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ecnarwold 05-27-2014 09:26 AM

What's still on your To-Do List for before baby arrives?

Sihaya 05-27-2014 09:43 AM

All of the things! I seriously feel like I have accomplished nothing on my list, either due to lack of money, energy, or help from DH. The few things I did manage to get done earlier on have of course since been undone. I'm in panic mode for the most part.

Water Mama 05-27-2014 11:24 AM

Buy at least one nursing bra this weekend! Everything else has been checked-off. I am still in disbelief.

clearlycrazy 05-27-2014 12:02 PM

i just had my 36 week appointment. Next week is my home visit and then I'm good for a home birth at any point. This has made things feel really real for the first time. I'm kind of freaking out. Everything is on my to do list... including:

Pick up birth pool

buy and prepare after birth herbs

assemble birth supplies

get stuff for baby (I have no idea what this is but I probably need lots of it)

attend my shower (not till the 8th - everyone I know is also a procrastinator)

rearrange my room to fit the co-sleeper DP just finished building (I'll post some pics when it's done. He did an amazing job)

Big grocery shop (we have a CSA that starts same week baby is due so that helps)

find a car seat (home birth + we rarely drive so not really a huge deal) 

prepare some last minute snacks etc for birth team

buy champagne

get an extra memory cards for the camera and video camera.

Prepare DP (we really haven't talked much about what I'll need from him in labour and this is his first)

finish cleaning and prepping house and garden (DP is totally on top of this. He's OCD and will do a much better job than I will)

Meet with my supervisor, write a chapter and let him know I'll be taking maternity leave (this happens next monday)

debrief with my Doula when she gets back from california 

apply for maternity benefits ... 


Stop freaking out!

eaustin 05-27-2014 12:05 PM

I still haven't made anything for the freezer, which is stressing me out. The rest of my list I don't really care too much about at this point, but would like to get some activities lined up for the kids for the summer.

lilmiss'mama 05-27-2014 12:14 PM

I still haven't made anything for the freezer either besides baked goods. We still need to paint the baby's wall in our room, and we are still under construction building our addition! I would love to have my oldest daughter moved into her new room before the baby comes!

primalmom 05-27-2014 01:57 PM

  • Finish work work - that should happen today or tomorrow
  • Cook freezer meals (tonight)
  • Soak pads with witch hazel and freeze
  • Get new bracket/holder things for the shelves in the pantry cabinet (which collapsed the other night while I was trying to put away costco goodies - awwwwwwesome)
  • Move boxes/bags of paper (personal junk from the office to be sorted/scanned/shredded) to the staging area for said paper...
  • Figure out if I'll be able to return/exchange the carseat (we don't like the color), if not, start off-gassing it and/or order a cover or bag for it 
  • Dishes - hand wash ALL THE THINGS. (dishwasher is leaking all over the floor, so a new one would be nice, but just isn't in the cards right now unless we find an awesome craigslist score or a friend/neighbor with a spare one)
  • Laundry - including pre-washing the onesies a friend gave us, and re-pre-washing the diaper covers we borrowed from a neighbor.
  • Switch the over-sized chair and the birth pool spots in the bedroom
  • better organize birth supplies
  • Make the bed with plastic and 2 sets of sheets (I know, this could be done in early labor, but... I'd rather at least take everything out and get he plastic off-gassing now.)
  • Go swimming at the Y (dailyish)
  • Find out the status of the cloth diapers (MIL was coordinating some of our GMD registry to be bought from that side of the family, we have sposies for a day or two, but... I want my prefolds, and I'll go buy them if I need to at this point.)
  • Bonus: switch internet providers (our current service is PAINFULLY slow)

Dandy Lion 05-27-2014 02:42 PM

I have things I'd like to have done, but nothing else that has to be done. I've got a week and a day until my due date, and I hope to spend the rest of the time resting, maintaining the house, and enjoying the kids.

skyview222 05-27-2014 08:00 PM

I will have to summarize because the list is still so long.  Freaking out seems to be a commonality for many of us.


Baby care--pertussis shot, car seat safety check in DHs car, install in my car, 

cloth diapers--prep prefolds, prep new AIOs, fix the elastic on the BG newborns(they were supposed to be EUC and realized recently they are not), practice the prefolds LOL, sew cloth wipes

Hospital prep--preregister appt on June 3, pack hospital bags, plan who to call and how to share news and who will know Im in labor (not all of FB I hope  but DH gets excited lol), finish conversations with doc about birth preferences

Household prep--new smoke detectors, car oil change/brake check, clean, stock up on supplies, freezer meals. prep guest bathroom

Money prep--FMLA paperwork, coordinate sub for next year, wrap up work year, check in with day care selection, baby life insurance enrollment

Mentally prepare--read parenting books still on list, attend breastfeeding for the working mom class tomorrow, read class material from other classes, practice labor techniques

Mom care--prep cloth pads, educate myself about PPD, learn Ins and outs of postpartum exercise timeline and best practices

Nostalgia--keep up journal, take belly photos, shuttterfly pregnancy journal, write baby a "before I meet you" letter, buy envelopes and pre-address and stamp them for birth announcements

Various things I wish I could get done and out of the way before baby but probably wont.

Still left to buy--maxi pads, witch hazel, nursing ice packs, postpartum/summer/nursing  friendly clothing, postpartum belt (maybe), nipple butter, thank you cards, exercise ball, tennis ball, heating pad, night gown for hospital, lanolin, baby healthcare/grooming kit, bathtime warming towel, hooded bath towel, portable night light, crib mattress, waterproof crib pad, swing, car seat base, baby carrier, memory book, carbon dioxide detector

baby room--make name bunting, hang pictures, find more decorative items, fix light fixture, make mobile for over changing table, assemble and paint book racks


Good thing I am due at the end of June, but the "any time now" possibility freaks me out when I look at this list.





Michelle Murphy 05-28-2014 01:00 PM

~ Perineal spray and herbs/pads prepped (maybe today?)
~Prep EOs for birth
~ buy/make food - extra for freezer meals, hopefully.  (Kinda waiting for the end of the month when the finances should be better, but also happens to be my birthday.) :/

~ decide if I really want to do anything special/different for my last fairly unshared birthday  
~ buy a few miscellaneous things: large safety pins, fish net for pool

~keep going to yoga, acupuncture, midwife visits, etc.

~finish cleaning/organizing/decluttering the house: get the crap SO just brought into the house *out* of the house! Plus, all the usuals - never ending laundry etc.
~ sage the house
~ go through all that paperwork lying around

~ clean out clothes/shoes that will clearly never fit again or be of much use to me

~ bathe dog/get nails dremmeled (Why, oh why, does he still stink so badly?!)
~ set up birthing tub
~ test out rebozo and move rebozo stand (SO's job)
~ get SO to . . . install second water filter, second bidet, switch IPs and get a phone line in while still being supportive of his new schedule!
~ harvest kale, prep and freeze; collard greens, too. 
~ get more of these awesome Outshine coconut water popsicles!  They are great!

yesterday/today I accomplished the following: 
~ hired cleaning assistance and she started

~ made Bath Salts for midwives, etc.

~ received birthing tub from midwives 
~ alcohol tincture for belly binding

Thanks for encouraging me to make this list!

ecnarwold 05-28-2014 02:24 PM

I guess I need to actually make my list . . . 


-get a few last-minute items (lanolin, maybe baby lotion, diaper cream, baby wash, more ibuprofen?, more prenatal vitamins?)

-get a haircut

-do some more baking and cooking for the freezer

-make sure I have good snacks for postpartum and labor

-buy some more nursing-friendly tops at the thrift store

-read the section in TCOYF about postpartum

-re-read the newborn section in my breastfeeding book

-organize and pack up bigger size baby clothes

-get more of our regular packing done

-download books onto my nook

-continue fetal positioning exercises, birth ball, EPO, RRL tea

-more thorough cleaning and organizing of the house

-keep up with regular laundry/cooking/cleaning

-do some sewing for baby if there's time (maybe start with another wetbag)


I don't think any of these things are absolutely essential. I feel like I've gotten everything done that absolutely has to be done before baby arrives, but I think it's good to still have things to keep me busy. I'm 37+2 today so I feel like I need to be ready at any time, but I don't really expect baby for another week or two at least. 

penelopec 05-28-2014 02:48 PM

I still have to decide on a few things to know whether they should be on my mental to do list but I have no one real list.

On my sewing/crafting list:

Make 2 crib sheets
2 swadding blankets
2 Nursing appropriate dresses
4 nursing tanks
Finish burp cloths
Finish making new pad for bottom of the play pen that was hubby's 40 years ago. I think this is actually pretty important because this will be a spot I can put her down where the dog can't get to her for a minute. Dog is sweet but large and having a baby in the house will be a new experience for her. She is already having to learn that not all toys are her toys.
Clean up sewing room!!

For the nursery:

Decide if I want to paint the old, small dresser in my basement for her room, specifically for a changing table. If so, hubby has to help me drag it outside to paint it and I'll need to buy a changing pad. Which then will lead to me needing to make a few covers for it. This is seeming like a rabbit hole I may not want to go down but it might be nice to have a really changing area for her. The alternative is the guest bed still in her room.

The get my rear in gear list:

Pack a hospital bag.
Finish setting up her spot in our room.
Make something for the freezer already!!

shenanegans 05-28-2014 09:43 PM

I have 11 days till my due date...hmm lets see..
Move studio/office to the newly renovated room in the basement.
Clean/Paint baby room (old studio/office)
Set up baby furniture
Wash baby clothes
Sew one more gauze baby blanket
Buy a van ( this might happen post baby!)

researchparent 05-28-2014 10:07 PM

Other than my freakish level of nesting that I know I won't complete (pretty sure I CAN'T clean my entire house with a toothbrush in the next 3 weeks), all I have left is to finish knitting something for the little guy. I made my son bear slippers and my daughter a cupcake hat. I'm making this one monster feet. If I made time to do it, I could probably finish in 3 or 4 hours, but I'm a little paranoid he'll get the wrong idea and think it's time to come out as soon as I'm done, so I'm putting it off (while I clean the house with a toothbrush).

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