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DS headbutted me in my belly....

I'll be 23 weeks on Sunday. Yesterday DS was goofing around...like usual. He is used to me playing with him (tickling, chasing). He also likes to climb on me...and I let him to a point...it's his way of play snuggles. Well he was being extra crazy and I had given him the, "okay, Mamma's done, time to settle down" a couple of times. Then said, "Zachary, you need to stop now." Well he just charged and headbutted me in the right side of my stomach. It hurt! I said, "ENOUGH!" Then he went and played....and later I explained that he has to be more careful and gentle. Anytime I say, "Zachary, your baby brother is in my tummy." He says, no momma there's no baby in there." He just turned four, I don't expect him to understand.

I'm now worried about baby. Has anyone had this type of experience? I rubbed my belly and talked to baby then felt him move...but I still feel worried. The area that he hit hurts. Luckily I have an appointment on Monday, so I will be talking with my OB about it. It just makes me nervous.
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No experience, just wanted to say sorry Mama, and I hope you are feeling better.
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It's good that you felt him move, and you have an OB appt. on Monday. You could always call too if you feel like you'd like some immediate opinions from your doctor. The baby is probably just fine. Our bodies are very resilient and good armor for our growing babies. Good luck mama, and peaceful thoughts. Maybe you could read your son some baby books or you could even have the doctor explain to him where the baby is, if you'd think that may help him understand better. It is important that he understands that he's got to be gentle with mama. Big hugs

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DD has elbowed me in the belly a few times that really hurt. My MW assured me that baby is well protected in there, and not to worry about it, especially when you feel baby moving around after.

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I would doubt there is an issue. Your baby is surrounded in a sac of water that would help absorb any of the force that he came at you with. I have 5 other kids and I have been romped around on countless times with each pregnancy with no harm to the baby. You might hurt, given you got the blunt end of it, but I doubt it affected the baby much outside of being jossled about. And if you felt the baby move, then I am sure the baby is fine. =) You might get a bruise and be sore, but I don't think it would have hurt the baby. Think of someone trying to hit someone else under water...the water acts as a barrier, causing the force to be distributed throughout the water between you and them...instead of completely to them. If you are concerned, just mention it to your dr on Monday, but I seriously don't think there is an issue.
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