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True or False: Alcohol and Implantation?

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I remember reading somewhere that alcohol consumption can interfere with implantation. Is there any truth to this? And how concerned would you be with it? I'm only asking because DH and I had gift-wrapping plans with Captain Morgan this evening, but we can uninvite him if necessary.
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My personal experience... my perfectly healthy DD.

I got very drunk (not even just a little alcohol, like an amount I would never suggest another person drink) and found out 2 days later at 6dpo that I was pregnant.

My doctor said no worries, the alcohol will do nothing to the pregnancy until the placenta forms.

My thought:

You know how many many many many women find out they are pregnant shortly after having night out drinking?

My opinion:

Have one, or a few even. Enjoy yourself, this will be your last time doing so. Just do not go overboard!
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Thanks, Mae. I know--lots of women drink (surely more than I) and still have happy, healthy conceptions & pregnancies...I guess now that I'm on my 3rd pp cycle with no BFP, I'm starting to feel overly aware of every little change in my body...or like if I followed *every* rule in the book, I'd get pregnant by default or something.
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unfortunately thats not true cuz if so many many many women would be pregnant around here....

however, it IS true that half the time a woman tries and tries and finally takes a cycle off of following all the rules and breaks a few and POOF she is pregnant!
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I had a martini, just one, the weekend before I found out I was pregnant. I talked myself out of being pregnant. "Oh I won't be pregnant yet, we just started trying." Turned out I am. Haven't had any troubles so far, no spotting or anything and a strong heartbeat.
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Well, here's some more anecdotal evidence.

If alcohol will prevent implantation then I need an exorcist or an paranormal specialist or something to come tell me what is trying to kick its way out of my stomach!

I conceived on July 15th. I drank a fair amount that week, and then we went to the beach and I stayed relatively tipsy for that whole week. I had taken a pregnancy test right before the beach and it was a BFN, so I assumed I wasn't pregnant. Got the BFP the day I got home.
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To be 100% honest... Im pretty sure I Oed yesterday. I have GREAT timing. Im still going to drink next week. Why? Because if I dont and I turn out not pregnant I will feel like crap. But if I do and I turn out pregnant, Ive already had a doctor (and a lot of research of my own) tell me that it is fine before you miss your period.
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i think the thing you need to look out for and avoid is getting dehydrated, that will affect a cycle in a lot of ways. the body goes into survival mode and might think now is not the best time.
i do agree that simply having alcohol in your system is not a big worry, PP is correct in pointing out that there is not blood connection between you and the babe for a few weeks.
So the question is just about implanting and that is probably a general health thing, So i would make sure to keep it in balance just like everything and drink 2 glasses of water for every shot, or glass or liquor.
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I agre with the above posters. A few drinks is not a big deal and once you get that BFP the fun is over so you may as well enjoy yourself. I dont mean all the fun is over btw. Just the drinks. lol.

The month I got pregnant with my first child, my DH was doing training out of town. So I ditched all my rules because we were only going to be able to dtd like 3 days before I o'd. I didnt think i was going to get pregnant. I went to a wedding out of town in my 2ww and got quite tipsy. I got home a few days later and tested and got a BFP. In my case it was the one month we were not trying very hard that I got pregnant. So relax and have a good time with your DH.
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Originally Posted by Lydiah View Post
So relax and have a good time with your DH.
The best advice to almost any question!
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I think this may be what you are thinking of:
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I am about 17 weeks and we conceived (well, I ovulated) about 3 days into an 8 day vegas trip... there was barely a sober minute involved for either of us-- though we'd been pretty good up till then and were using the trip as a last hurrah (not that we actually really thought we'd conceive was our first attempt). I had a glass of wine the night we got home and that was my last drink
I can't really vouch for the quality of the baby for another few months, though
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I had heard that a glass of red wine helps with implantation... well it worked for me! I had been trying not to drink at all during the tww and then I said, screw it, it's memorial day weekend, had the glass (or two) around 5-8 dpo and lo and behold, pregnant.
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Hi all! I'm new to the group. I have a few questions.... What is DH, 6dpo, BFP, 2ww???
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Originally Posted by LilLow View Post

Hi all! I'm new to the group. I have a few questions.... What is DH, 6dpo, BFP, 2ww???

DH - darling husband

6dpo - six days past ovulation

BFP - big fat positive (preggo test)

2WW - two week wait (the wait between ovulation and you period)


Hope that helps!  I am fairly new to these forums too, once you start figuring a few abbreviations out then they all start making sense!

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Thank you so much! I actually thiught i knew a couple, turns out I did!
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This thread gives me hope because I could really use a glass of wine (or 3). greensad.gif
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I was worried about this exact same thing. I'm only 4 DPO and my Fiance and I enjoy wine occasionally and I really thought about having a glass (or 3) to take the edge off from work and our 12 year old is going thru the ultimate Tween-age stage LOL,  but was afraid it would affect implantation since I have some symptoms as of this morning. But this helped a lot!! I was starting to feel guilty about the glasses I have had already. LOL

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