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Questions on retraction and other things

Hi all. My 4 year old son was complaining of a stomach ache recently. We headed to the pediatrician as the complaining isn't like him. She checked out his stomach, and then I remembered he had been urinating more frequently, maybe it was a UTI. While I was distracted with my youngest, she proceeded to retract his penis. She didn't say to me or him what she was going to do, just did it. I said, "Wait, stop! Don't retract it. Everything I've read says wait until it retracts on it's own." She replied very sternly, "Well I disagree." I didn't expect to be up against this and couldn't think of a better reply than, "I don't care." Whoops. She was angry, but remained professional. Sorry, but this was a doctor I've never seen before. I'm not just going to take her word for it. Our regular pediatrician has never tried that, even during a well check when she examined his genitals.

Anyway, that got me wondering, how will I know if/when it becomes retractable? Do I just continue to say no to any doctor that attempts it?

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Holy cow! Good for you, I love your response to the Dr!
I would continue to tell Drs no. I'm sure you'll know when it starts to retract on its own if he's still young enough that your bathing him.
What was your sons response to being retracted? Was he in pain?
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Thanks. I don't vaccinate so I'm used to the occasional confrontation with the doctor, but not so much over this so I wasn't prepared for a more articulate response.

He didn't say anything. He's normally stoic during medical things though. I asked him about it after and he said it hurt. I am considering writing a letter to the practice about it. The AAP recommends against retraction, and I don't know if there is a policy but I think a "I'm about to inspect your son's penis", or even giving him a heads up, should be standard. They do that with my daughter if they ever have to look at her vagina.

"Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." ~Mark Twain


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I would write a letter of complaint and attach the AAP thing on no retraction.

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Let your son be naked around the house. If his penis is retractable, he will retract it in front of you over and over. Trust me.

Edited to add: this is how I know my 2-year-old son is retractable. "Look mom, I opened my penis!"
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I found the following advice for forced retraction and formal action:
My own thoughts are as follows:
I would contact the state board for medical licenses. Lodge a formal complaint. There is no excuse for the ignorance nor demeanor she exhibited. She injured your child and it wasn't accidentally. Does she have common basic knowledge on a penis, she should. If she doesn't then she should not be examining it.
It may be medical ignorance but it is not excusable.
All that you can hope for is that there will not be infection or scar tissue from the injury now. I hope it is no longer painful.
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I wholeheartedly endorse "Asiago's" thoughts on this. That Dr is undoubtedly treating every intact boy that she sees in the same way, and potentially injuring all of them. For the sake of all her patients, she needs to get educated on normal intact male genitalia.
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Not only file a formal letter of complain but rate her badly on every DR rating site that you can find. Apart from the fact that she is ignorant of the normal male body she is also rude and abrasive. It seems like girls get treated one way and boys another. Even if he was retractable and this was known to the DR, she still should have talked to him and you before touching his penis.
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