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do hormones still cycle during pregnancy?

I know the basic answer to this question is no, for obvious reasons.

But I wonder if some habits of the body continue during pregnancy. I'm wondering this because I always get a hive or two a few days before my period starts. It runs in my family (my grandma actually broke out in hives so badly during menopause that she finally had to be hospitalized). The couple hives that I get premenstrually are always in the same spot on my body. One on my inner thigh, and one under my left boob. Every time.

And still, even three months pregnant, I still get those hives around the time when I would have been about to start my period! In the same spot as always!

This is impossible to google, because "hormones," "cycle," and "pregnancy" are a little vague. I'm not interested in the how or why of the hives (they're rare, I guess, and my allergist said it was probably fluctuation of temperature with hormonal changes and that's why the hives were in skin folds). I'm just generally interested in whether or not any of our female cycle keeps ticking when we get pregnant. I think it's fascinating!

Has anybody heard whether or not certain hormonal shifts continue, even if more subtly?
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Yes! I always assumed that some bodies do keep up with a hormonal cycle, to a lesser degree. With my last pregnancy, I had spotting occur at 8 and 12 weeks, both times the day I would have gotten my period! This pregnancy, I've experienced no spotting (thank goodness!), but I have noticed that I get a couple pimples right before I would have gotten my period. I also have a huge upswing in pregnancy symptoms (especially the emotional ones) the week I would have had my period.

My mom has told me that she experienced the same "mini-cycles" (just no bleeding) during her first trimester. For both of us, we don't see the patterns continue into the 2nd. I thought for sure I would go into to labor with my first on the full moon when I get my period, but he came a week early, so there was no correlation there.

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While I haven't ever noticed anything like that myself, before I had kids I worked at a daycare center. One of the moms came in to drop off her son one day and she was holding a brand new little baby. We said we didn't even know she was pregnant and she said, she didn't either! She had felt symptoms here and there but since she had continued to get her regular monthly periods she had just blown it off... Until she went into labor. So yes, I guess some bodies do just continue to cycle that way. So crazy.
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