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patience7's Avatar patience7 03:27 AM 07-31-2009
Hi! I am brand new here!
We have been trying to conceive for 7 months now and chart very consistently. I have always taken oral temps, but today I got a lower temp than I thought I should (I am 6 days post ovulation) so I took it vaginally just to see. Well, it was higher so now I am wondering if I should be taking them vaginally.
Also, if I do begin taking them vaginally, is it going to mess up my chart? Should I wait and begin vaginal temps next month or can I start now? I wouldn't be so quick to jump to this, but I recently had a thermometer that was reading really low and switched to the one I use now.

Just wondering if anyone had some input, ideas or been there/done that advice. Thanks in advance!!!

MaerynPearl's Avatar MaerynPearl 03:32 AM 07-31-2009
always start at cd1 when changing anything.

i started vaginally temping a month and half ago (im halfway through this cycle) and found it to be a MUCH more reliable indicator as sometimes i sleep with my mouth open and that cools down my temp. Also, if I have a stuffy nose I am not struggling to breathe while temping!
ann_of_loxley's Avatar ann_of_loxley 05:31 AM 07-31-2009
I have - out of interest - tempted both! lol...and found my vaginal temp to be the exact same as my oral temp. Normally I prefer to temp orally - I rarely sleep with my mouth open and rarely have a stuffy nose these days - but if anything is against my oral temp, I am confident in temping vaginally instead.
kalamos23's Avatar kalamos23 11:30 AM 07-31-2009
I temp vaginally and found it really stabilizes my temps which is really nice bc Im still nursing and the times are somewhat random.
patience7's Avatar patience7 11:36 AM 07-31-2009
Maybe I will try doing them both for the remainder of this month, then start with just vaginal temps next cycle. I did both again this morning and there is about a .2 difference between them.
Thanks for the replies and ideas!!
baileyb's Avatar baileyb 11:01 AM 01-24-2012

Sorry to jump in. Just been searching thru some temping threads. I was wondering if taking temp vaginally will be more accurate if I sleep with an extra blanket occasionally. I am wondering because I did sleep with an extra blanket a few times in the past couple weeks and am wondering if that is what is giving me some strange spikes. I keep bouncing up to 97.7 and then down to 97.2 the next day...about 3 times now....the last 2 days I have been at 97.4 and 97.3. I am at the end of my cycle so maybe my hormones were just trying to stabilize.