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writermama12 08-11-2014 12:35 PM

Weekly Chat 8/11-8/17
I had an apt with a naturopath today. I really like her, she is so smart and very well versed on current research on Lyme and knew a lot about diet. I have never met another person I could really talk to about food and how it effects the body, as no one I know irl besides DH cares as much as I do about preventing disease and degeneration (mainly because of my mother's terrible illnesses that I don't want to get).

Anyway, it was a very expensive appt and I don't think I'll be seeing her again for a long time, but she gave me some great tools and reminders about how to support my immune system and who to seek out to help treat the Lyme further. Mainly I left feeling quite good about myself and that I am doing all I can to have a healthy pregnancy. I am not crazy!! All the other "regular" doctor's I've seen have made me feel like an alien who trusts everything she reads on the internet and really knows NOTHING, but this dr made me feel like I knew my shit and was doing the right things. Makes me feel so much better.

My house is a crazy mess but I am too tired to clean it up. And I'm not very hungry lately either, but I am just about back to my pre-pregnancy weight and I am nervous about gaining too much or too quickly, but I'm trying not to obsess over it. I am trying hard to be quite chill over beginning my gain and I can hope and do my best to gain a reasonable amount this time. These are the things on mind.

writermama12 08-11-2014 04:41 PM

Oh, and did I mention I am going to see my baby via u/s on Wed!!!!!!! The hours pass so slowly. I can't wait to see it's little face and maybe its genitals, too!! It's all I've been daydreaming about.

GreenMamma 08-11-2014 09:38 PM

So exciting!! And I'm a little jealous. My anatomy u/s isn't until the 27th. I've been counting down the weeks. Is your hubby coming with you? For the first time, it looks like mine will not be there with me because of his work schedule. I'll have my younger two with me, but I'm not worried about that. Anyway, I'm going to bring him lunch after the appt. and I'm trying to think of some cute ways to tell him the sex of our babe when I see him. Any ideas, anyone?

shelley4 08-12-2014 10:53 AM

so i'm starting to wonder if i have an anterior placenta. i'm 17 weeks, i've felt some kicking, but not very often, and not very strong. this is my 4th pregnancy, and if i remember correctly, then i felt stronger kicks more often at this point last time. the first few times we tried to listen to the baby's heart beat (12 and 14 weeks), it was crazy hard to find... but we did. i know that can be a symptom of an anterior placenta as well. i've rented a doppler, and can find the heart beat more easily now, and we can hear lots of kicks, and the baby moves around ALOT... we often have to chase it around a bit. so if the baby is moving that much, i guess i wonder/worry why i'm not feeling it very often. is it just early and/or i'm not remembering clearly (my last pregnancy was 6.5 yrs ago..).

our ultrasound and next midwife appointment isn't until the 27th. i really just want to know that everything is fine, i guess.

neonalee 08-12-2014 11:20 AM

Well, our family life has finally calmed down. I recently got a bunch of maternity clothes that fit perfect from craigslist for $40. I got underwear. I'm drinking my red raspberry leaf tea, mostly remembering to take prenatals. Not throwing up LOL And I have some energy back.

Shelley - I'm at 16 weeks and haven't felt more than 1 kick. This is my second & I was sure I'd be feeling something by now, so I think I understand how you feel a little. I have an US later this week so I trying really hard to not think about it too much. I'm prone to anxiety and there's nothing I can do regardless, ya know? Hang in there & try not to assume the worst :Hug

Writermama, that's awesome! I've been in Vegas for 3 years and only found 1 doc that I like. It sucks.

Greenmama - could you wrap the food in "appropriately" (haha) colored wrappers? I'm not creative, that's all I have LOL

OklaFarmMama 08-12-2014 01:33 PM

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That is all wonderful to hear neonalee I sucked at remembering to take any vitamin, or avoided it all together because they made me feel bad. That's why I'm glad to have found the supplement I'm now on... You did remind me that I forgot to look for red raspberry leaf tea when I went shopping yesterday. Does it taste good? I have not got to try any yet, but I do like herbal teas.

Shelley I'm at 16w 6d, and I have yet to feel a "kick". I feel movement, but I think it's the whole baby rolling around in there. And I only feel that about 1 or 2 times a day. But it is every day that I feel at least a little something. So what your feeling sounds normal to me.

How exciting about the u/s's. I'm not sure when my next one will be, but I have my first really appointment with my midwife a week from today.
Greenmama something color related was all I could come up with.

Writermama I'm glad your appointment went good. Sometime Dr's make me feel dumb about simple things, so I can only imagine how they would be about something as complex as Lyme.

AFM I'm bored because DH went to bed later then normal and is not up yet. And I've already done 2 of the 3 things I was going to do today. Washed diapers (now drying) and a full yoga routine. Kinda proud of my self on that second one, because that's the first time I've done more then just a few poses in months.
Now DD is napping on me. When she wakes I'm going to start a real home cooked dinner. That's #3 on my list.
I've been feeling more energetic, and really enjoying setting goals (even simple ones) which is a total change from my first pregnancy.
Happy Tuesday everyone!

shelley4 08-13-2014 03:28 AM

thanks so much for the comments, i feel better now :D i'm not used to being so "paranoid" during pregnancy.. i think i'm more worried this time around because it's not my baby, and i know how devastated everyone would be if something went wrong :( BUT, we know that this baby is genetically healthy.. they tested all the embryos before and after freezing them, so at least we don't have worry about genetic problems like Down's, etc. just if this babykins is developing right... which it should be, i'm just totally psyching myself out, LOL. thanks for letting me vent :D

ajoye 08-13-2014 08:02 AM

I think I may have finally felt a tiny bit of movement a couple of days ago! It was very faint, but didn't feel at all like gas to me. Nothing since then, so now I'm wondering if it was wishful thinking. I'm 17 weeks but this is my first pregnancy (am I only one one here on my first?). I read that I might not really feel movement until 20 weeks - that sounds so far away! I have my anatomy scan on the 25th and I can't wait.

GreenMamma 08-13-2014 07:01 PM

I did it!! I passed my stats class! I'm a college graduate! Now on to my midwifery studies.
And last night I felt baby hiccups. So small, but definitely rhythmic enough to only be hiccups. :love

eternity9111 08-14-2014 01:41 AM


Originally Posted by ajoye (Post 17916602)
I think I may have finally felt a tiny bit of movement a couple of days ago! It was very faint, but didn't feel at all like gas to me. Nothing since then, so now I'm wondering if it was wishful thinking. I'm 17 weeks but this is my first pregnancy (am I only one one here on my first?). I read that I might not really feel movement until 20 weeks - that sounds so far away! I have my anatomy scan on the 25th and I can't wait.

Nope, This is my first pregnancy as well. I thought I felt something a week ago, but nothing since then :( I'll be 19 weeks on Saturday. On the good side I find out the sex in 8 more days!

Kita4 08-14-2014 08:27 AM

I don't know if I'm feeling movement or what. The doctor said I have a lot of fluid still... (what does that mean?). And I might not be feeling Dallas move yet. I don't feel kicks, butterflies, or whatnot. I feel rolls. These are much different than "gas" rolls, too. I am 19 weeks, but am starting to doubt myself :).

We had our anatomy scan yesterday. Everything seems to be great! Little man was very obvious about his genitals, but didn't really want to show his face very much. The tech had to spend a little time trying to coax him and get him to move his arms. He is so cute :). I can't wait to hold him!!!! :grin:

neonalee 08-14-2014 08:50 AM

OFM I started with Traditional Medicinals pregnancy tea with a tiny bit of honey. I personally like the taste but some do not. Once I knew I didn't hate it I went to the online bulk herb store (I think it's called that) and got their pregnancy blend. I think it's called mama tea or something. Not as good as the TM but less expensive. Last pregnancy I tried making my own blend but it was just one more thing to deal with & never got done.

Sorry, no more time for now

GreenMamma 08-14-2014 12:30 PM

Last night hubby felt baby kick! It was pretty awesome :love For those who haven't felt baby yet, it has to be soon! Though for anyone who has an anterior placenta (placenta positioned in the front of your belly), it may take until more like 24 weeks to feel routine movement. It is so nerve wracking waiting for those consistent movements, but definitely soon ladies!

writermama12 08-15-2014 12:08 PM

I've been offline for a while but I am popping in to tell you the fantastic news. My baby is healthy, strong, and looking good with a Labia!!!!! Yes, my fourth and final baby is finally a girl. I am over the moon. Can't really believe it yet and feel like the baby could still come out with a penis but I did go shopping (which I rarely ever do) and bought a couple of cute little things on consignment. My very first trip to get girl clothes. I went through my entire newborn and 3 mo stash and got rid of about 1/3 that was just way too boyish or stained. I am getting so excited and I've got like 22 more weeks!! It's gonna be hard to be patient.

invierna 08-15-2014 01:39 PM

i am so, so happy for you, @writermama12 ! b/c i know how you were yearning :) now, i'll just be waiting these next 22 weeks with you to find out what awesome name you give her...

ajoye 08-15-2014 07:35 PM

YAY @writermama12 !

neonalee 08-16-2014 08:13 AM

Yay writermama! This is only my second but I feel the same way. I wanted a girl the first time so very badly. There's no way I'm having another either. I keep adding girl things to my registry then going back a few days later, thinking how much I dislike pink, & removing then wondering what I was thinking lol

I had an US Thursday & got to see my little girl yawn. It was funny & a tiny bit creepy. They gave me a pic of that :-) also found out I DO have the placenta on the front, same as DS. I had forgotten about that. But then that night I think I felt her roll or something & some tiny muffled pops yesterday. DS keeps asking if he can feel her yet & I can't wait to tell him yes.

We had a bit of food poisoning wed & thur. Lots of vomiting & diarrhea. Just me & DH thankfully. We are fine now but I'm behind on work & need to catch up this weekend on a big project. It's a big transition in my career too so I can't let it drop. Exciting but a little stressful.

OklaFarmMama 08-16-2014 04:56 PM

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Loving all this good exciting news! And it's getting me excited to to find out the gender of this one...even though I don't have me next u/s set up yet.
This kiddo is sure active. I'm feeling him/her pretty often now. Even felt some movement from the outside one morning. It was like the baby was bouncing off the walls in there. Lol.

Kita as far as fluid goes, right now there is enough room and fluid that are little ones are pretty much swimming around. As they get bigger there is less room for extra fluid, and they are touching the walls more and more... I'm sure there is a more scientific way it sum it up, but that's the best I can do.

liladancing 08-17-2014 07:44 PM

I had a horrible dream last night and I woke up in the middle of the night. I was giving birth and I had a baby girl. When she was first born she started breathing but the doctor lady I have took her and she stopped breathing and needed to be shocked. Then she died and the doctor showed me inside her heart it was full if bugs that look like flies. Also the girls nose was strange looking. The nostrils had spaces in between them of air with pointy skin hanging down. Hard to describing. This dream scared me and made me worry for my baby boy I am carrying now.

writermama12 08-18-2014 07:46 AM

Oh Liladancing, that IS a scary horrible dream. But it is just a dream nonetheless. Of course, It totally makes sense that you might be having a lot of unresolved fears and doubts come up with this pregnancy. But there is no reason to think anything should be wrong with your sweet son, not unless there is real medical proof. So breathe and rest and try to take a moment to connect with him and talk to him. That might just help reassure you. And if not, you do have that cool Doppler your Mother bought, right?

Neonalee, Funny about the clothing battle you are going through in your head. I bet I might suffer a little form it too. DH refuses to let anyone dress up this baby like she's a doll, and no pink or frills. And I agree (mostly) but I also want the freedom to enjoy dressing her, and so the battle inside me begins. Sorry about the food poisoning, that sounds awful!!!

I just had another prenatal apt and it turns out I have partial placenta previa. We are going to have another scan in two months to see if it moves away form my cervix. My midwife said not to be too concerned unless I begin spotting/bleeding, which can be really dangerous and would demand bedrest. I haven't read anything about it yet, but I am inclined to just take it one notch easier so that I don't aggravate or cause any problems. I mean, I don't *want* to start spotting and then have issues. But I am going to look it up first before changing my lifestayle at all. Basiclaly, I had planned to dig holes & plant like 20 hostas in my garden today, but might hold off until I figure out if that is okay.

We decided to tell people the sex of the baby (although I originally didn't want to) and it has actually been fun. People are REALLY excited for us, way more than I thought they'd be. Yay! I am still glowing from the news.

containmultitudes 12-15-2014 10:41 PM

Writermama, can you share more with me about your experience with Lyme disease? I have some reason to think I may have contracted it a few years ago, but didn't realize what it was or get treated at all due to being uninformed. This was long before I became pregnant. But I'm concerned that I have it and it will affect my baby. So what's your experience? What did the naturopath have to say?

writermama12 12-27-2014 07:41 PM

Containmultitudes, lets PM about it! Or start a new thread?? I can share what I've learned, and I'd encourage you to do a whole lot of reading up before birth if you still have time. There are some concerning things to look for and treat in the new born, but you have to have a doc willing to listen and that takes time to find.

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