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yollie 10:18 PM 08-10-2014
I've been really sleepy and hungry. A little bit of acne flare-ups here and there. MS hasn't showed up yet. Yay!!!! Overall, I'm feeling pretty good.

alittlemischief's Avatar alittlemischief 02:24 AM 08-11-2014
Feeling pretty good here too - only real 'symptom' is having tender boobs (when running up the stairs/ in the shower/ when squashed) I don't feel like I can moan- in fact if take morning sickness on right now just to feel like the pregnancy was real
youngsoul's Avatar youngsoul 07:17 AM 08-11-2014
Same over here! Tender breasts (nursing hurts again!) and that's about it. I feel like the nausea started earlier last time but I have no proof (my memory certainly isn't proof, lol)
serena76's Avatar serena76 09:07 AM 08-11-2014
I'm just a little tired. My ms started about 6-8weeks last time and didn't stop till she was born, so not really looking forward to that lol 😏
Clem's Avatar Clem 09:22 AM 08-11-2014
Not as dog tired like I was with the first, but have light ms....I didn't have it last time. It's not 'barf' sick, it's just waves of feeling a little gross and queasy. Still breastfeeding, but started night weaning . Breasts feel deflated! nips are SO sore. Otherwise, feeling sprightly .....and emotional!
missmary041085's Avatar missmary041085 12:07 PM 08-11-2014
Was doing really well until last night when the MS kicked in. Gagging on life today. Lol. My spirits are high though. As an interesting note, I can feel my uterus this time around. I was crampy all through the first trimester with DS and it's the same, but I also feel random flutters like a twitchy (not painful) muscle. I'm constantly aware of it. I was not so aware of it the first go around.
mrsbonjangles's Avatar mrsbonjangles 02:13 PM 08-11-2014
I haven't had any ms yet either; though I had none with my previous pregnancies either. Honestly if I hadn't taken a pregnancy test i wouldn't know I was pregnant; it kind of worries me but reassuring to hear others are experiencing the same. I am a lot more tired I suppose; but that could be from chasing two other kids around to lol I think I'm having more emotional symptoms than physical; just worried I guess? I just want to get past the first trimester so I can feel more at ease.
aeterna's Avatar aeterna 04:11 PM 08-11-2014
Starving. Craving meat! (Have/had some anxiety and depression prior to this pg and am at historically low - though not medically concerning -weight, so that's awesome!) Tired, crashing early. Tender breasts, I've been feeling HOT! And very emotional, not that I'm surprised by that anymore.
chickweed 05:47 AM 08-12-2014
Tender breasts, loose stool, some crazy painful bloating (although thats a LOT better now than it was a few days ago). No MS yet, although I don't expect it for a few weeks. Been so hungry though! I can't eat enough food! I'm worried I'm gonna gain a ton of weight early on because of it, but have also been trying to eat better (more fruit/veg) so its not like I'm packing in the calories.
Wolf359 10:51 AM 08-12-2014
I've been so sleepy and surprisingly hungry!
MommyRuth's Avatar MommyRuth 09:04 AM 08-13-2014
Feeling sleepy here, too. A little mild ms, but totally not bad. It's still early, though. I didn't have any ms with my oldest, them had it with my youngest from 6 weeks till 12ish weeks, but at this point I would love more symptoms to make it seem more real. At the same time, I'm trying to take advantage of feeling ok to have fun with my kids while I can. I've been emotional and a little short with dh, but really trying not to act crabby. Also having hot flashes and my sense of smell is definitely heightened!
time4latte's Avatar time4latte 11:05 AM 08-13-2014
Super tired, hungry, boobs are tender, bloated, dizzy when getting up too quickly (thank you increased blood flow) and I've just started having my tummy feel off, but no real nausea. My first I lost 10 lbs first trimester puking constantly from waking until noon, my second I lost 4 pounds, puked only once and that hit me at 6 weeks, which would be Saturday.
MyFillingQuiver's Avatar MyFillingQuiver 03:11 PM 08-13-2014
I've had a lot of nausea thus far, but nothing that stops me in my tracks. I've never thrown up in any pregnancy, and I know how fortunate I am, as a good friend has HG until birth. I'm tired, but staying busy with the children each day, and keeping up on things helps to distract from that until they are all in bed, and then I am a slug, ha!

I'm just thankful to be here, and pregnancy is so amazing, so I'll take all the symptoms for the prize!

I hope you mama's all have wonderful pregnancies with very manageable symptoms!
chickweed 06:57 AM 08-14-2014
So I've started to have some abdominal pain and I don't know if its normal or not. Its on the lower right side of my pelvic area, and if I'm sitting or laying the wrong way and do something like laugh it sends this shooting pain that goes away after a few seconds. My partner is assuring me its probably normal, my body is doing some wacky things and its going to give me new scary feelings. But I'm concerned it means something more serious. Could this be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy? It doesn't hurt all the time, just sporadically and briefly, but its always the same spot. Or is it just things being moved out of the way and starting to get a little jostled?

I have my first midwife appt on Monday, just was hoping to have some guidance to get through the weekend.
MyFillingQuiver's Avatar MyFillingQuiver 07:40 AM 08-14-2014

Of course if the pain is terribly bad, it should be checked out by your midwife. It does sound like round ligament pain, however. RL's begin being stretched very early as the uterus expands to accommodate all that is growing inside! They generally hurt fairly severely and happen with sudden position changes, or even with a laugh or cough.

Ectopic pregnancies generally have building pain that is rather constant, and from those I know, the onset of pain to the finale of pain (rupture) there is no denying it or ignoring it and it only gets greater. Generally it also feels like intense constipation as well, and spotting is usually involved.

I am sure yours is RL pain, and I hope you have wonderful assurance at your appointment! Blessings!
yollie 08:30 AM 08-14-2014
Chickweed, I'm praying everything is ok for you. Sending happy dust your way!!!!!
Silverbird's Avatar Silverbird 09:14 AM 08-14-2014
I'm completely different each day. Some days sooo sick, others fine. Some soo hungry, others fine. Some I'm so tired I feel like I've been hit over the head by a shovel others I have loads of energy! And what I do seems to have little effect (though eating frequently helps with the nausea). Also peeing and farting a lot
youngsoul's Avatar youngsoul 11:35 AM 08-14-2014
lol, Silverbird.
I'm finally feeling slightly icky today. Happy about that. :-) Yesterday I had to hold my breath the entire time I was in the bagel shop because the smell of garlic was making me gag. Another first trimester (and incredibly annoying) symptom that I've noticed in my previous pregnancies has arrived - complete and utter laziness. I just have no motivation whatsoever. ugghhhh with 2 kids it's impossible to be lazy
time4latte's Avatar time4latte 08:10 PM 08-14-2014
Originally Posted by youngsoul View Post
lol, Silverbird.
I'm finally feeling slightly icky today. Happy about that. :-) Yesterday I had to hold my breath the entire time I was in the bagel shop because the smell of garlic was making me gag. Another first trimester (and incredibly annoying) symptom that I've noticed in my previous pregnancies has arrived - complete and utter laziness. I just have no motivation whatsoever. ugghhhh with 2 kids it's impossible to be lazy
I know what you are talking about! I knew when the time came, I would be planning freezer meals and eating off paper plates for a month or so.
time4latte's Avatar time4latte 08:55 PM 08-14-2014
Random major diarrhea with gas, bloating, and a really noisy system. Normal or should I worry?
MyFillingQuiver's Avatar MyFillingQuiver 07:30 AM 08-15-2014
Originally Posted by time4latte View Post
Random major diarrhea with gas, bloating, and a really noisy system. Normal or should I worry?
Ah, the digestive system is in complete disarray! I have the same stuff going on...

I know it is worrisome, as constipation is always talked about being the star of the BM show in early pregnancy...but for me, it's usually the opposite. I did read somewhere that increased progesterone can do that, and sudden digestive sensitivities during early pregnancy.
mrsbonjangles's Avatar mrsbonjangles 11:14 AM 08-15-2014
Maybe TMI but my CM or VD is out of control, I keep running to the bathroom because I think I'm spotting or bleeding everytime I feel it pouring out; it's starting to drive me a little bonkers lol
serena76's Avatar serena76 03:00 PM 08-15-2014
I totally had the crazy BM last pregnancy, everything I read said I'd get constipated, but my system was like I had food poisoning for 3 weeks!

My ms is gonna show up soon, the nausea and retching started this morning and had lasted all day. I was hoping for an easier pregnancy this time.
tm0sweet's Avatar tm0sweet 12:17 PM 08-16-2014
My first pregnancy symptom is always a single, long, dark hair on my areola. Cute, right? So I always test as soon as I pluck that sucker! Otherwise I've had some light ms, trouble sleeping, exhaustion/laziness, my hips are feeling a little loosey goosey and acne. Gosh I was hoping to avoid the acne this time around :-/ it's hard to feel like a glowing pregnant goddess when I look like a broken out teenager!
Silverbird's Avatar Silverbird 03:03 PM 08-16-2014
I've been wondering about constipation. I'm still going a couple of times a day but I used to go three or four times a day. I've been having cramps and farting and wondering if I could have a level of constipation even if I'm still going?
MommyRuth's Avatar MommyRuth 05:27 PM 08-16-2014
The nausea has really hit me today. I've felt sick on and off all day. 5 weeks 1 day!
time4latte's Avatar time4latte 07:05 PM 08-16-2014
Some feeling off and sure enough this morning the nausea began. No puking, no feeling like I might puke, but definitely nausea. I puked from sun up to noon with my first, took tons of Zofran, and lost 10 lbs. With my second I felt seriously off and only puked once. Maybe I will have it a little easier this time, or maybe it's just not in full swing yet.
youngsoul's Avatar youngsoul 08:35 AM 08-17-2014
I seem to be having a much easier time with this pregnancy than the previous two, and I'm not sure if that should make me nervous or I'm getting an early ultrasound on Tuesday (at 7 weeks) just to be sure all's well because I hardly feel pregnant. :-/ But I've made peace already with whatever outcome we find. No use for tons of anxiety over things we absolutely cannot control!
teegan db's Avatar teegan db 11:20 AM 08-18-2014
Mostly the same as the first pregnancy: tired, super hungry (I gained 8 lb in the first trimester last time), super thirsty. I've also had some lower back/pelvic achiness going on, nothing too bad, but noticeable.
A little weepiness. A little trouble falling back asleep if I wake up (or if a little boy needing to pee in the potty wakes me up) in the middle of the night.
No MS (none last time, and my mother didn't have any with her pregnancies, either), thank goodness. Enough symptoms that I have no doubts about being pregnant, but nothing too inconvenient.
BelleCreole's Avatar BelleCreole 09:09 AM 08-19-2014
Greetings here!

I got my confirmation this morning that we're welcoming our second child after 8 years. As far as symthoms...nothing crazy yet. Just sleeping more and having these vivid dreams. As far as food, not really feeling craving for meats. I've been more into vegetables. As for my breast....they're fuller than usual. But everything else is awesome.

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