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Old 07-08-2014, 07:46 PM
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I am planning one, but I feel so bummed about it today. I will have to switch to another midwife because the one I have been seeing (and REALLY LIKE) is no longer being paid by my insurance company. It is a terrible situation for me, I do not feel comfortable around people, generally, but she was alright. Now I have to hopefully be OK with this other one...
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aww that is such a bummer lalalovely! Sorry to hear that. Insurance is such bs!

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we settled on hb yesterday. yes, at 25+ weeks. my first two sons were born with midwives at a great birth center, but we've since moved and the hospitals here don't even have tubs. my second son was born in the water and it made a huge difference for my recovery. i've never wanted a homebirth, but it seems our best compromise here. we will be working with a CNM and i do look forward to the style of prenatal care she will provide as opposed to the CNM care i have been receiving so far thru an OB's office (it's been rather fear-driven).
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I didn't choose a homebirth until after my 36-week appointment with an OB last time. Still undecided this time... will have to see how motivated I am to unpack and organize in the new place. The birth center is not as cluttered as my home, hahah. But then there would be that 45-minute drive in labor and then very newly postpartum to deal with... I don't wanna.

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I loved my homebirths in TX, but my MW in MO pulled my uterus out in a mismanaged third stage and spent the whole pregnancy harassing me. She was more medically minded than my current OB!!

I mourned for weeks when I realized my days of homebirthing were over.
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For some reason I thought I responded to this thread a while back ago but I don't see a posting from me on here. Pregnancy brain!

YES! I am doing a home birth and I'm so excited! Preparing my own space for birth feels so natural and puts me at so much more ease than when I was pregnant with my first and knew I would be going to the hospital. I'm struggling getting it paid for because I don't have any medical coverage and I didn't apply for medicaid or any other government assistance because I would honestly rather just pay it myself than fight with them to get reimbursed for my midwife. So, I'm broke but passionate as hell about having this experience so I'll do whatever it takes
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Originally Posted by waiting4years View Post
"Home birth" at The Farm for me! I could not be more excited. My mom just texted me to ask why I chose The Farm over just having the birth in my home and this is what I said:

For starters, because home birth is not a big culture here, choices in midwives are not varied. I would probably like one just fine, but the thing you have to understand is that the midwives at The Farm are the best of the best. They are the midwives all other American midwives venerate.

And it's so beautiful and peaceful. I don't LOVE my home. I like it okay, but I really love the idea of being in a clean, not cluttered cabin in the woods where I can take a nature walk mid-labor and dip my feet in the creek. A mid-labor walk here would consist of strolling by the crack dealer's house. It will also be quiet. Here, dogs bark incessantly and guns are shot at any hour of the night.

Honestly, I have a feeling I'll go to The Farm for as many "home births" as I can. It's a birth community, too. Odds are good that there will be another new mama or two due around the same time for me to bond with. It's so perfect for me.

That about sums it for me, I called and sent in my deposit pretty much the day I got my positive test! LOL...I wanted it so much, I wasn't taking any chances.
OMG! I am so jealous that you are giving birth at The Farm!!!!
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