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Naked Butt what?

Ok, I may be jumping the gun a bit, but I am hoping to feel better about sending my newly 3 year old son off to preschool in September!

He's pretty darn near potty trained, as long as we're home, and he's naked from the waist down..... for example, today we were getting ready for a trip to the park before his dr. appt. and so I dressed him in undies and a pair of shorts... which lasted all of 5 minutes before he peed in them. HA. We visited the bathroom at the doctor's office, which he chose not to use, and then once we were out on the sidewalk, he peed again. Oops. I put a dry pair of undies on for the ride home, and when we got home, I forgot to take them off, and he peed through those, right in front of the potty, so it appears he had good intentions but couldn't get out of his undies fast enough! Poor thing. I pulled those off, and did not replace them, and he pooped twice, and peed a few times, in the potty.... So, we have a little laundry to do, and I think he's getting it, sometimes, but sometimes we do need to leave the house in clothing! I know I should just put on shorts with no undies when we leave the house, but the poop falls out the pantleg, and I just don't think I can deal with that in a public place, so I put him in underwear....

I guess what I'm looking for here are any tips or suggestions that can help us keep moving in the right direction? I'm wondering if undies at home would be a good idea so he can get used to having to pull something down when he goes? I'm worried he will not be able to do this at preschool, and not sure how much bathroom help they will provide (maybe more than I think? Maybe none? I do know that if he has an accident, he will have to change himself - not poop, if it's poop, they will call me.)

Anyway, any tips on transitioning from naked to clothed???

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I Just started about a week ago with my 26 month old. We part time EC'd since 5 months so she knows all about the potty and it goes really well for peeing as long as she is naked from the waist down too! As soon as I put underwear on her it must feel like a diaper because she makes no effort to go to the potty and pee's in them. I'm really trying to avoid putting a diaper on her unless I HAVE to so I feel really house bound at the moment. It's going to rain for the next week so we can't do much out side and most of the other mums are at work...hmm wonder how long it's going to take!

Can't offer must tips but nice to nice my LO isn't the only one! Good luck x


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My LO is in the same place. Although with a girl at least you can do a dress without undies out and about (which is what we are doing now!).
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DD is almost 3, and sort of partly trained like yours, but has spent months at this phase... She uses the potty if I ask her to, but if she's dressed she will virtually never ask to use it, only marginally more successful if naked So, not really the same I guess... It seems everyone I talk to says that there will be a moment when they just get it and it won't happen until then. Clearly not everyone has that philosophy. But I feel like if I keep the door open to potty learning (by asking, etc) one day she will walk thru that door. But we don't have the pressure of preschool looming... And a lot of the aforementioned people had kids that were almost 4 when that moment arrived. I'd rather change a diaper (we use cloth, so it's cheap) then clean up a million accidents, so clearly I'm biased. But I also just think DD has no idea when she has to go at this point.
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DD is just over 3 and at that stage too. We still have trouble with her going in her clothes if she's at home but we have gotten some success with going to town. I had to quit taking her places and told her that they wouldn't let her in the stores if she didn't use the potty we couldn't have accidents on their floors. She started making an effort after that since she wanted to go with me. We still have some accidents on the road but in town she'll tell me she has to go. I still haven't gotten her to stop going in her clothes if she's dressed at home though. I really don't know how to get that one to stop and just hope it's gonna click soon.

As far as preschool they usually will want to go potty if they realize all the other kids are doing it. The only problem I had with mine once they started school was them being scared to ask to go. I got success with ds after we had a talk just me, him and the teacher about her being his friend and she would let him go anytime he needed to. He was much braver then about asking to go or slipping out quietly to the bathroom. If your school is open with teachers that are understanding I feel your little one will be fine at school. It's amazing how different they'll do in other settings than at home sometimes.

Michelle mom to DD , DS , & lil DD and spending my days
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DD goes to daycare 2 days/week with 2 other girls her age who just potty trained. The fact that she still expresses very little interest in telling us when she has to go, there or home, makes me a little more confident that she just isn't ready yet. She would anything for her daycare provider, a whole different kid there I'm sure.
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You can let your kid go commando. If even pants feel too much like wearing a diaper, you can give overalls a try. It's not uncommon for underwear to feel too much like a diaper.

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I usually send all of my readers with this issue of “trained while naked” to Jamie Glowacki. She is the one who will get you from naked trained to clothes trained! Typically it takes 3 days to get over the hump, and at your son’s point, it should be painless. BUT…it needs to be done now. Potty trained while naked is like saying “I’m kinda pregnant”…you either are or you aren’t (potty trained) (pregnant) (you get the idea). See what I think of her book at And Jamie is awesome!!! I’ve sent SO many of my EC readers to her with their older children. 3+ yrs gets into the danger zone of “too long” so best wishes in wrapping it up if what you’ve gathered here and there hasn’t worked yet. I promise, this will. xoxo Andrea

Andrea Olson, DS 2.5 yrs, DD due 10/9/13

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[I teach parents of 0-20 month old babies how to stop diapering
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