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Lotus Birth

The more I read and understand the intention behind a lotus birth (not clipping the umbilical cord, just waiting for it to fall of naturally), the more into the idea I am.
I have some convincing to do on the husband, but... something about this philosophy just feels "right"...

Anybody considering this or have had done so in the past? It leaves the placenta unable to be consumed, which is okay, bc that wasn't even an option for me, but still leaves it viable to plant in the backyard (or wherever!)

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My plan for now is to leave the umbilical cord in tact until it is drained and stops pulsating, and then let the doctor cut. Not sure I want to do placenta encapulation. As long as the baby gets everything he/she needs from the placenta before they cut, I'm happy. Convincing the nursing staff/doctor on call to wait will be a different story.

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Ohhh.....my husband and I were sooo into doing this last pregnancy! My midwife was stoked about the idea....it was great. But after a couple of hours, it was just too inconvenient for our situation. I feel like to follow through with it, you really have to be prepared for that extra element of caring for it and having everything you need. Which we did not. We fell in love with the idea, and didn't prepare for the actual event of caring for baby AND placenta, and by that time it was just too much.....but had we been more prepared, we might have followed through.

I still think it's awesome! You should definitely talk your hubby into at least considering it

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I think it's a really awesome concept, but not one I was/am willing to do myself, just because of the extra care/inconvenience involved. We waited quite a long time to cut the cord with DS, an hour I think, it was totally limp and flaccid. But needing to carry around a baby AND bowl of placenta was not something I was willing to do (though in understand that the idea is that you rest and stay in one place with the baby for those early days, I didn't find that to be practical for us, and this time with a toddler to care for as well, definitely won't be an option).

But absolutely, if it's something that speaks to you, do it!

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You can actually do a lotus birth and encapsulate. You would need to put it in a cooler bag on ice instead of a bowl or placenta bag. I plan on encapsulating or doing something to consume mine. I am not really interested in a lotus birth for myself. I would however love for a client to do it. That way I get the experience without the hassle.
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