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Chapsie 08-04-2014 07:04 PM

Weekly Chat thread 8/4- 8/11
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I can't believe it is AUGUST!!!

My oldest turns SIX tomorrow!! I can hardly believe it!! His birth was such a doozy for me, and I can't believe how far I've come and how much I've grown since then. He had a cesarean birth and it was a very difficult / traumatic experience for me. I suffered from nightmares for months afterward. He is the sweetest boy ever and I adore him. He taught me to be selfless. He taught me how to love deeply. I am so proud of the boy he is becoming!

I worked the weekend (I'm a neonatal RN) and we were very short staffed and it was extremely busy. We had an average of 12-13 babies born per day. (Normal is like 5-6). August is gearing up to be record-breaking for us! I was so exhausted today and crashed at about 3pm and just let my kids have free reign of the house!

How is everyone? How are your pregnancies? I can't remember if I am 22 or 23 weeks? Haha, this is the first time I've ever lost track! 4th baby syndrome!

Galatea 08-04-2014 07:35 PM

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You are 22 weeks because I am 21.

When we owned our baby store, July and August were always crazy busy. I think in the northern U.S., September is the peak birth month. I am not surprised you are busy!

We went to the museum but DS3 got tired and we just gave up. Good thing we have a membership. Tonight DH and I saw a movie. It was fine but not great.

The woman who bought our store found 3 dozen NB and 3 dozen S prefolds in her attic and will lend me diaper service covers, so I am set with free diapers for like 4 or 5 months! Super excited!

badwolf092087 08-04-2014 08:19 PM

A majority of people we know have spring and summer babies. It's nice because getting a child summer items seems so much easier when it's not your child.

I'm a little disappointed that our little girl won't be here on time for Halloween. (I'm into every holiday). Carter's has the cutest owl costume that fits her nursery's theme, and I'm tempted to buy the 18 months size for next year. Am I crazy for this? All their clothes run small, so I buy bigger sizes from them.

We have an appointment with the OB Wednesday because of my hospital stunt this weekend. I fell, stopped feeling Maddy, and had to go in for 24 hour monitoring. Also hit my head. That's what I get for going to the back to grab a package ups put there instead. Blah.

maranapanda 08-04-2014 09:33 PM

@Chapsie you must be exhausted. That's so many babies! I love that you forgot how far along you are, I think I've been feeling that way too this time around.

@Galatea I love that you know how far along chapsie is! What movie did you see?

@BadWolf maybe, if you really want that costume, consider buying two sizes. If your girl's a big baby, and carter's runs small she could easily wear a larger size. I would be so disappointed if I waited all year, and then it didn't fit!

maranapanda 08-04-2014 09:38 PM

I had a lovely Sunday picnic at a park on the bay this weekend. It was kinda chilly, and windy on the water so I was wearing long sleeves. I had my precautionary sunblock on my face, and my arms covered and STILL I got the worst sunburn on my chest, back, and neck. I'm so bummed, and I feel so stupid. And sore. I wasn't thinking. Grrr.

girlspn 08-04-2014 11:19 PM

I'm moving out of my parents' place in a couple of weeks, so busy with figuring out what needs to done, what I need to get. My mother hoards stuff so she has excess furniture.

I'm planning to do a floor bed with just a double sized mattress, so that I can co-sleep with dd and the new baby without worrying about dd falling out of bed, or hurting herself if she fell off the mattress. I mentioned this to my family, who found the idea of sleeping on the floor unacceptable and giving me a hard time about it.

I'm also trying to work out how much help I would need for the postpartum month. Chinese women traditionally don't do anything for a month after delivery, not even wash hands or bathe, but I found those practices impossible with my dd since I didn't have a nanny. I'm thinking perhaps a mother's helper a few times a week for babysitting and household chores?

Bracha04 08-05-2014 05:30 AM

@Chapsie My son has his birthday this week! His birth was also my most traumatic. It was followed by nightmares and stress that went untouched for a long time. I finally realized that his birth ultimately empowered me to become responsible for my choices and the experience provided me with the springboard for growth! I would also describe him as the sweetest boy ever and I'm amazed by him every day!

@Galatea That sounds really fun to own your own store!

@badwolf092087 I would buy the outfit that far ahead! I hope you don't have any more injuries. I wish you the best of health for the rest of your pregnancy and beyond!

@maranapanda Aloe plant regularly and slices of raw potato on the burns in-between application of the aloe could help. The potato soaks up the heat and promotes healing. I grew up in FL and the sun got the better of me too many times! I hope you feel better very soon!

@girlspn We've had our mattress on the floor for 7 years! We actually have a full and a queen together so that my other kids are welcome too. I love the arrangement! My doula came to walk through our home before our homebirth and she exclaimed, "WOW! This is what I will tell people now when they ask me how to have a family bed!"

The ancient traditions that promote rest and healing postpartum are very wise! I think a mother's helper is a great idea!

NaturallyMo 08-05-2014 05:33 AM

Hi everyone! I have had a dozy of a weekend. DS turned 6 yesterday and we had a huge party for him on Saturday, my in-laws came town to visit along with my 2 nephews. It was just a busy busy weekend that I'm still recovering from. I have a doctor's appointment today to finish up my anatomy scan and get a confirmation on the sex of the baby. I actually bought a gender neutral baby outfit this weekend. :love I've decided that outside of family, we are not telling anyone the sex of this baby. The people I work with are too nosy and run their mouths way too much. I can't even share the news on my own without someone running telling others. Why would you want to steal a piece of joy?

BTW, I'm 20 weeks now! Eeek!

Galatea 08-05-2014 05:37 AM

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@maranapanda - We saw Guardians of the Galaxy. I never read the comics so I didn't know what to expect. It was fine, and kind of funny, but the plot was meh. I bet the second one will be better.
@Bracha04 - It was kind of fun to have a baby store, but it was also stressful, because pregnant FTMs are kind of crazy about stuff that doesn't really matter. Like, "I have all the colors of this diaper but orange and I'm due in 4 months and I need to have orange!" Ummm, well, we will probably get it back before 4 months is up, and anyway, I'm pretty sure your baby will still come out even without an orange diaper. And I got really tired of answering laundry questions and people being more concerned about their son's bloody penis ruining the diaper than why their son's penis should be bloody at all. :( Well, that's a depressing start to the morning.

Chapsie 08-05-2014 06:32 AM

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badwolf-- Oh my gosh, are you ok? You have had such a rough go of things lately!

Bracha, "I finally realized that his birth ultimately empowered me to become responsible for my choices and the experience provided me with the springboard for growth! " You are full of amazing quotes this morning! YES, this!! I would not have prepared so thoroughly or enjoyed and appreciated my VBACs as much if I hadn't experienced my son's birth, first. I plan to go back to school to be a CNM as well, and I know my personal experiences have shaped me tremendously and pushed me into this passion for birth and holistic living.

NaturallyMo-- happy birthday to your son! My son turns 6 today! (8/5/08 is his birthday). We were pregnant together at another time, too-- that makes me smile. :)

badwolf092087 08-05-2014 06:46 AM


Originally Posted by Bracha04 (Post 17891554)
@badwolf092087 I would buy the outfit that far ahead! I hope you don't have any more injuries. I wish you the best of health for the rest of your pregnancy and beyond!

I think I am definitely going to buy the outfit. If I change my mind about her wearing it, there's always tag sales and re-gifting opportunities. I know she's going to be beyond average length, so a majority of her clothing is 3 months and up. It's just a debate of the size at this point. :D

Thank you for your well wishes. All I wanted to do was go and grab the package with my moses basket bedding in it, but nope. Had to fall. The massive amount of rain we've had has caused the foundation of our sidewalk to get messed up. There's still too much moisture for my husband to fix it. And it turns out the moses bedding was for the wrong basket type. Opps~!

badwolf092087 08-05-2014 06:50 AM


Originally Posted by Chapsie (Post 17891674)
badwolf-- Oh my gosh, are you ok? You have had such a rough go of things lately!

I'm fine, but my OB wants to go back to our plan of the frequent visits because I've had a stroke of bad luck this summer. It happens. I spent pretty much my entire life beating up my body in soccer and hockey, and now is when I get injured. Who would've thought?

zjande 08-05-2014 09:06 AM

Galatea, that's so interesting/depressing about your clothing store experience! I'd never thought about that aspect of it. For the longest time I've thought having a baby/maternity store would be so fun! But ug...dealing with the general public is not always so fun.

I keep seeing "FTM". What is that?? Coming from San Fran the only thing I associate that with are "female to male" transgenders. :p

Chapsie my eldest had her birthday this week as well. She turned 23. :) and since I was only 17 and it was during dinosaur times without internet, I was completely naiave and my birth experience was also totally tramautizing. But all worth it. ❤️

Maranapanda, I burn so so quickly. I always joke about being the wimpiest skinned human on earth when it comes to sunburn. I'm sorry you got fried crispy! Ouch!

Grlspn, my husband and I just keep our mattress on the floor ,too. Otherwise babies and toddlers could be falling off left and right! That's weird your family doesn't understand that. It's basic child safety.

Mo, whenever we have found out gender beforehand, I tell nobody at all but my husband. :) Everyone else will find out soon enough! ❤️

Still enjoying our school break here. Just planning on catching up on tons of housework today before jumping in to the next batch of canning. Happy Tuesday everybody. :)

LilyTiger 08-05-2014 12:25 PM

Hey everyone, I want to apologize that I haven't had much time to respond personally to people's posts. My posts have been "all about me", since I've had trouble keeping up with everything. I hope that changes in the near future, but I'm not sure how much it will. We officially moved into our new house and are in a flurry of unpacking and deciding what we should get rid of (LOTS). I don't know if it's nesting or what, but I'm really drawn to minimalism right now and I just want to throw everything away. I just reduced my closet by half, which was super liberating. Now I'm tackling the linens.

I also can't believe it's actually already August. I have so much to do to prepare for the upcoming semester and I have three speaking engagements in late August/early September and three articles I was going to try to get out for review before the semester started. All my books are packed away and stuck in the back of the storage unit, so I'm really stressed about getting access ASAP and getting organized. It'll be a whirlwind month for sure and I wouldn't even remember I'm pregnant most days if it weren't for the incredible pelvic pain unpacking has brought on.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and surviving whatever weird weather August is throwing at you (here it's been raining all week. So weird.). Hope to catch up and read some posts soon.

maranapanda 08-05-2014 01:26 PM

Our bed is in the floor too! It's been probably 8 years now. At first my husband was against the idea, now I don't think he'll ever want a bed frame again. He likes to run and jump on it.

My burn is better today, so that's something to be grateful for. It's still pretty awful, but a better kind of awful!

@zjande FTM is first time mom. My mom is gay, and works a lot in the community, I'm surprised that I didn't think of female to male sooner!

randic116 08-05-2014 06:19 PM

Hi all! I've been a bit absent due to the fact that my Kindle quit working right and I haven't had time to call Amazon and spend hours on the phone with them. :P

We have our bed on the floor too! Mostly because our old farmhouse wouldn't let us get the boxspring up the stairs so we had to chuck it. :D But it's really nice, especially since DD(2yo) still comes into our room every night. If daddy isn't home she sleeps with me, if he is, she'll bring her pillow and blanket and sleep on the floor. I don't mind it a bit. It will be somewhat of an adjustment for her when baby comes, but she's gotten a bit spoiled due to the fact that she was supposed to be our last. But God's plans are not our plans, thats for sure!

I hope ya'll are having a good week! Lots going on here! Canning green beans and pickles tomorrow, and having a garage sale on Friday! Purging my house feels wonderful! :D

girlspn 08-05-2014 06:40 PM

bracha04, zjande, maranapanda, randic116-- I'm glad to know there's nothing weird with a floor bed! lol. My dd has fallen out of bed a few times, so it just makes sense to me to not bother with a bed frame.

lilytiger-- I felt like that in my last pregnancy and got rid of clothing and stuff I didn't use much. It IS liberating!

Galatea 08-05-2014 07:12 PM

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I have had the throwing away urge. A few weeks ago I threw away tons of old broken and mismatched toys. Tonight I cleaned out the fridge and put tons of ancient condiments in the trash. I warned dh that he would have to split it into two bags, but he must not have done that because he started screaming swears from the kitchen and then told me with bitten tongue I did it wrong. Well, but the fridge is clean, and I didn't hear anything break, so I'm just staying away from him until he calms down.

I went to A Mother's Boutique today intending to get another bigger bra but instead got these great nursing and maternity camisoles that actually fit my huge boobs without wire and made my belly feel supported. Super excited to ditch bras altogether once it cools down a bit, and to have a good nursing tank with belly coverage for after the baby is born.

A plum before bed is bad. Heartburn.

maranapanda 08-06-2014 01:23 AM

Nursing bras are stressing me out right now. For some reason I can't remember what I used last time. I got mastitis with my 2nd, so I know that I was super careful about clogged ducts with my 3rd. I just can't remember my solution. I like the idea of a nursing tank, @Galatea . I'm not sure that they make them in my size though.

I'm also feeling the urge to clean things out. Organise, and get rid of clutter. I've done a little, but mostly I've just fantasized.

Galatea 08-06-2014 04:50 AM

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Originally Posted by maranapanda (Post 17894722)
Nursing bras are stressing me out right now. For some reason I can't remember what I used last time. I got mastitis with my 2nd, so I know that I was super careful about clogged ducts with my 3rd. I just can't remember my solution. I like the idea of a nursing tank, @Galatea . I'm not sure that they make them in my size though.

I'm also feeling the urge to clean things out. Organise, and get rid of clutter. I've done a little, but mostly I've just fantasized.

I wear a 34I now (ugh) and the Dynabelly L/XL fit well. In clothes, I can wear a M or L maternity size. I think Glamourmom goes big enough for me, but it is meant to be an actual tank top, and the Dynabelly is more like an undershirt.

NaturallyMo 08-06-2014 05:31 AM

@Chapsie How about that? We're synced up again:grin:

I had my follow-up anatomy scan and the tech confirmed that this definitely a boy:thumb Despite my initial feelings, I'm excited and happy. I guess because now I can call him by his name (which we are keeping a secret). Thank you guys for letting me know I wasn't totally weird for not being excited at first. I was feeling horrible about that but I guess its normal. Now we can move forward with getting ready for our little boy in a few months. My mom is so ready to tackle designing the nursery so I am turning that project over to her completely. She loves a good decorating project and this should keep her busy for a few months while I sit back and watch :wink:

Other than that, I feel good today. I'm eating a hearty breakfast of veggie scrambled eggs, grits and a piece of smoked sausage while i'm typing this. My libido is through the roof right now (my poor husband :wink:) and I'm in a generally good mood.

Quick question: can anyone recommend a good maternity support belt? My belly is feeling heavy and I some extra support.

3surfboys 08-06-2014 05:45 AM

nursing bras and tanks - bravado (there was a sale recently on baby steals, but it might have expired)
support belt - baby belly band - is the one that I had for my last pregnancy. I wish I had not given it away! I will definitely need to order another one.

badwolf092087 08-06-2014 01:11 PM

Had my follow up appointment. All is well with Maddy. She's measuring almost 3 weeks ahead of schedule. And I had my first weigh in since my foot injury. 35lb weight gain... I know I've been on bed rest, but the max they wanted me to gain this pregnancy was 40lbs. Blah. Not much I can do at this point until I have clearance to start the prenatal yoga classes again. Also found out I have a minor hernia behind my belly button, so it might not pop. That explains the pain there! Other than that, everything else is great and she's getting so big! I go back on the 19th for the GD test and I get an in-depth measurement scan with the lady I like opposed to the idiots at the hospital. And if my placenta has moved (fingers crossed), I don't have to go back to the hospital obstetrics department next month. Lots of praying going on over here!

NewBrooklynMama 08-06-2014 03:59 PM

This is a sunny set of updates! I appreciate the spirit, even when things are occasionally tough, as for badwolf. (And badwolf, I hope your luck takes a turn for the better soon!) I had a somewhat worrisome US this morning. I'm 20 weeks, and everything looks good, and the baby is healthy. The only catch is that my placenta seems to have attached directly over a fibroid. The fibroid is not very big I think (I should have paid closer attention to the measurements). The doctor didn't seem overly concerned, just said he would recommend that I come in for an ultrasound once a month until delivery. I still have to talk to my regular OB/GYN about this, hopefully next week.

Anyway, the US is expensive (it's not covered by my insurance) and stressful. I'd been hoping this would be the last, so that's a bummer. Otherwise, though, was nice to hear mostly good news, and to see the little face start to come into focus.

And I feel more productive than I have in a long time! Also more upbeat. I am definitely liking the second trimester.

goster 08-07-2014 07:06 AM

This has been a fun week for me. Last week I found out that I won a "new mommy makeover" from a new salon in my town. On monday I went in and got to get pampered with no kids for 4.5 hours!! It was a nice break. It is for a contest between their stylists. Here is the before and after. I am the blonde.

On Tuesday I found out that I am going to be the newest member of the board of directors for Girls on the Run in my county which is also great news. I have been heavy on the job hunt for the past couple of weeks which is stressful, but takes away some of the stress of hating my current job. Today I have to drive an hour and a half by myself for a team meeting and I don't want to go. I will have to make sure to load up some good music so I at least enjoy my time by myself.

As for the baby things are going great. I saw my D.O. last week and I have some major sacrum displacement, and a significant upshear in my left hip that are quite painful, but getting better with a heating pad and ice. I even managed to run for about 5 minutes last sunday which is an improvement. Baby is getting big and strong, and DH even gets to feel him sometimes. Still lacking motivation but it will come in time I am sure. Also woah is my pregnant brain a mess. I forget EVERYTHING!!
@NaturallyMo I used this one for my first two pregnancies and it works very well. It is ugly and annoying but helps. I lent it to a friend who was pregnant with (very large) twins and she said it was the only way she could make it through the grocery store. [URL=" =93&bav=on.2,or.r_cp.r_qf.&bvm=bv.72676100,d.aWw,p v.xjs.s.en_US.QBCpDp2S7-8.O&biw=1366&bih=677&tch=1&ech=1&psi=0objU92bKsqNy AS98IH4Bg.1407420114900.3&ei=2objU9WqIYb-yQS88YKgDw&ved=0CMwCEKYrMA0"]

Good luck everyone, we are getting over the hump!!

Galatea 08-07-2014 07:56 AM

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Love the hairdo, @goster ! Very pretty.

3surfboys 08-07-2014 09:41 AM

I also love the hair, goster! I have a similar hair style to your before pic and it's about time I did something with my hair. Its just so easy to put it in a ponytail and forget about it!
I've been thinking about my maternity leave and its a bit depressing. With my daughter I was able to stay home for almost 4 months, because my month off in July didn't count towards FMLA and I took an additional 12 weeks off from work. This time, I'm way low on sick leave and even if I take only 8 weeks, some of that will be without pay. So it looks like I need to return to work the first of March. :frown: My baby will be close by and I can visit at lunch (she'll be with my parents). Any other WOHMs making plans yet?

Chapsie 08-07-2014 10:02 AM

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@goster , love the makeover pics, you are stunning!

Chapsie 08-07-2014 10:05 AM

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I have only ever gotten 6-8 weeks off after all my kids. I only work part time, so I tell myself it is ok, but it's really not. 6 weeks is WAAAAYYY too early to leave my babies!! If I take more than the 6 weeks of disability, it will be totally unpaid and the first 6 weeks is only disability (no maternity leave to speak of). My husband can only take a few days to a week off as well. ::sigh::

I am planning to request extra time off this time. This will be our last and I want to milk it as long as I can! I am hoping to be home for 10 weeks with this little peanut. (Just have to start saving the $$ as I bring home half of our income).

LilyTiger 08-07-2014 12:39 PM

I'm super lucky as a professor that we get a semester off at my university. That plus summer vacation means I'll have eight months off with this peanut. I got 12 weeks with my daughter, which was just about perfect. I can work from home some of the time and so only have to be on campus 3-4 days a week once leave is over. My husband is doing the SAHD thing for the forseeable future. We ran the numbers on his salary vs. two kids in daycare and it just didn't make any sense.

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