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Do Braxton Hicks feel like lower back pain?

I have always had really bad periods, so bad that on day 1 and 2 I could barely walk and had what seemed like "contractions" that would come up and go again after a minute or 2. It was never a steady pain, always a very hard tightening and cramping of my entire lower back, never my belly like some people have when they're on their period. Always back pain..

Now I have started feeling these "period pains" again lately sometimes once a week, sometimes once every 3 weeks, sometimes 3 times a week. I am 29 weeks pregnant, could this be Braxton Hicks?

I am assuming it is but do other moms also feel them in their lower back like me?
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I've never experienced them that way.

I have felt braxton hicks throughout this pregnancy and my first, and they just feel like a tightening of my uterus that lasts ... 30 seconds? I've never timed them. They don't hurt, but can ache slightly if my belly is constricted (leaning forward, wearing pants that are too tight, being sat on by a toddler, etc.). When I'm having one, my uterus becomes very firm and tight.

Sorry I don't have more helpful information!

I'd be interested to hear what other have to say. Maybe something to talk to your midwife/doctor about?
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I don't feel them in the low back either. I'd describe the sensation just like the above poster. It's possible though!

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My bh feel like a tight cramping/fullness of my entire uterus, but both labors have been totally in my back. If labor can feel like that, I would imagine bh could too.

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I'm with the others - I haven't experienced them that way, but I wouldn't say it's impossible. I also had all back labor, so you can obviously feel your uterus in your back sometimes! Also, when I miscarried, it started out as an ache in my lower back. (I am NOT suggesting you are miscarrying - just giving another example of a time I've felt uterine sensations in my back.) Maybe something to ask your doctor/midwife about?

I didn't even realize till nearly the end of my last pregnancy that I'd even HAD BH contractions. I'm not sure what I expected them to feel like, but what they actually felt like was that there was a bowling ball in my abdomen. Like the baby had suddenly curled up and concentrated all of his mass in one place. It was nearly the end of my pregnancy before I realized it was my uterus tightening up, not my baby doing anything at all!

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