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Crocheting & knitting for your new arrival?

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07-22-2014 | Posts: 14
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Now that I've made it past the dreaded 3mo mark I've been feeling eager to get on with some knitting and crochet projects for the new baby. So excited to have a January baby so I can have the excuse to make little tiny warm things! Wondering if anyone else is getting the crafty urge for their newest arrival?
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07-23-2014 | Posts: 60
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Yup! I have been slacking off on the knitting (still working on a scarf I meant for my sister's birthday in January) but I just ordered the yarn for a baby blanket. I'm a slow knitter but hopefully I will have time to do a couple of hats and sweaters before the baby's here! It doesn't get that cold here, but he'll still need a few things, at least.
I'm marginalian on Ravelry in case you want to connect there too.
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07-24-2014 | Posts: 14
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Cool! I love ravelry I just joined it a couple of weeks ago but I've already gotten a ton of inspiration. I have a pretty large yarn stash to use up and now I feel hopeful that I will find projects for all of it lol. My username is bridgezilla. I started to crochet a baby afghan a few days ago, which is about 10% done but I need to make sure I don't neglect my chores or sleep in order to crochet hehe. I'm surprised there aren't more mommas in here that are sewing up diaper covers, or knitting little booties yet etc... Oh well!
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07-25-2014 | Posts: 60
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Nice! That's a few days' work? Wow. I've always heard crochet is faster than knitting, so either that's true or you are just speedy! I'm a little bit worried I won't finish knitting a baby blanket before January, since the yarn won't arrive until next week! (I probably will. It's just been too hot lately to want to sit and knit much).
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07-27-2014 | Posts: 243
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I am almost done making a rainbow blanket I started knitting for my first born. When She died I gave it up. But I am getting back into it. It was nearly done back then.
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07-29-2014 | Posts: 254
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I haven't started anything for baby #2 yet. I only made a few things for DD, but I was so sick with her. I did make her some crochet sandals that she wore like twice. Lol.
I need to finish a few baby gifts for other people... I'm an okay knitter, but a pretty quick crocheter, when ever my 9 month old lets me anyways.
I've got lots of baby yarns just begging to be used. DD is napping so I guess I'll work on something.
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07-29-2014 | Posts: 60
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I just got my yarn for the blanket yesterday! So hopefully I can finish this by January. I made one for my sister's baby last year and finished it about 3 months late, but I got a really late start. I think I should have enough time, if I make sure to knit when I have the chance instead of reading or wasting time looking up more patterns on ravelry!
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07-31-2014 | Posts: 254
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Yay! You can do it. It's surprising how much you can get done when you make a point to do a little every day.
One of the friends I'm working on a gift for is being induced tomorrow night...I'm glad its chunky yarn cuz I've got about 1/4 to go, and she wants me in the delivery room and I want to give it to her then.
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08-01-2014 | Posts: 339
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I'm planning to make wool diaper covers for at least rathe newborn stage, and I'd love to make one outfit! (Hat, sweater, booties). And lots of leggings. And leggings for me too, especially for late pregnancy when it's the middle of winter and only stretchy skirts will fit. I have all the yarn I could possibly need, just need to get on ravelry and figure out what I'm making!
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08-02-2014 | Posts: 60
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I'm making this:
liladancing's Avatar liladancing
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08-03-2014 | Posts: 243
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ajoye cool. Gonna stick with same colors. Is that a knit?
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08-04-2014 | Posts: 60
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Originally Posted by liladancing View Post
ajoye cool. Gonna stick with same colors. Is that a knit?
Yup - I only knit, never learned crochet (except making a single chain for a provisional cast on for knitting). It's all garter stitch, which can be kind of tedious, but I like the end result.
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08-04-2014 | Posts: 243
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I knit too.
OklaFarmMama's Avatar OklaFarmMama
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08-06-2014 | Posts: 254
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That is neat!

I got one gift finished, I need to make one more then I'll get to focus on my babies for a while. I have started some knitted booties for my baby, but it's a bit complex so I can't do it while I'm sleepy.
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08-08-2014 | Posts: 243
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I am jealous. I don't really know how to follow a pattern. I pretty much just make up whatever I am making. I always works out though. I guess I just haven't tried hard enough.
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08-09-2014 | Posts: 60
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I'm the kind of person who needs to follow instructions to make sure it's going to turn out ok. I'm not at all confident in my ability to make something up and have it look good, so I'm jealous of your ability to improvise! I'm the same way with cooking: I always need to follow a recipe.
OklaFarmMama's Avatar OklaFarmMama
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08-09-2014 | Posts: 254
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I'm in the middle. I can, and love to free hand crochet. But I have to have a pattern to knit.
I learned out to read patterns from a book that broke it down. I think it's called needle crafts or something, it's by better homes and garden.
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11-20-2014 | Posts: 254
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So at the pace I'm going I'm not sure when this blanket will get done. I did however just make a hat for my nephews Christmas gift within a day. I'm going to crochet some booties for this baby. And some more hats for Christmas gifts.

How is everyone else doing with their crafts?
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11-21-2014 | Posts: 60
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I am on the last stripe for my blanket, but I had to take a break. All that garter stitch was getting monotonous. So I knit a sweater - it's this one: I don't have any pictures of mine yet. It's all done except for the buttons. Probably a little bit big for a newborn - I just hope it's not the middle of summer when he finally grows into it!
I have at least one more sweater planned, and I'd like to do socks and leg warmers and hats as well. We'll see how far I get.
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11-24-2014 | Posts: 1,459
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I'm curious about something. How do you size knits for a baby that isn't born yet? I see all kinds of cute leggings & stuff on the diaper swappers for sale section but no idea what size to look for. Maybe I'll just have to wait for the next year? With our weather I can only use them maybe October or November through February or March.

Sent from my phone, please excuse typos.
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11-24-2014 | Posts: 60
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I just google baby size charts and also try to trust that the designer has sized their pattern appropriately. And obsessively read the ravelry comments so I can tell if others have found the pattern runs big or small or whatever. That's what led me to knit the sweater so large - everyone said it ran small, and based on my gauge and the size charts I was finding, I decided to knit the larger size. I guess I'll find out when he gets here just how off I was.
I'm in the same boat - limited season for knitwear here. We were having 90 degree days up through October this year, and the spring is always warm. I'm hoping everything I knit won't just start fitting once it gets too warm to wear!
OklaFarmMama's Avatar OklaFarmMama
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11-25-2014 | Posts: 254
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I've never really made clothes, just dog sweaters, baby blankets, booties, fingerless gloves, and scarves. I'm thinking about making a sweater for this baby tho.

I found and bought some patterns from Mamachee on etsy. I've made a Viking hat for my nephews Christmas gift. And 3 newborn hats in 3 days. The newborn ones only took about an hour each to make. I'll probably make some matching booties. But I really like her patterns because they are quick and easy.
I spent some time working on the knit blanket too.
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I finished the blanket I knitted for my daughter. That is about all I wanna do for now though. It is rainbow blanket and will fit a full size bed it turns out! I made up the pattern myself and used seed stitch. I stopped knitting for a long time (about a year) then finished it finally last month.
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