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SoCaliMommy 01-31-2010 10:47 PM

The plan for February

Waiting to be Ready
*arianascrunchymama ~

Waiting to Catch the First PP Egg!

Waiting to O
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lifeguard 02-01-2010 12:19 AM

Guess I'm unrealistic but I was SO hopeful that nightweaning would magically bring af back. It's been over a month & absolutely no sign at all that anything is happening. I've given up charting cm & cervical position 'cause it's all over the place & I have ewcm frequently. I have never so badly wanted af!!

I hope we see even more bfp's in February!!!

beautyonthebeach83 02-01-2010 01:01 AM

WOO-HOO!!!!!!!! Congrats Narn! I had a good feeling about you! Let's hope I'm right about my own good feeling as well. Hoping for BFPs all around this month. I am about 5 dpo today and having LOTS of familiar symptoms. DH is convinced we caught the egg, but we'll see. I forgot how looong the 2ww is!

Yuba_River 02-01-2010 03:21 AM

Thanks for the new thread!

babygrey 02-01-2010 05:03 AM

beautyonthebeach83- fx for you! I'm impatient for all the 2wws we have going on!

lifeguard- I so understand where you're coming from. I was completely zen about this whole thing until my DD started STTN (okay, 6-7hours, but hey). Then I got my first ppaf and since then I'm just completely dying for normalcy and AF! hope it happens for you soon!

congrats again Nara! What a lovely end to our Jan thread

babymango- re: my chart. I agree. I'm not sure I O'd. In fact, none of the other symptoms match up and I kinda agree with you. So, you're not bursting my bubble. I've just never gotten crosshairs before so I was kinda excited

Tara- Honestly, I thought of you this morning when I got crosshairs and I thought of your chart and remembered to not get my hopes too high. I really, really hope O comes for you soon.

xtara2003x 02-01-2010 08:49 AM

So Cali Mom~ Thanks for the new thread!!!

zwitterion~ My CF definitely became less fertile lately......yesterday was a mix b/t creamy and watery but more creamy I think.....haven't checked today yet.

I have a really hard time figuring out this whole cervix thing. Sometimes I think I have it..and other times I have no clue! Ugh!!!!

Narn~ AWESOME on the BFP!!!!!!!!!! Maybe you will give the rest of us some luck too!!

CrunchyKatie~ I don't know why you had spotting either! I never had spotting. I only spot when AF is coming or leaving!

Baby grey~ I'm not sure you O'd either.....but with TTCing you never know until days later! Agh! How much does that stink sometimes!? I hope you did!!!

Tara2~ Hoping O comes for you very soon!! It is SO hard to wait!

KingsDaughter76~ YAH for cross hairs!!!!!!!!!


As far as I go...well let's just say I don't know WTH is going on! I've NEVER experienced this so far.....seriously I'm so confused ladies!

I had another fairly "normal" temp this morning (at 5am- I was laying in bed thinking about this so I just woke up...even though I don't normally get up til around 8!!!) however if you look at my chart you can clearly see a slow rise starting to happen.

Anyone a slow riser? Lol! We WERE able to BD tonight...but we are done. Done done done in that department. I mean I had a positive OPK on Saturday!!!....and yet still no temp. spike! Is having a slow rise after ovulation a problem? Could it have anything to do with the herbs I started taking?

I mean I seriously had classic O signs on Saturday when I got the pos. OPK. Bloating, cramping, tender breasts/sore nipples, I even was nauseous here and there and extremely tired (which could both be unrelated but still). Sunday I had a change in was more creamy than it had been, and no bloating or cramping or anything. Also got a neg. OPK. And now today...still no temp rise?....yet it clearly looks like a slow rise....

Ugh...feeling a bit discouraged because there is no way we can BD anymore this cycle...we are too tired out! *sigh*

Guess I'll try to get back to sleep since DD is still sleeping (in her own bed none the less-wow!!).

JessieBird 02-01-2010 09:12 AM

Um...raising hand sheepishly, she says quietly...BFP

9 dpo, I peed on a strip first thing this morning then instantly regretted it. I left it while I had my shower and fed the dog, etc. Then I saw the line. A faint line but a line. It was hard to tell if there was pink in it. It was past the time limit but not by much though. I hadn't had anything to drink so I decided to force myself to pee and test again. This time I watched. The line came up after only 3 minutes, as soon as the streaking was gone. It's super faint but it's definitely there, no squinting or going from room to room trying different lightbulbs. It's there.

I guess I'm in shock. I feel really quiet and calm. Can't find the words to tell DH just yet. My temps are low and my longest LP since ppaf was 9 dpo so I'm nervous. With DS, I just knew everything would be fine (despite a previous chemical) and I hope that feeling comes soon this time.

I have to go to work now.

Sorry not to read or reply to this morning's posts. I will later, promise. Hope this news gives hope enough to make up for my rudeness!

CrunchyKatie 02-01-2010 10:34 AM

Congratulations to Narn!!! Way to sneak in there at the end

JessieBird - Yayyy!!! My fingers are crossed for you!

Tara - As far as I can tell things are looking great for you. Temp is moving up, + OPK, and BD at the right times... Now for the favorite part... 2ww.

Lifeguard - I am sooo with you. I haven't even come close to nightweaning, but I was pretty sure solids was going to do something, you know? With my first I think my PPAF came around 9 or 10 months (My DD is 8.5 months now) and I didn't nightwean until wayyyyy after that.

As for me I am foolishly looking forward to being able to agonize in the 2WW with you guys. Still no new signs happening with my body so far this morning. If I had a test I'd take it even though I know it'd be negative. I feel completely not pregnant. Spotting got me all worked up, but I will still have to wait. I think it could mean that my body is trying to get warmed up. Looking forward to my hubby coming home so we an dtd anyway, it has been a couple of weeks now!

kikaaaso 02-01-2010 11:23 AM

Congratulations Jessiebird..I hope you see another darker bfp next testing!! Congratulations Narn!!!

Thank you for starting a new thread!!

As for me..I am on dpo11 today..yeah!! My longest lp since ppaf showed was 7 I am sooo happy for that. I did test on dpo 9 with a cheapy and it was negative..but evapish..and I hate evaps!! So..I am just going to wait it out and see if af shows up..if it doesn't by Thursday I will test again with a better test!! My lower back has been achy since dpo8..not sure if that is a sign or not, but I am of course hopeful!!

I hope we get a lot of BFP's this month!!

SoCaliMommy 02-01-2010 12:13 PM

Updated List To Here

Congrats Narn & Jessiebird

Lifeguard~ Good luck with the nightweaning. I would love to nightwean but dont think it'd work, my son is way way too attached to nursing at night still.

kikaaaso~ Fingers Crossed

CrunchyKatie~ Fingers Crossed

I'm 14dpo and not feeling very positive anymore about this cycle, AF is due today, tested this morning and it was --

rcr 02-01-2010 12:29 PM

Congrats Narn and Jessiebird! What a great way to start off a new thread.

Hope this is my month! I get more and more frustrated every month.

Should O sometime this weekend - my monitor says that I will on sunday. Hope I do, since DH will be home on Friday (he is gone all week).

Thanks for the new thread socal!

beautyonthebeach83 02-01-2010 12:37 PM

YAY JessieBird! Just so you know, with DS I temped on the morning of expected AF and cried when my temp was low. I had given up hope. But since AF was a no-show I went ahead and tested and got 7 BFPS! 7! And obviously it went well because I have my DS. Good luck and sticky vibes!

Kikaaaso, I hope that's a good sign for you!! I have had an achy back since 4 dpo. I am only 6 dpo now, and I stupidly tested this morning anyway. (Hey, I've got ICs to spare so why not?) BFN of course. I am jealous of your 11 dpo! lol! I am so horribly impatient.

Rcr, XTara, Babygrey, Crunchy, SoCali...good luck to all! Fingers and toes crossed!

Babygrey, I feel dumb asking, but what is "fx"? Is that symptoms? I am still getting acquainted with all of these abbreviations.

Oh and this is overdue, but thanks for the new thread SoCali.

tropacana 02-01-2010 12:37 PM

hello everyone .. happy feb!! We are at 16 months and one week.. and no first ppaf. I have given up thinking about it.. and have convinced myself im going to be the type that will get it back at like 27 months. Me and my husband are totally on the same page that we dont want to wean or try to do anything to "bring it on" (even though i have thought about it a million times).. as DD needs are just as important. I have noticed this month that i have alot of cm (very lotiony)... whereas for the last 15 months i haven't had any.. so who knows. perhaps its gearing up.. or not lol. Anyways, im still trying to catch the first egg.. but have no ewcm - like before my daughter was born. I am suppose in this journey.. im shocked that DD at 16 months still nurses like a newborn... its no wonder i havent gotten it back.

beautyonthebeach83 02-01-2010 12:44 PM

Ohh nevermind, I figured it out, Fx=fingers crossed, right? lol

Tropacana, I hope AF shows for you soon! I say kudos to you for being patient and letting DD wean herself; I was fortunate enough that AF showed up despite nursing, but if she hadn't DH and I felt the same way. As much as a #2 would be awesome, our sweet baby comes before our dreams of TTC. Many hugs to you.

zwitterion 02-01-2010 01:17 PM

Thanks for the new thread, SoCaliMommy! I'm so sorry about your BFN.

Jessiebird - Congrats!!!

Good luck to everyone in the TWW and to everyone feeling blue--it seems like a lot of us are down in the dumps lately.

I had my appointment today. The doctor was not dismissive of charting but had no interest in looking at my charts. He really didn't tell me anything I didn't already know, which basically culminated in the fact that unless I want some sort of birth control to regulate my cycles, I'm going to have to wean or wait (and he certainly wasn't pushing weaning). He did draw blood for a thyroid test, though. I've always been on the low end of normal, but I really don't think that's the issue here. At least he's doing something, though.

And as for my fertility, my signs are going more and more infertile, so it looks like I won't be ovulating for a while. Maybe I was gearing up to really do it like I thought I was and then my awful cold postponed it. If so, I hope it wasn't postponed for long!

KingsDaughter76 02-01-2010 02:05 PM

Congrats JessieBird!!

*Hugs* to everyone else feeling bummed....just remember it ain't over till it's over and AF shows up!

AFM: 4 dpo- temp went up pretty high today so feeling good about that! Praying it means something is a brewin'.... I would love to have a baby on my birthday! *FX*!!
I will probably start my progesterone tomorrow evening- just wanted to see my temps up on their own first before starting it.

SoCaliMommy 02-01-2010 03:32 PM

tropacana~I hope AF shows for you soon.

zwitterion~ Glad your drs appt went well.


Narn 02-01-2010 04:06 PM

Yay Jessiebird! It's so fun TTC and then getting pregnant with other people.

xtara2003x 02-01-2010 04:08 PM

Kingsdaughter~ Would you be "due" on your birthday if you were pregnant this cycle!? fx for you!!!

zwitterion~ Hang in there! Glad your apt went well!!

tropacana~ It's so hard to wait! It could come at any time though! I only have one DD and I got it back at 15 months, but you can get it back at ANY time. Think positive and I really hope that it comes soon for you!!!!

rcr~ Good luck gearing up to O! I wish you happy BDing!!

Socalimommy~ Sorry about your BFN! Keep us posted when AF comes!! Also, can you please move me to the "2WW"? I am pretty sure I O'd on CD 15 (and I checked so if I have another temperature a little higher that's what FF will put me down as too).

kikaaaso~ Way to go on the longer cycle!! WHOO HOOOO!


SOOO happy for you!!! Hope the BFP's can keep on a'comin!!!!


I'm pretty sure I O'd on CD15..which would make our BDing seriously almost perfect! LOL! WHOO HOO! I am feeling SUPER positive about this cycle...despite the slow rise. I chart stalked on FF and saw lots of +preg. tests with slow that gave me a lot of hope. I'm 2DPO now that sure beats not really knowing what is going on! I will start testing on Feb. 8th (9DPO). Hoping for some strong pregnancy symptoms!!

BTW..I am really considering starting some B6 right now. Because I seem to have a slow rise this cycle, I'm wondering if I took the B6 if it would help my progesterone levels. Anyone have any advice on that? I never did B6 before (but a friend told me that you can miscarry if you stop abruptly). Hmm. WIll have to check into that more.

Okay that's all for now! Stay positive ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KingsDaughter76 02-01-2010 05:39 PM

If I got preggo this cycle I would be due around Oct 23rd or so... Kyler was born on the 26th and my birthday is the 13th... I tend to deliver early... Madilynn came about 2 weeks early...SO I figure if I went early again with my next one I could very well deliver on my birthday! So neat! I love October though- so pretty with all the fall colors...not too hot..not too cold... just perfect for having a new baby! :-)

zensven42 02-01-2010 06:04 PM

subbing to the new thread- do I have to do this?

Still on is so HARD!

xtara2003x 02-01-2010 06:36 PM

Originally Posted by KingsDaughter76 View Post
If I got preggo this cycle I would be due around Oct 23rd or so... Kyler was born on the 26th and my birthday is the 13th... I tend to deliver early... Madilynn came about 2 weeks early...SO I figure if I went early again with my next one I could very well deliver on my birthday! So neat! I love October though- so pretty with all the fall colors...not too hot..not too cold... just perfect for having a new baby! :-)
I would be due Oct. 23rd as well!!!!!!

We could end up being due date buddies!! When are you testing again? I'm starting at 9DPO on Feb. 8th!! So in one week!

SoCaliMommy 02-01-2010 06:55 PM

Updated List To Here

zensven42~ hope the 2ww starts to go by faster for you

peaches' mom 02-01-2010 07:57 PM

Thanks for the new thread, SoCali & sorry to hear about your BFN today. For what it's worth, my BFP never shows until a week or so after AF is due.

lifeguard - I feel for you, waiting for AF (especially with EWCM) makes me nutty! I got my first PPAF just over a month after LO nightweaned at 18 months....don't give up hope! That said, I've been temping/charting ever since and am all over the map. FF says I may have O'd on CD9 but I really don't think it's possible. LO still nurses like a champ all day long so maybe that's part of it.

Congrats to those who've got their BFPs, and hugs to those who got the BFNs. Here's sending lots of babydust to all of us. It's still early this year & we all could have 2010 babes yet!

must run, baby's crying & DH can't soothe her

Tara2 02-01-2010 07:59 PM

babygrey- thanks.. . I think? Since Xtara joined the group, when you say Tara, not sure if anyone is talking to me or her! LOL.

FF took away my crosshairs today... finally. I was sick of it saying I was 25 dpo. No rise for me, so tomorrow is my absolute deadline on anything happening for a temp shift. If not, then another fake out for me, but at least not as bad as having it rise for a week then fall!!!! So final update tomorrow. But if no rise, I wanna move to Waiting to be Ready... just gonna wait for PPAF to show before I worry about ttc so much.

Socali- any sign of AF yet? Don't worry I will post again in bold tomorrow if I need to be moved.

gumblossom 02-01-2010 08:22 PM

Tara2, I had my crosshairs taken away too! I koinda feel like the naughty girl in class!
I suppose I new it all along. Still haven't taken a test, still waiting on the ICs to turn up in the mail! Hopefully today.Then I can pee on a stick and be done with it!
I think my resolve is wanning as each month passes. I go to bed every night, quite tired, thinking, oh well, it's probably better if I don't have another baby as I am so tired...but I wake up everyday praying for another! I would love to have some semblence of a normal cycle to obsess over! I know it will come eventually, I'm losing patience though!

Congratulations on the BFP's! It's great. Can you lucky ladies tell me how far pp you are?

sarahn4639 02-01-2010 09:28 PM

Hello, I'm Sarah, I was active on this thread when TTC our almost 2 year old son. We are not actively TTC, but we aren't preventing, it's one of those if it happens it happens things. Well, I got my PP AF back when James was 15 months old and I have been having long and what I thought were annovulatory cycles since. Well, last cycle I had a miscarriage, so I must be more fertile than I thought. That hit me kind of hard and I've been thinking more about TTC so that brought me back here. I am still in the m/c cycle and I have no idea when Af will come back. I am charting CF, but not temping, I've thought of breaking the thermometer back out since I didn't think I ovulated last month and obviously did so I may need to keep a closer watch on my cycle. James is a sporadic nurser, he nurses 1-2 times a day, but skips days too. I'm happy to see that this is still a great and active thread. Can you please put me in the 2WW since I'm still waiting for AF?

filiadeluna 02-01-2010 09:34 PM

Hi there! I've been AFK while, but wanted to start posting here again (even if it's infrequent). DD is 10 months old and we are TTC #2.

I got my first PPAF when she was only 13 weeks old. I have had one consistently since then, but sometimes my cycles are still 40+ days long. I find taking B-complex seems to help normalize my cycles, but most cycles I don't have any signs of ovulation (HSO, EWCM, etc). I think drinking more water will help things, b/c I hate how I seem to be pretty dry down there since I'm nursing.

We have not used "protection" for about 7 months now, but to be honest it's hard to find time to even have sex with a 10-month old who is crawling and into everything and rarely naps.

Anywho, any advice (especially on how to find time for DTD) would be appreciated!

KingsDaughter76 02-02-2010 12:52 AM

Originally Posted by xtara2003x View Post
I would be due Oct. 23rd as well!!!!!!

We could end up being due date buddies!! When are you testing again? I'm starting at 9DPO on Feb. 8th!! So in one week!

That would be cool! :-) I tend to test WAY too usually start peeing on things around 6 dpo...HA! I have about 50 Ic's just calling to me... lol!

SoCaliMommy 02-02-2010 01:29 AM

Updated List To Here

sarahn4639~ Welcome to the group.

peaches' mom~ Thanks for mentioning that.I'm trying to stay hopefully since still no AF yet.

Tara2~ Still no af yet just brown spotting with some ewcm tinged with blood. still holding out hope that af stays away. Oh no about FF taking away your coverline.

filiadeluna~ No good advice on how to find time to dtd. When we just had dd it was usually when she was in bed for the night or when she was napping.

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