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roxanne1973's Avatar roxanne1973 05:07 PM 10-05-2009
Hi ladies,
I am new to mothering.com forums...so please let me know if I need to repost this elsewhere. :-) anyway...I miscarried on Sept 9 (natural at 6 weeks), hcg finally reached zero on Sept 24. On the 25/26, I had EWCM and was feeling unusually frisky...my dh and I had ups that night too. (the unusually intense friskiness is often a sure sign something is going on with me hormonally) I had weird cramping all week afterwards, not painful, just felt like I generally do right before af comes (bloaty and tired, and in a terrible mood) Then, this weekend, just for grins, I used an opk, and the lines were pretty equal in color. Now, my question here is...is it at all possible that I could ovulate so soon after my miscarriage? I am assuming that hcg equalling zero woild be the last day of it.


MaerynPearl's Avatar MaerynPearl 05:15 PM 10-05-2009
Your next cycle does not start at hCG 0 post miscarriage. Personally, my miscarriage was at 13 weeks... and I had my next period 4 weeks after my first day of heavy loss.

It just depends on when your body decides it is no longer pregnant and decides to go back into fertile mode.

What it sounds like is you Oed possibly about 2 weeks after your miscarriage (totally normal timing) and that OPK could possibly be positive due to pregnancy considering if you ovulated on the 25th, today would be 10dpo.

I suggest trying a pregnancy test. If it is negative, you can consider that you Oed this weekend (which seems late to me, after such an early miscarriage)
roxanne1973's Avatar roxanne1973 02:52 PM 10-06-2009
Thank you so much for your reply! I did take a hpt this morning (first response early result) and it was neg. Feels like af is preparing to visit too...I have a pretty perfect 14 day luteal phase so I am probably right on target (I tend to have very long cycles but very defibite O, so its pretty easy to keep track). I am also goin in for a follow up blood draw tomorrow, so I will know for sure by then.