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Originally Posted by NewBrooklynMama View Post
This is a sunny set of updates! I appreciate the spirit, even when things are occasionally tough, as for badwolf. (And badwolf, I hope your luck takes a turn for the better soon!) I had a somewhat worrisome US this morning. I'm 20 weeks, and everything looks good, and the baby is healthy. The only catch is that my placenta seems to have attached directly over a fibroid. The fibroid is not very big I think (I should have paid closer attention to the measurements). The doctor didn't seem overly concerned, just said he would recommend that I come in for an ultrasound once a month until delivery. I still have to talk to my regular OB/GYN about this, hopefully next week.

Anyway, the US is expensive (it's not covered by my insurance) and stressful. I'd been hoping this would be the last, so that's a bummer. Otherwise, though, was nice to hear mostly good news, and to see the little face start to come into focus.

And I feel more productive than I have in a long time! Also more upbeat. I am definitely liking the second trimester.
Glad you are liking this trimester. It's my favorite! Sorry to hear about your worrisome scan and the emotional obstacles that go with it.

Fibroids are tumors. Science knows that ultrasound waves increase cell division/growth rates, but doesn't understand the mechanism- just that it makes cells divide and multiply faster. So do you want to treat your fibroid that is under your placenta with ultrasound waves, in the course of examining it monthly? If there is a treatment for what they are looking for, would you choose the course of action recommended? No need to spend time and money and increase risk if you know you wouldn't do the treatments, or that there is no treatment!

The emotional risks of scanning and the fact that in almost all cases I wouldn't do anything to treat whatever it was they found wrong- I wouldn't get an abortion, I'm not doing fetal surgery, and I wouldn't get a baby under 33 weeks cut out of my belly in hopes that it would survive better in the NICU- so I feel I'm better off not knowing till I need to know. But you may have a different perspective or set of values- perhaps some of the scans are useless to you, but others you'd feel were needed, essential. Maybe you need more information from another scan, like what type of fibroid it is, to understand what the risks are. I hope your regular OB has the answers you need to make decisions -you- feel good about, that he/she is supportive of your right and duty to ultimately make those decisions, and that you have the courage to stand up and make them.

(Even if your decision is to tell me I'm staying up too late and to piss off! Take what you like, leave the rest.)
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Crunchymama, you voice a lot of my internal conflicts–"modern" science telling me more than I need to know and potentially making a not great situation worse. I'm truly torn, though, and to be honest neither choice makes me happy. To not get the US might only make me more worried (I think, but who knows), and since additional stress is the last thing I need right now probably it's better for me to know than not to know. And all the issues you mention w/r/t to US are true, so that's the ugly flip side. I'm the loner among my family when it comes to rejecting a lot of medical advances/treatments, so it would take no small amount of courage and stubbornness to say no to further USs. And though it may sound perverse I need to take my SO's needs into consideration as well... Anyway, I agree with what you say and appreciate your response. I'm hanging on to the fact/hope that there are only 3 more USs in my future, and that all is actually fine and will continue to go well!
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Talk about a great night of sleep! I finally got DS to sleep through the night last night with no wheezing or coughing issues. I was even able to get him to stay in his bed all night by sleeping in his room on an air mattress. Y'all, that was probably the best night of sleep I've had in DAYS! I'm sure DH was happy to have an entire bed to himself when he got in last night too. Either way, I'm well-rested today and ready to get through work and get out here a little early today.

As for my weekend plans, I'm hosting a "sprinkle" for my girlfriend on Saturday and I'm supposed to be doing a hospital tour on Sunday but I'll reschedule that so I can lounge around.
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Me (33) - DH (39) - DS (6) - DS (3months)

I blog: allthingsandlife.blogspot.com
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@NaturallyMo Yay! It feels so good to actually sleep, especially when you are pregnant!

@NewBrooklynMama I know what you mean about feeling like a loner when it comes to rejecting certain treatments! It seems that there is a strong pull in American culture to conform to societal norms, which does not always lead to the best medical treatment. I am glad modern medicine exists and that it can be used selectively when appropriate, but I feel that it is often overused and it can cause harm, especial in pregnancy and during labor when many interventions disrupt the biological process instead of supporting and protecting it.

I think it is important that a mother feels comfortable with the choices she is making and that she is the one who is actually making the choices, which can only happen with a care provider who explains things clearly and thoroughly (informed consent) and who empowers the client to be responsible for her own decision making process. I think it makes a tremendous difference to have respectful individuals as care providers who practice thoughtful, evidence based and humanized care during the pregnancy and birth process!

I hope you hear only good news and you continue to enjoy your pregnancy!
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I am so tired. I worked last night, and our busy streak is continuing. We have had 87 babies in the first 7 days of August (so, still keeping up with the 12-13 births per day). I didn't get a chance to eat dinner until 11:30 pm (I ate right before driving home because I was starting to get lightheaded). It was impossible to eat before that-- I barely had time to wash my hands between births, let alone get a drink or eat dinner. And then, today, I took my kids on a field trip to a nature preserve for several hours and the heat and the hiking really got to me. Hoping to go to bed early tonight, but my son's birthday party is tomorrow and we have food prep to complete tonight.

Oh... being a mom and being a nurse. I love them both, but they are both so hard on the body!

I KNOW I need time to rest and do nothing. My body and pregnancy deserve some ME-time! Thankful for a weekend off of work and a husband who will be home to help me out the next couple of days.

RN, IBCLC. DS is 6, DD1 is 4, DD2 is 1! DD3 due in December!
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I think on another thread we were talking about some of us who have had strings of boys or girls. I had three boys in a row. Well my second cousin (who is about 15 years younger) is having her sixth child - and she is due the day after me, on Christmas Day. She has 5 boys and today annouced the gender of her next baby - another boy! I think its pretty cool, but her facebook posts leading up to today would suggest that she was really hoping for a girl. They did show celebration pics on facebook with blue balloons and happy faces all around.

Laura ~ Mama to three wild and wonderful boys , our rainbow baby girl on 7/2/12 and our newest baby girl on 12/30/14!
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