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PeacefulSeams 12-13-2012 10:08 PM

My DS is 4 months old. I am not BF due to the medication that I take. He has been on every formula that they carry at the store, all with the same result. Hard stomach, Diarrhea, chronic red rash that does bleed and spitting up a lot. He also periodically gets hives on his face and stomach. I think he is allergic to the milk protein in it. Is it safe for me to give him goats milk or rice milk with a multi-vitamin?

Dr Neustaedter 01-16-2013 03:15 PM

The only safe commercial formula approach to this situation is to use a hypoallergenic dairy formula that contains proteins that have been partially broken down to cause less reactions. I would suggest using Alimentum or Nutramigen. Or some parents find that using a raw milk formula will cause less reactions than a commercial formula. You can find a recipe for formula here

There are also excellent Chinese herbal formulas that can help these symptoms in the Gentle Warrior pediatric line from

You can read about these issues and their solutions in my book The Holistic Baby Guide available at online booksellers.

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