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My son wouldn't even breathe in the Nitrous Oxide at the dentist.


I've looked all over google and you tube and can't find any videos of kids talking about their experience with Nitrous Oxide. I feel like that is our best hope for convincing my son to try. His dentist and the oral surgeon next door both won't do oral sedation, they say it's too risky. He needs his supernumery tooth pulled.


It's a bit of a shot in the dark but if your kid has experience with NO and can articulate it well for the camera it could help a lot of us. Thanks!

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I'm of no help, I know when I was a teen I hated the thought of *any* medication... 

I don't know if it would help you but there was an episode recently of Duck Dynasty where their kids had dental work and I believe they were under NO. It was quite the episode, although I don't know if it would help your son or scare him more as it really just showed them acting funny ;) I would suggest watching it first alone if you are considering it. 

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My DS had a supernumery tooth extracted with nitrous oxide, three years ago (age 10). He is at school now so I can't ask him what it was like and if he is willing to speak in a camera about it, but I will post back after he gets home from school. I don't think it was a bad experience for him. I did have the option of a GA, but chose NO because I did not want him put under.



FWIW, I had teeth extracted as a three year old with nitrous oxide, and was terrified of the mask they attempted to put over my face. This was donkeys years ago, and they wouldn't let my mum in the room with me, I remember jumping out of the chair and running down the corridor screaming for her. 

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