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Velveteen's Avatar Velveteen 03:18 AM 07-31-2004
Napless, your going to love that book! Buy it!

Went to an herbalist today, it feels good to be doing something. I didn't find out anything new, but I did feel reassured that what I AM doing is a good routine. How are the rest of you??

polka123's Avatar polka123 01:17 PM 07-31-2004
well, I'm ok.
trying to sneak BD in with an 11 mos old that barely naps - LOL
& well y'know.
(((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))) &
to everyone.
I think I'll look for TCOYF in Amazon or Ebay.

It's raining here & we have a family reunion to go to & I'm excited to see folks I have not seen for 25 yrs.
Mom4tot's Avatar Mom4tot 03:32 PM 07-31-2004
Hi everyone

...snuck in some bd this morning It isn't always easy, is it, Polka? :LOL

Now I must visalize strong, healthy swimmers charging to a healthy, ready egg....!

Velveteen....I didn't expect it to take so long either

Great book Napless!
Shakti's Avatar Shakti 08:38 PM 07-31-2004
Still here. CD? 17. Yeah... CD17. So busy with house building I hardly know what day of the week it is, much less what cycle day I am. They move the mobile home out this week. Please pray to the God/Goddess of your choosing that they don't squash our septic system!!!

In this chaos, I am sometimes remembering to take my herbs. We have missed our opportunity for the last 2 months due to travel/moving. Maybe next month!!! Still staying positive!

Ooooh... morning nookie!
nanmama02's Avatar nanmama02 04:57 PM 08-01-2004
Well it's the dreaded 2WW! Not that I don't have plenty to keep me busy this summer...

napless: I bought my TCOYF on, and bought a "gently used copy" for about $5. it's just as good except the charting sample was gone from the last page. But that was ok since I chart at, anyway.
Velveteen: it's a great way to do it, to be sure. I wasn't, so I started charting BBT. If you're diligent about it (and I am) your body will tell you what's happening. I feel so much more in control and this is the first time I've done charting. The only thing it cost me was the thermometer (you have to get one that measures in one/tenths, not two like the standard fever thermometers).
Good luck to everyone in the 2ww!!
napless's Avatar napless 12:45 AM 08-02-2004
2ww for me too!
nanmama02's Avatar nanmama02 12:12 AM 08-09-2004
well I don't know what happened to this thread! Did ya'll go somewhere? anything happening for anyone? I'm just confused. I'm charting my BBT using FAM and according to, I had BD at just the right time. So the 2ww goes on, BUT I noticed some light red when I used the bathroom today on the tissue. However, nothing like AF yet.. I hope it's not her, cause it would be my shortest LP in a long long time. This mess is enough to make ya crazy!

Hope everyone's summer is going great! only three weeks til school starts - eek!!
Shakti's Avatar Shakti 03:21 AM 08-09-2004
I'm still here, Nancy! Just not posting as much lately due to a move and trying to get a mobile home moved off our property so that we can build a house.

When did you O??? Could that 'light red' be implantation spotting?!?
Velveteen's Avatar Velveteen 03:26 AM 08-09-2004
That light red sounds very promising!!! I hope it is implantaion spotting for you!!

Still here, and now in the 2ww. The first week is pretty easy. I start getting worried when I don't 'feel' anything, then I get discouraged, etc. etc.
nanmama02's Avatar nanmama02 05:24 PM 08-13-2004
Well the "light red" was just the signs of early AF. Shortest LP I've had in a long time. That's not a good sign. Sadly, it was our last good chance to do BD cause my DH started a second, third-shift job this week so he'll never be home when I want him to! Well I just consider this more of a challenge!

How's everyone else doing? School starts in two weeks! (for those of us educating our kids outside the home in my area. I wish I had the guts - let alone energy - to homeschool...)

polka123's Avatar polka123 07:45 PM 08-13-2004
: : reboot : ((((((sigh))))))))))
Velveteen's Avatar Velveteen 02:29 AM 08-14-2004
Sorry Polka and sorry nanmama

Soooo, I went in for a scheduled mamogram~ my first one. I realized that after she had x-rayed one breast, that I was in the 2ww and this was a no no!! My heart was racing!!! The lady said 'are you ok?', and so I told her I was ttc, and she said 'we prefer not to do this if you think you may be pg!!!!'

I had to travel to the appt. in the early am, drop ds off with a friend, fight traffic, and..........she wants to know if I want to reschedule. : I just didn't know what to do! We were half done! I am mad at my ob, because she shouldn't have had me go in either.
After talking to the caregiver there, she assured me that the x-rays scatter OUT, not down, because after all, they are interested in the upper body only. I did wear an apron after that first time.
Anyway, its probably a moot point because I'm not feeling pregnant.
This time I will feel a bit more OK with not being pg because of that. She said the same amount of radioactivity would be present if I went on an airplane and traveled, so I felt somewhat better.
Please reassure me.
polka123's Avatar polka123 02:59 PM 08-14-2004
Velveteen -
take a deep breath - ok, now think of ALL the women out there that don't even know they are PG & take meds they aren't supposed to, drink too much, maybe even do some drugs in early PG & they have ok babes.

Think of medievil women & all the crap they endured.

The Medical community really has us scared.

The level of radiation was really low & you did catch in time b/f it went on further.

Please - you may worry yourself out if you are PG -

love YA -

everyone else doing ok ??

well after my reboot, DS's 1 yr old B-day is next Sunday so I'm preoccupied by that.
Velveteen's Avatar Velveteen 04:15 AM 08-15-2004
Ah thanks Polka, you helped me!

Anyone else have angst issues around here besides me? Thinking it won't happen, but hoping it will and wishing, wishing??? At the same time, I think I may have missed the fertility boat
nanmama02's Avatar nanmama02 11:09 PM 08-15-2004
Polka - sorry about the reboot. Does it help to know you're not alone on this ride? It helps me..
Velveteen: when I was preg with my six-year-old daughter (who is gorgeous and brilliant, btw), I didn't even know it until I was on a plane to Canada for a business trip. I felt bad that whole day and then on the flight home it hit me - omg I think I may be pg! So I had a round-trip flight and indeed I was pregnant. On top of that, my dh and I had been spending some rip-roaring alcoholic-dazed weekends prior to that. I like to believe that God protected that baby since we weren't doing anything bad knowingly, you know? So if I were you, I wouldn't worry.. ah that's a lie, I probably would.
The angst is different for everyone, isn't it? Mine is deeply personal, believing I have one more baby in me for reasons known only to me and my God. But I believe that if it doesn't happen, I have been blessed with those I have and must accept that I'm no longer the fertile myrtle I used to be! For me, a great deal of it is realizing that my body is aging, even if my mind is not. It's hard to do. I just went to my sister's FIFTIETH!!! birthday party yesterday. Good grief, I really feel OLD now!! I'll have to see how our mother is holding up! :
Love to all... and good luck, Velveteen!
(Wonder where everyone else is.. Shakti, how's the move going?)
Velveteen's Avatar Velveteen 03:34 AM 08-17-2004
Follow me to a new 40+ and ttc thread! I don't know how to post it here, I'm still computer illiterate, but I started a new thread.
Now you really know I'm computer illiterate, because I posted it twice! OOPS! Just pick one and we will go with that.
nanmama02's Avatar nanmama02 10:43 PM 08-17-2004
how do I do that??? I can't find you now...
Velveteen's Avatar Velveteen 03:47 AM 08-18-2004
nanmama, go to the trying to conceive forum, and look down the column, you will see the new thread.
Wish I could post the link for you!
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