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My son woke up with one side of his penis badly swollen yesterday ( he is intact). He begged me to take him to the doctor because it hurt him. He is 3. I wish i has waited but it was so red and swollen I didn't know better.


OK so we go and the doc says its infected. he immediately starts to pull the foreskin back. luckily not much but still did. i was so upset and had never hear of this kind thing so i went with it. He said i had to clean it and put cream for a yeast infection and give him antibiotics.


i came home feeling so uneasy. then i look around and find out about separation trauma and that it would have just gone away! i feel sick to my stomach.


so today- he wakes up with yellow pussy smelling drainage! i take him back and the doctor says we have to clean it despite my arguments. when he does a ton of yellow smell goo comes out. is it an infection? was i wrong? did the doctor cause it?


i found a website of intact friendly doctor BUT when i called them they all said "yes sometimes with infection you have to pull it back!" 




i will keep giving him the oral antibiotic but i don't know what else to do/think



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Oh poor baby! I don't have the answers you are seeking but I am bumping your thread for you and hopefully someone with experience will come along!!

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Hey there Laura,
Sorry to hear about your son greensad.gif
My 14 yo i ntact son had a similar issue when he was two also. We got an excellent intern in the emergency room who happened to be British. She knew instantly what she was looking at because she was super familiar with intact penises. She did not retract the foreskin or try and adjust it at all. Prescribed an anti fungal cream and said to treat it like a yeast infection. I took that to mean I should do all I might for any yeast (candida) issue. Keep clean, dry, open to air as often as possible, hit probiotics hard, use some topical treatment for the head, tip, surrounding skin - I used Lotrimin. It cleared up and was back to normal in several days.

It sounds like your sons infection may be further along and antibiotics are in order. I don't know for certain, but I would then proceed like with a female yeast infection. Gently get as much cream inside as possible - work from the inside with building good bacteria. I might also encourage him to carefully squeeze it and massage it just to clear up the oozey stuff and encourage good circulation etc.

I really think pulling the foreskin back will only make it more tender etc. Its self cleaning by nature like a woman....maybe with a little help occasionally. Good luck. Don't know if I've told you anything new but just know, it happens & isn't strange at all. What's strange is western medicine that knows so little about healthy, unmutilated boy parts!
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Pulling it back can cause tearing allowing the infection in and hurt your ds. Put the medication on the outside and let nature help with the healing.

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well after the doctor did pull it back and get out the smelly yellow stuff it completely healed.

So confusing!

I called all around that website for intact friendly docs and the all said "well sometimes you have to pull it back to get out the infect"


If anyone has a good intact friendly Doc in Florida let me know.


I am just glad it is all better. still feel so conflicted over what occurred :(

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