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What are you making/ how are you decorating?

Anyone crafty and making things for the baby? If so, what?

And anyone decorating a nursery? If so, how?

I've knit one blanket out of acrylic (in case baby is allergic/ reactive to wool) and working on a second in merino wool. I'm also going to knit a toy alpaca, out of alpaca. Then I'm sewing a bunch of pocket diapers and diaper covers to use with pre-folds (that I may end up making myself but not sure if I'll have the time...)

As for a nursery- I'm not doing one. This baby'll will be in our bedroom (the only bedroom in the house) for a while- at least the next three years as we save up to build a house. So, no need to decorate a room but if I could I'd do it all in green, orange and yellow with frogs and ducks

By the time we do have a room for this kid s/he'll probably be able to tell us how they want it decorated. Ah, well- trying to think of all the money we're saving by not buying a crib or outfitting a nursery. This baby's bed sharing like it or not!
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I made a knitted blanket (my first!) and 3 pairs of baby legs so far. Did a few iron-on appliqués on some old onesies that needed sprucing up, and plan to dye or tie-dye some others that are a bit stained.

We have a room for an eventual nursery, but since we plan to cosleep for several months and lack a crib or dresser, it is mostly used for baby storage for now. I'm not a decorating person and can't imagine painting anytime soon, so it's just plain white walls and some Curious George stickers and an abc/123 border from when it was a playroom. I have some ideas for pictures I might make for the walls eventually. Maybe my girls will help me paint the walls when he's ready to move in. No rush as I don't really see the point!

I have several pinterest ideas on diy stuff to make that I plan to try, such as cloth diaper detergent, cloth diaper-safe butt cream, wipe spray solution, Moby wrap, swaddle blankets, hats, nursing tanks, breast pads,etc. I'm not very crafty so it has to be simple and minimal-no sewing.
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I am good with decorating and bad with my hands. We just bought a new house (have the keys since yesterday!). So all I think of when I am awake is decorating!
we had a 2 bedroom house, and now moving to a 4 bedroom with a huge yard!
It needs some serious re-decorating, which I love doing.
Now I am focusing on the first floor: living room, family room, and a playroom!!!! and a small office just for me. The kitchen needs some color, drapery and lighting updates.
There will be baby room, that I will decorate, because I love doing it....but it will be useless since baby sleeps with me in the master bedroom for....years.
the decoration theme in the nursery will be russian decor. I have some (a lot) russian nesting dolls (real ones) and wall decalcs. I will also make a mobile (useless item) with some ukrainian eggs. I will just have fun! We might stop using it as a nursery in 1-2 years.
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I bought a used crib from a friend, and she gave me the bedding set, too. It's red and pink and green flowers and butterflies on a white background. I never would have bought anything so girly, but I kind of love it. It came with a hamper and curtain valances, too. Of course, we were planning to side car the crib in the bedroom.

I did end up with a second bedroom, but we were going to use it for office & storage. Now I want to paint and set up a nursery!

So I'm knitting baby socks.... It keeps me out of trouble! This pair is wool and looks like it'll be sized for about a 9 mo old... So, They might fit her in August. Oops....
V( also oops... I'm in the wrong DDC! Well, hi, guys!)
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I am not crafty AT ALL. But, when my work ends after Labor Day, I am thinking I will do some sort of framed needlepoint piece like my mom did for my brother and me, with some sort of storybook theme.

~ Tamara ~ First time Mama expecting in 10/14 ~ Married to Mike since 10/01/11 ~ 
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I have done some crafting for this LO: I made some quick-change trousers and have started knitting a baby blanket. I also plan to knit a sleep sack and will probably do a few sweaters and hats as we get closer. I also got fabric to make DS and the newbie some matching t-shirts.
Like many of you I didn't do a nursery for my first; we are in limited space plus I wanted him with me. I did miss decorating the nursery though it was also a relief not to have to worry about it. The payoff comes now: although I still won't be doing a nursery, we are moving in September and DS (will be 21.5 months then) is getting his own room. I am really excited about it and most of our decorating/crafting energy is going toward that. We are doing it mostly Montessori-style with a woodland theme and main colors of green, brown, and red. DH built him a little green toddler bed (very low to the ground so he can climb in and out) for which I made the mattress and fitted sheets. Now I'm focusing on the top sheets and quilt. All the bedding is sewn from Monaluna's Fox Hollow collection- so cute! DH's next project is a little wardrobe the same color as the bed so that DS can reach all his clothes and dress himself. In his room he will also have the rocking horse that my dad made when we were little. We have some kitchen projects in the works for DS as well. My dad made him a learning tower for his birthday back in November. I've started making him some Montessori-style placemats that have a cut-out for each item (plate, glass, silverware) so he can set his own place. We have a little dish washing station set up for him, and now DH is building him a small cupboard for all of his placemats/dishes so that he can get them out and out them away himself. I am beyond excited about all of this! I figure the newbie doesn't need a whole lot that we don't have, but this way DS will hopefully feel very secure after the move and we can really get him into his own rhythm so baby is less of a disruption. He is really get so big and capable!
Oh, I am also moving toward trying to sew all of our clothes, so that takes up a lot of the planning/crafting time as well.
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Originally Posted by valerievalira View Post
Anyone crafty and making things for the baby? If so, what?

And anyone decorating a nursery? If so, how?

I've knit one blanket out of acrylic (in case baby is allergic/ reactive to wool) and working on a second in merino wool. I'm also going to knit a toy alpaca, out of alpaca. Then I'm sewing a bunch of pocket diapers and diaper covers to use with pre-folds (that I may end up making myself but not sure if I'll have the time...)
Valerievalira, what fabric are you using to make your pocket diapers/covers? Are you hacking your own pattern or did you start with one? That sounds like a great project!

So far I've made a very cute and unnecessary pennants/bunting and an equally cute but actually practical quilted playmat. I'm probably going to add arcing tubes to hang toys off of (not sure of the technical term for those) but after going back and forth I think I'll make them velcro and removeable (considered making a grommet system but I want to keep things soft) so it's started but in a holding pattern.

I've also planned a couple diaper changing pad covers, which I should be able to bang out pretty quickly, and I drafted a pattern for a pregnancy pillow that I'm not thrilled with, so I'll probably go back to the drawing board on that one. When I'm happy with it it should also double as a nursing pillow pattern.

Pretty much I'm working backwards in towards of practicality.
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I am using PUL and flannel. For the pockets, the flannel is inside, and vice versa for the covers.

I'm using a pattern I bought from mammacandoit.com

I bought enough material to make 15 of each kind with some PUL left over. I also want to make about 4-5 newborn covers to hold me over before the baby fits into the one size- and for that I'm hacking a rumparoo premie to newborn cover I bought.

It's been pretty fun so far to make them and super cheap at about 3-4 bucks a diaper!
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Wow ladies, I am seriously impressed! I honestly don't know what half of the things you are referring to are, or why I would need them, much less how to make them. I'm really hoping the heaps of stuff my sisters in law have given me prove to be adequate for this babe... because this first time mama considers it a success to get through the work day, tend the garden, and make dinner at this point. My only project is refinishing a dresser that was my Grandma's, but I can't be around the stripping chemicals/stain so I can't do it myself. As for a nursery - we painted the room a deep olive green when we moved in, which I plan to decorate with yellow and orange jungle animals (decided when the crib I got free from my cousin came with a sheet in this design :-) We dont know sex so I'm happy to have an idea that works for both. Right now, all the unassembled crib parts and various other baby things are sitting in the room. With only 15 weeks til D day, I should get on it! :-) oh, and you ladies should share pictures of the stuff youre making... I'd love to see and learn (quick change trousers? Bunting? :-))
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