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CoBabyMaker's Avatar CoBabyMaker 03:28 PM 09-21-2012

I am trying to think about which tests I will consent to and which ones to skip.  It occurred to me that there may not be a reason to test for GBS with a scheduled c/s since you are already routinely given antibiotics.  Please correct me if my understanding is wrong, I haven't done my research on this idea yet. 

Perhaps a different type of antibiotics is given for GBS than those already administered?

Also, isn't the concern for GBS when the baby goes through the birth canal?  That wouldn't occur with a scheduled c/s.



bruebee's Avatar bruebee 03:43 PM 09-21-2012

Hello :) I had a scheduled repeat c-section in March. My ob said there was no need to have the GBS test since my son wasnt going through the birth canal. So dont be suprised if they dont even mention it. Good luck and all the best for your delivery.

ChristmasLover's Avatar ChristmasLover 12:18 PM 09-27-2012

Just a side note:  I wasn't given routine antibiotics after my c-section.  

CoBabyMaker's Avatar CoBabyMaker 01:52 PM 09-27-2012
Just a side note:  I wasn't given routine antibiotics after my c-section.

From what I understand they are given DURING the c/s.

anj_rn's Avatar anj_rn 06:48 PM 10-01-2012

You do not need the GBS for a c-section, most docs do not even mention it.  Almost all docs will give you a dose of Ancef (IV abx) during the c-section.

QMtwins's Avatar QMtwins 08:20 PM 10-13-2012

Depending on the pediatricians/policy at your hospital...if your water breaks and you have a c-section before antibiotics have been in for 4 hours...which they aren't if they are the pre-op ones, then your baby may need labs drawn and stay for at least 48 hours (no biggy for most c-sections).  Depends on the policy at the hospital what may or may not need to be done if your water breaks.  If your water does not break, then it is not an issue at all.

AlexisT's Avatar AlexisT 06:30 AM 10-16-2012

The only reason I could think of would be as a hedge, in case you went into labor before your scheduled section and changed your mind. 


(ETA: I was admitted with high BP at 32 weeks and the resident in triage was about to do a GBS swab "just in case" and I said "I had a CS last time; if I need another one, do I really need that swab?" and she said. "OH. No, you don't." I did have the 36 week swab, but that was because I had been considering VBAC and thought I might change my mind if I went into labor.) 

AwaitingJuno's Avatar AwaitingJuno 12:13 AM 11-20-2012
Yep there's a point. While most scheduled c/s happen as scheduled c/s, sometimes a woman might go into spontaneous labour and sometimes things progress too quickly to do the c/s. The swab is painless and knowing is better than not knowing as the consequences of untreated GBS can be devastating.