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kwoodchuck's Avatar kwoodchuck 03:06 AM 08-06-2009
Hi Mamas,

So, my DD#1 is 16 months and still BFing like mad. I give her opportunity to eat solids at least 3x a day. I still don't have AF back, and am wondering if I can safely take any herbs to try to encourage it, and try for LO#2.

I know, I can just 'take out one nursing a day' or something, but I am a big believer in nursing on cue and she is even more into nursing lately than just a couple of months ago. I just don't want to wean her on 'my' terms just to get preggo again, but then again, I'd like to get going on her sibling!

Many thanks for any advice.

homebirthy's Avatar homebirthy 03:53 AM 08-06-2009
I suggest Maca. Also, the usual nettles and red raspberry leaf. Also stay very nourished- check out Weston A. Price Foundation for suggestions for nursing moms...

The cod liver oil, imo, is a must!

Good luck!
juleslane's Avatar juleslane 10:47 AM 08-06-2009
I was in feeling this same way just two months ago. MY dd is almost a year, and nursing exclusively too. However, since she has two big sisters to follow around all day, she's not that interested during the day, and cut out one of her day time feedings pretty much on her own. She was just too worried about what her sisters were doing!
Around that same time of dropping one feeding(a short one anyway), I started Vitex. That seemed to do the trick! Within a week, I started having signs. It took almost a month to the day before I finally ovulated, and I just got my first PPAF 4 days ago::

I have also since started taking Maca, and B6 as well, to lengthen my LP.

Good luck, and welcome!