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heartbot's Avatar heartbot 12:52 PM 09-03-2013

I'm wondering if anyone here has requested their hospital records after a c-section?

mamapigeon's Avatar mamapigeon 01:05 PM 09-03-2013

Yes, I requested mine after my son was born. It wasn't a problem, but I had to go to the hospital in person and sign a release to get the records.

heartbot's Avatar heartbot 01:14 PM 09-03-2013

Did you request a full chart or just the basic records, and did you learn anything useful or interesting from them?

mamapigeon's Avatar mamapigeon 06:58 PM 09-03-2013

I just got my surgical report, with details about suturing and blood loss, etc. I was pretty out of it (unplanned section after laboring for 30 hours), so I found out a lot of information that the OB told me in recovery, but I didn't catch. I would definitely recommend getting a copy of your records just so you can understand more of what happens during the surgery/hospital stay.

Lulu0910's Avatar Lulu0910 07:35 PM 09-03-2013
Out of curiosity why request your records? I had two emergency cesareans and never thought about this. Very interesting.
mamapigeon's Avatar mamapigeon 02:22 PM 09-04-2013
Lulu, I requested the records because I vaguely remembered the OB saying that I tore, but couldn't figure out if he meant my perineum or uterus and wanted to find out for sure.
bayosgirl87's Avatar bayosgirl87 01:53 PM 09-10-2013

I requested mine. It wasn't that useful and cost me around 30 bucks, but hey.

Grover's Avatar Grover 02:51 PM 11-23-2013

I don't live in America, but I requested mine a week after I got home from the hospital.

I also asked to see them while I was still in hospital...and it made for a very interesting read. (Though a bit surreal I think, since I was sleep deprived, and a bit out of it).


Primarily I learned that the midwives caring for me delayed too much - that the doctor on duty (when he finally arrived to look in on me) thought it obvious I wasn't progressing, and wouldn't....and thus scheduled the section immediately. This though, after a good day and a half!

I also learned baby was bigger than anyone expected.


For me it was great to get copies of the records - though it was not the birth I wanted, and it was traumatic in various ways...having the notes allows me to see the facts, and somehow that makes things a little better.