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My son was born on march 26th 2014 and he appeared to be healthy, he was 20.5 inches long and weighed 7.7 and he scored a 99 on the newborn test, I forget what it's called. Anyways my fiancée had a tubal surgery scheduled for Thursday the 27th at 9 a.m. Her surgery went well and around 2.00 p.m that day the nurses told us that the baby looked a little jaundice and that they called the doctor and the doctor ordered a blood test for the follow morning. So Friday morning around 8.00 a.m the blood test reults were in and the doctor said his billyrubin level was a 19 and that it was a little high. The doctor had them bring in the bili-lite set up that went over his crib. The doctor said to keep him under the lights as much as possible and he gave has a little bili-lite blanket that went on his back when he was feeding and what not.

We struggled to keep him under the lights the first 24 hours, he hated it, he tore off his eye cover constantly. But we did manage to get him under there for about a total of 4 hours, half hour to 45 minutes at a time in between feedings and changing him.

Saturday morning the doctor comes in with the results of his 2nd blood test and he said the level dropped from a 19 to a 17 and he said we still had to stay to get the levels down a little more. Day 2 of the lights we managed to get him about 6 hours under the lights 45 min to an hour at a time in between feedings and changings. Sunday morning the doctor comes in with the 3rd blood test and he says his level dropped another 2 points, it dropped down to a 15 from a 17 and he said we were safe to go home with him because the safe level changes with every day old they are. The doctor sent us home with  bili-lite blanket and we have kept him on it as much as we can.

Another thing we have been doing for him is giving him alcohol free milk thistle, 2 drops every 3 to 4 hours and we started doing this Saturday afternoon. My fincee's mother is an herbalist and has been for over 30 years and she told us alcohol free milk thistle will help his liver process the extra bilirubin. The doctor made another appointment for us on Wednesday the 2nd of april so he could again check his bilirubin levels.

My fiancée and I have been pretty stressed out about this, The doctor told us that the cause of his jaundice was because of incompatible blood type, her blood type is o+ babys is B+, doctor also said that we caught it pretty fast and started treating it real fast and he said his levels dropping 2 points a day was very good and that it was showing them that the treatment was working.

I asked the doctor if he was going to have any long term problems rom this jaundice and he said absolutely not, he said damage occurs when the levels are 28 and higher.

He said we caught it fast and treatment worked well because the levels dropped 2 points a day. We have continued the bili-lite blanket and the milk thistle. Doctor also said the baby never spiked a few at all and he said that he was eating very well and making bowl movements very well, the first day of the bili-lite treatment he had 20 bowl movements in one day and the doctor said that was a good indication that the treatment was workin and that he was working it out of his body thru bowl movements.

I guess the reason I am here talking about this is because I am very concerned and I am just looking for people who can share there expiernce with newborn jaundice, And I just want to make sure that we are doing everything we can for him and I want to make sure we are safe as far as him not having any long term problems because of this.

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Welcome to Mothering and congratulations on your new baby! It looks like your post might have been missed so I'm bumping it up for attention. :bump: Anyone have any BTDT experience to share?

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All three of my kids had jaundice, although none needed lights. I have O- blood and my husband has O+ so that was the reason for my kids jaundice as well. All three are healthy and have no healthy problems from it.



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I know this thread is a bit dated, but I wanted to share my experience if you're still following.
I have a 4yo son who had jaundice (diagnosed at 6d old), and by the time we got someone who knew what they were looking at (we went to ER at 4 days old and no one caught it), he was severely dehydrated and had to have iv fluids immediately. His bili levels were in the 20s, but I can't remember exactly, although he was nearing the brain damage danger zone. He spent 2 days in the NICU under bili lights, and today he is happy, healthy, and ahead of his peers as far as development goes.
My second son was jaundiced as well (3 weeks old now), but it was somewhat expected due to some pretty thorough bruising as a result of a quick delivery.
Once the levels are headed down, baby is pretty much in the clear, and I don't think the levels your baby had would be worrisome.
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