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Body prepping??

Hi wonder women!

I had a C-section for FTP after 70 hours of labor with my first, she was posterior and oblique.

I am 35 weeks with my second and so far: MAD braxton hicks (which I never got with my 1st), tons of cervical zings and pains, and I just noticeably dropped (never did with my first). It seems like my body is really gearing up this time!

But it is kind of freaking me out that it's all happening now, as opposed to 3 weeks or so from now. Maybe baby is gonna come early??? Or is this all totally normal and I just missed it the first time?

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Can't tell until it happens. Baby dropping is a good sign, but doesn't mean much even with the BH.

I've been having BH contractions daily since 30ish weeks. In the last month I've been having stronger ones in clusters (5-6 in a row two or three times a day) that leave me breathless, and I dropped two weeks ago (oh the cervix zings are killer!)... but at 37+5 baby is still snug and not giving me any other signs that she'll be showing up soon.

With my son I dropped two days before I went into labor, and I lost my mucus plug the day before. I never had crazy amounts of BH with him and there weren't any other obvious signs leading up to him being born at 39w.
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definitely. but I'll bet you that when it is really and truly ON, you'll KNOW.

My water broke with my first one but I don't remember any other particular signs beforehand.

the second one kept me up all night with contractions just strong enough to wake me up and just far enough apart that i could drift to sleep for a moment or two before the next. We decided after that night since they weren't stopping to head into the hospital to check it out just in case. with no dilation and contractions stopping just before lunchtime, the nurses said try eating some lunch and then checked again afterwards and I had dilated to 3 cm from nothing in that time. it was definitely time to stay and contractions started up again (but she took FOREVER!). She didn't have a due date however due to not having had a period between my kiddos to count from.

this one, dropped a couple weeks ago, I have braxton hicks relatively frequently, sometimes even in clusters that i might have to think about stopping for but mostly when I'm stressing out or going a million miles an hour and really shouldn't be. Since my first was just 4 days after her due date and I've got no idea about the other one but both of them had almost identical birth weights, I'd be surprised if he came early but then again, you never really do know, do you?

Just making contingency plans and trying to get myself into a zen mode of acceptance of whatever will be.
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