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Valerie11's Avatar Valerie11 03:40 PM 08-25-2014
I don't agree with most forms of birth control because I worry about hormones and how they are affected. I have never been on birth control. All of my pregnancies were surprises, and all births are 4-5 years apart. I usually just use condoms when I'm fertle and that has worked, except for once every 4-5 years. We had always entertained the thought of having a 4th child because it would be my current husband's second child. So now that it's happened, I feel like I'm really done now.

I was thinking about having a tubal ligation about an hour after the delivery, and according to the doctors, they just cut a section out of each tube and you're done. Nothing is affected, no blood supply decreased, no hormones are interrupted, everything is puppy dogs and rainbows afterward.

Except that's not what I'm reading from many women on the internet. There's something called Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome and support groups for these women. And supposedly doctors and nurses won't acknowledge that it's even a real thing that happens. But the body is not a machine, it's a complex organism and it must affect something to make women have such mood swings where they never had them before.

So now I'm scared and I'm pretty much probably not even going to do it. I know it's early to be thinking about, but I figured might as well post about it and see if anyone has anything to add.

jodieanneanton's Avatar jodieanneanton 06:02 PM 08-25-2014
My opinion is that this decision is a major one.

I don't think I would personally be comfortable making such a permanent decision while pregnant or early post partum. Just too many hormones flying around clouding my judgement. But every woman is different. A friend of mine had that procedure done and really struggles with side effects that you described along with major bleeding problems (non-stop periods) after the procedure. Needed to go on birth control to stop the bleeding, actually. :/

Hard choice. What about your DH? Would he be willing to have a certain procedure done in a year or two? (Though, I am sure that there are side effects from that, too... Whenever you alter your body's natural state, that is bound to happen.)

I hope you are able to come to a decision that is right for you, Dot-to-Dot!
Valerie11's Avatar Valerie11 06:39 PM 08-25-2014
Originally Posted by jodieanneanton View Post
A friend of mine had that procedure done and really struggles with side effects that you described along with major bleeding problems (non-stop periods) after the procedure. Needed to go on birth control to stop the bleeding, actually. :/
It's anecdotal stories like this one that convince me not to do it. I'm okay with the permanence of not having more children and just waiting for grandchildren (hoping for, anyway), but not with the idea of permanently messing up my body to where it interferes with my health.
Linda on the move's Avatar Linda on the move 07:01 PM 08-25-2014
I had my tubes tied and didn't have any negative side effects. I was already peri-menapausal, so some of the things listed as being part of "Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome" I was experiencing BEFORE having my tubes tied.

For me, it wasn't a big deal. I had heavy periods before, so my Dr, recommended a procedure that removed the lining of my uterus at the same time solely to decrease bleeding. It worked.

Honestly, other than feeling sore for 2 days afterward, it has been puppy dogs and rainbows for me.

I do agree about waiting until after your hormones calm down to make such a major decision. It is a really big decision. I felt more in control of my body and my life afterward.
dentonmidwife's Avatar dentonmidwife 06:24 AM 08-26-2014
I have also had a bunch of friends have issues since having theirs done. I am the kind of person that if something bad can happen it will, so I am terrified to have it done.
boscopup's Avatar boscopup 03:21 PM 08-26-2014
I've already told my DH that we're not doing anything permanent to me, but I'm fine with him doing something permanent. Creighton model of NFP has worked well for us for 14 years (except for this time! ). All of the other 3 kids were planned. One oops in 14 years isn't bad, I guess. But we really do want to be done after this one. I've known too many people to have extra bleeding and worse cramps from tubals and such, so I don't want to mess up my non-crampy/non-heavy-bleeding self. One friend had heavy bleeding before getting a procedure done... some type of ablation something or other. Anyway, she's been really happy with it, as she has very light periods now. But I just don't trust messing with that stuff. I have to live with my cycle every month for the next several years (I'm not even 40 yet), so I'd like to not make them worse.

I know there can be side effects from a vas, but all the men I know of who have had one have had no problems. I think the incidence is much lower for that procedure than for the stuff done to women.
dentonmidwife's Avatar dentonmidwife 06:21 AM 08-27-2014
Not to mention that vasectomies are usually cheaper and a much easier recovery.