April 26th. We are very excited to meet our daughter! I opted not to view or see my son being born via c-section. While not traumatic, it was a huge disappointment (we were planning a homebirth) and also happened quite fast. This time around my OB has offered to set up a mirror so that I can watch. Has anyone done this? This time I plan to embrace the experience and make it as happy and positive as possible. I don't get squeamish watching surgery (I've watched my hand get sewed up and I always watch them put in IV's, etc.), but know this is a huge difference. Any thoughts?

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MadelinesMama's Avatar MadelinesMama 09:34 AM 04-04-2012

I asked my DH a million times to take some pics during my cs, but he refused.  I work in surgery, so I'm not at all bothered by that sort of thing, but he's a total wimp and can't handle even a drop of blood.  I'm totally jealous that you get to watch!

CI Mama's Avatar CI Mama 09:48 AM 04-04-2012

What a great thing for your OB to offer! And it sounds like this is something that might be a good experience for you. If you don't like what you're seeing, you can just close your eyes. Or perhaps you'd like to check in and find out if you request for the mirror to go away, that request can be honored in the moment. That way, you've got all options can watch, and then if it turns out to not be what you want, you can stop.


I am excited for you!

mambera's Avatar mambera 12:47 PM 04-04-2012

My goodness.  I am not squeamish either and I have seen a bunch of c-sections as well as other surgeries but I would not want to see my own.  It is *really really really* different than a peripheral surgery like a hand operation. 

alittlesandy's Avatar alittlesandy 03:55 PM 04-04-2012

I want to clarify that there will be a curtain, and that the mirror will be at my head, so in my mind there might be a bit of disconnect, almost like watching it on tv. I definitely would not look if I were looking directly at my own body, but this will be indirect and sort of "disembodied."

katelove's Avatar katelove 05:31 PM 04-04-2012
I would definitely say yes to the mirror. As a PP said, you can always ask for it to be moved if you decide you don't want to watch after all.
McGucks's Avatar McGucks 07:50 PM 04-04-2012

I think this sounds marvelous. 


Additionally, I think it's lovely that your OB offered.  I see a lot of HCP bashing on MDC and this is one that sounds un-bashable.


Congratulations on your upcoming birth!

JollyGG's Avatar JollyGG 08:26 PM 04-04-2012

I asked to watch and was told no both times at two different hospitals by two different doctors. I'm a little jealous that you have the option.

DoubleDouble's Avatar DoubleDouble 08:00 AM 04-05-2012

I'd definitely watch! I'm also in the "not squeamish, watched other surgeries" camp. It's nice of the OB to offer.

Storm Bride's Avatar Storm Bride 07:05 PM 04-06-2012

I'm not generally squeamish, but you couldn't pay me to watch a c-section. I can't even watch the whole surgery on someone else. I caught a glimpse when they were taking dd1 (the overhead lights had a highly reflective surface and I could see some of it there), and I thought I was going to be sick. I've also had a hard time not deleting the pictures from when I had ds2 (the L&D nurse offered to take pics, but I didn't know she meant pics during the surgery).


I don't see any reason not to, but the fact that you posted the question makes me wonder if you have some reason to hesitate. It's going to be different for everybody, yk? There are people who would love to see it, and people (like me) who don't ever want to see anything related to it. You just need to figure out which camp you belong to...and factor in whether you're the type who could easily look away if it bothered you, or the type who would end up watching it even though you were upset. If the former, then there's absolutely no reason not to watch, as you can always change your mind.

hildare's Avatar hildare 07:14 PM 04-06-2012

i asked recently whether they could drop the drape to let me view, but it absolutely didn't work-- the angle was too difficult to see over.  if you really want to see it, have a mirror for sure! 

with my first, i didn't have a chance to even consider looking and now i am very sad when i think about how i missed that moment.  with the second and recent one, i did get to see a good bit (but not as much as i could have with a mirror) and that memory is pretty priceless.  knowing what i know having watched vs. having (almost) watched, i'd go for being able to see that baby enter the world if at all possible.

Nicole730's Avatar Nicole730 08:41 PM 04-06-2012

I would totally watch if I had the option.  Like you, I watch needles go in, I've watched my root canal and other dental procedures.  I'm not squeamish about that kind of stuff at all.  I'm very interested into everything related to the body.  

mambera's Avatar mambera 12:42 AM 04-09-2012

Could you find a video of a c/s to watch on YouTube or something beforehand so you are prepared for what you are going to see?

catters's Avatar catters 10:54 AM 04-16-2012

Wow, I think that's so awesome that your doctor even offered that to you as an option!  I say if you want to watch, go for it.  Personally, I would never in a million years want to watch.  I've had three c-sections.  

CI Mama's Avatar CI Mama 12:16 PM 04-25-2012

Hey, alittlesandy. Thinking of you. Tomorrow is the big day, right? I hope it goes great and you get to see things exactly the way that you want to. I hope when you're ready you'll report back to us on your experience.


Good luck!!!

alittlesandy's Avatar alittlesandy 10:34 PM 04-25-2012


Originally Posted by CI Mama View Post

Hey, alittlesandy. Thinking of you. Tomorrow is the big day, right? I hope it goes great and you get to see things exactly the way that you want to. I hope when you're ready you'll report back to us on your experience.


Good luck!!


Thank you SO MUCH! I can't tell you how much it means to me that you thought of me and remembered my big day. I will post a birth story as soon as I can! :)

alittlesandy's Avatar alittlesandy 12:58 PM 05-02-2012

Sorry for the double post, but I just wanted to say that everything went well, and I posted Aria's birth story in her own thread.


I ended up not watching in the mirror for a variety of reasons, but my husband did record a video of her birth, and I've watched it with amazement and wonder.

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