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Intact Care > Ped. urologist's nurse said DS (6yo) should pull foreskin back slightly when peeing, is this correct?
Ophelia's Avatar Ophelia 11:43 PM 09-16-2012

If this is indeed correct I just wanted to make sure.  His foreskin is somewhat separated but not all the way.  He was to a pediatric urologist for a completely different reason (potty accidents and constipation). 


MCatLvrMom2A&X's Avatar MCatLvrMom2A&X 04:46 PM 09-17-2012
Nope whether to retract or not is a personal preference kind of thing. ds didnt do it until this last couple of weeks, he will be 8 yo next month.. Some prefer to do it because it helps with aim but other than that there is no medical reason to do so.
beru's Avatar beru 12:25 PM 09-20-2012

My son has constipation and potty accidents. Or I should say "had". It has been a while. *knock on wood*. They were a regular thing until he was 7. He became desensitized to the sensations of fullness in his colon and that led to him not "feeling" when he had to urinate. Whenever we cleared up the constipation, his accidents stopped. Anyway, you probably already know that but I had to teach myself all that because I avoided doctors. I didn't want to hear doctors telling me his wetting problems might have something to do with his foreskin. Which one person did suggest and which is absurd.


Sorry I digressed. My son is 8 now and has never pulled back his foreskin while peeing. I have suggested that he might want to try it since his foreskin is quite long. I have watched him pee and the urine stream hits the overhanging foreskin and then deflects. It looks comical to me, like he is peeing at a right angle. So that was the only reason I mentioned to him. I thought pulling back the foreskin might help him improve his aim. But he's rejected my suggestion and that's fine with me. Peeing in this manner has never cause him any problems whatsoever, with cleanliness or infections.

MichelleZB's Avatar MichelleZB 06:17 AM 09-21-2012

There's sort of no "correct" way to hold your penis as you pee. Your son can do what he likes when he pees and the urologist should butt out!

dog groomer89's Avatar dog groomer89 06:01 PM 09-30-2012

I dated a guy for almost 3 years and he was intact.  He just peed normally, and didn't retract at all, so I guess it's just personal preference haha

stacyann21's Avatar stacyann21 11:35 AM 11-03-2012

There's no reason for him to manipulate the foreskin while peeing. Just allow him to hold his penis whichever way feels natural. The vast majority of health professionals have no clue about proper care of a foreskin.