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patience7's Avatar patience7 07:00 PM 08-11-2009

I am new here. I have a 2 1/2 y. old and have been trying to conceive #2 for about 7 months now.
I took an early pregnancy test and got a finally got a positive this month. So, I am about 3 weeks along right now (haven't even called my midwife yet) but I started some bleeding today. It is not that heavy at this point, actually really light. But I think that this is too late for implantation bleeding. Does anyone have some info or advice for me?
I am just worried and sad. Thanks in advance.

jenger's Avatar jenger 07:04 PM 08-11-2009
I have no advice, just wanna give you a hug.

No idea, but I hope it's just a little spotting!

Maybe it's time to call your midwife?
patience7's Avatar patience7 07:15 PM 08-11-2009
Thanks for the reply,

I did call. They aren't in on Tuesdays, and as I am not set up with them as an existing patient (I just know who I plan on using) I don't feel like I should call the emergency/I'm having my baby number. I tried another office that has a good reputation and am hoping that they will call back.
Furrow's Avatar Furrow 07:20 PM 08-11-2009
No personal experience with this but to you. I hope it's over soon. I have heard that implantation spotting generally occurs close to your expected AF time, so if you have just gotten an early +, I'd say that's right on time.
missme's Avatar missme 07:22 PM 08-11-2009

Spotting is not abnormal in pregnancy. It may be okay...I hope you get to talk to a midwife soon.
Bri'sgirl's Avatar Bri'sgirl 01:16 AM 08-12-2009
I had about 4 days (or around that) of bleeding after I found out I was pregnant with #2. I didn't get a bfp until the day after AF was due and it was another 1-2 weeks after that when I started to bleed. My MW told me to take it easy for a couple of weeks, to quit my exercise routine (cardio kick-boxing) and not lift anything very heavy. I now have a very healthy 3 1/2 yo. I hope you can get into the office soon.
patience7's Avatar patience7 08:22 PM 08-12-2009
Thanks everyone,
I got in today and am doing an HCG level just to see. If it is high enough, we will do the second one in 48 hours. I had no bleeding, spotting, nothing with my first so this is really nerve racking.

Thanks again!