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gabeyho's Avatar gabeyho 12:12 PM 08-15-2014
How do you tag another user in a reply? I wouldn't normally ask here, and usually I am just on tapatalk so I don't think there's a way to do it on the phone, but I can't find a useful forum post with instructions for the basic things. A lot of the FAG links are dead or go to the wrong page.

jodieanneanton's Avatar jodieanneanton 12:21 PM 08-15-2014
Type "@" before the person's user name and they are tagged!

For example:
Valerie11's Avatar Valerie11 05:01 PM 08-15-2014
What is the point of tagging someone?
gabeyho's Avatar gabeyho 06:16 PM 08-15-2014
Okay, does it tag them after it posts?
sarahknavy's Avatar sarahknavy 07:30 PM 08-15-2014
Originally Posted by Valerie11 View Post
What is the point of tagging someone?
I get am email when someone tags me so I know to make sure I go read that thread again.

In other things maybe not in the DDC I might would forget I even posted and someone could tag me to make sure I went back to look if they had a question or something.
jodieanneanton's Avatar jodieanneanton 06:01 AM 08-16-2014
Originally Posted by gabeyho View Post
Okay, does it tag them after it posts?
@gabeyho , yes!
gabeyho's Avatar gabeyho 09:31 PM 08-16-2014
Lol! @jodieanneanton thanks!