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Hi there, I'll be having a scheduled c/s in about 4 weeks (due to placenta previa).  I had an emergency c/s 20 months ago and my hospital stay and recovery (at home) was very difficult.  I'm hoping that this time around I can make this a more positive and comfortable experience.  Any advice on what to bring to the hospital, or what to have waiting at home for my return and recovery?


So far, I'm thinking for the hospital bag:  2 of my own nightgowns, a robe and slippers, high-waisted underwear, maxi pads.  Toiletries, cosmetics, hair elastics, hand lotion, gum, eyeglasses.  Phone, camera, chargers.  Breastpump, Boppy, Lanisoh, baby nail clippers or mittens.  Going home outfit for myself.  Swaddling blankets, 2 onsies, and going home outfit (pjs) for Baby. 


Anything else??

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Sounds good to me! When is your c- section?
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I cant think of anything else, sounds like you've got it covered!


My first c-sec was an emergency after many hours of hard labor and the recovery was okay, but not great. My second c-sec was scheduled and the recovery was much, much better. I hope the same for you!

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I have a few suggestions (but I always over pack)

1. Lip balm: With one of mine (I've had 3), I had terrible dry, itchy lips and nose after the anesthesia. The only thing that helped was my mom's good lip balm.

2. Something smelly-good for your pp room. Whether you like Bath & Body Works air fresheners or just some essential oils on cotton balls, having something to make your room smell nice will put you and every one else in a better mood.

3. Another item to consider (which you may have in a different "bag") is a little nurse's gift- like a box of chocolates or a basket of herbal teas or something to give to the nurses station. It always helps to butter up the people who will be caring for you.

4. If you're cloth diapering, those are important, and don't forget a liner (like Imse Vimse) to keep that tarry poo at bay. Even if you're planning to use disposies, you might consider your own wipes or your own diaper cream, if you use that kind of thing (coconut oil is good).

5. Actually, coconut oil is a really good suggestion to rub into baby's skin, especially if you let the hospital wash him/her right away. It will keep the skin from drying out and getting itchy (which happened with my oldest).

6. I found a baby sleep sack/gown to be a real lifesaver with my last one, too. Hospitals can be cold, and you can't know how big baby will be, but those gowns fit no matter what, and usually have little hand-mitten things built in. Plus, it makes midnight diaper changes easy.

6. Prenatal vitamins

7. Sound machine or even an app on your phone that plays soothing sounds at night- to drown out any annoying hospital noises.

8. Sleep mask: you will probably be sleeping at odd hours, and a lot of times those rooms don't have decent blinds.


OK. That's about all I can come up with right now. I'm sure I'll think of a thousand other little things. I am really an over-packer. I always have 10 times more stuff than anyone else. But I'm also always prepared for any eventuality. ;)

Good luck!! HTH.

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I've had two caesars. I didn't plan either of them and therefore didn't pack specifically with a caesar in mind but there wasn't anything I missed having.

I prefer clothes which won't sit right on the wound, particularly underpants.

The only thing I didn't have enough of the second time was extra food. I was tandem feeding and I was starving. On the second day I walked down to the vending machine because I was desperate and during rest time so no visitors. It was a long walk and, even with the cot to lean on, I was very sore when I got back to my room. A couple of boxes of muesli bars would have been very handy lol.gif

Mother of two spectacular girls, born mid-2010 and late 2012  mdcblog5.gif

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I would take some entertainment. Even with all the baby cuddling and such, I still wanted something to do for several hours a day for the few days I was stuck in the hospital. Some magazines would have been nice. Or a good book.

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Check with your hospital about whether they provide some of that for you.  On my labor and delivery unit, we provide hospital grade pumps (which would be better for pumping anyway), a my breast friend pillow (so the Boppy might be unnecessary), shirts and halo swaddles for the baby, and any maxi pads you might need.  I always recommend chapstick.  Also, keep in mind that your partner might be going back and forth or other visitors could grab something if you found you needed it.  I'm a bit of a minimalist though and generally find the hospital provides most things for mom and baby that they use during those first three or four days.


Good luck and I hope your cesarean goes smoothly.

Mama to P. born at home 10/09, and W. born in the hospital 2/13

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Thanks everyone for your input, I really appreciate it!


Well I've got a big duffle bag packed (for myself, DH and Baby) and my c/s is this Sunday.  I'm sure that I have way more than I need, but it would make me feel good if I at least used SOME of the stuff.  I may be over optimistic about how much I'll have the energy to use/do  (like washing my face, putting on makeup, or changing into my own comfy clothes…..)


One thing I've been REALLY on the fence about is clothes for the new Baby.  Last time around, we simply kept my son in a diaper and swaddled him.  I held him (skin to skin mostly) just about the whole entire time we were at the hospital - he was never in the cot - and we put an outfit on him only when it was time to go home.  I think I'll need that skin to skin as much as possible to help w/the bonding and BF'ing.  But, I always see everyone else's "first" baby pics taken at the hospital, in their cute little outfits…..

Joy, 41 - Married 3 yrs - 2 Angels in 2010 - Mama to DS Aug. 2012 - Baby #2 due May 2014
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