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sleepingbeauty's Avatar sleepingbeauty 06:21 PM 04-11-2010
I hear you, Stevi. I'm on the pill and it still makes me sad. I would cry every time before I got on the pill even though we weren't trying. I would get so hopeful that maybe luck was on my side that cycle and we'd get a suprise. *sigh* Oh well.

SaraBravo's Avatar SaraBravo 07:23 PM 04-11-2010
Yeah bd several times yesterday and last night this morning and. This afternoon. This morning it was a neg opk just now at 5pm a +! It could be darker.... its the same as the test line though can't help but wish it was a pg test lol.
We won't be able to bd again til Tuesday ngiht. But I don't think I have oed yet... this is only my 2nd day of charting... I expect to o around Friday.... even though I got a + now could I still o Friday?

Something strange... he hurt when he hit a certain spot? Weird no clue what that was about. I mean it wasn't painful in that I had to stop or anything I guess just bothersome and made me lose concentration... what do you think?
Stevi's Avatar Stevi 07:31 PM 04-11-2010
SaraBravo... If you have a positive OPK, you are going to ovulate much sooner than Friday. I would say Tuesday at the latest, but more likely it will be tomorrow.
SaraBravo's Avatar SaraBravo 12:05 AM 04-12-2010
Took another opk about 15 mins ago and the line was def darker than the test line now.... I hope that yesterday and this morning were enough to get an eggy... ? What do you think... no... sperm CAN live for up to 5 days but honestly how often is that the case. The further from ovulation incourse happens the less likely pregnancy is right? But also my temp is 96.7 and yesterday was 96.8 ... if I o what should my temp be in the morning?
myk's Avatar myk 02:43 AM 04-12-2010
from what i understand, you generally ovulate within a day of a +opk, so if you did some serious BDing in the past 24 hours, the sperm don't have to hang around very long before Ovum makes her debut. they'll probably meet up tomorrow.
CLH_X3's Avatar CLH_X3 07:23 AM 04-12-2010
SaraBravo - Sounds like you may be Oing earlier this week

Stevi - Oh I have alot of sarcasm to, but when its me who's going mad and he aint botherd and im only getting sarcastic answers back it drives me

This thread has been quiet this week! ... I need more stuff to read while Im bored at work!! ... write people! ..

AFM - CD11 ... CBFM still on LOW, - OPK... Just waiting my time to O .. as this HAS to be the cycle! .. cant miss that egg!

Also on my chart, Yesterdays temp instead of a blue dot like the rest why is it just an outline of a blue dot and not filled in?
SaraBravo's Avatar SaraBravo 08:12 AM 04-12-2010
Another + opk and temp was 97.1 ff says between cd 12 (yesterday) and cd15 (Friday) I should o. My chart looks like a check mark lol. What do you think?
Tulpen88's Avatar Tulpen88 08:17 AM 04-12-2010
CLH- You get an outline instead of a filled in dot when you have something that makes that temperature somewhat unreliable. Like if you temped earlier than normal, if you are sick, if you slept poorly, etc. If you mark anything like that on your chart, it'll give you an open circle.

SaraBravo- I agree that you'll be Oing sooner than Friday unless your body decides not to release that egg for some reason. Your post-O temps should be higher by about .2 degrees (at least), I believe. It's pretty common for the post-O temps to be even higher than that though.

AFM- Please move me to waiting to know. I'm 5dpo. My first 4 post-O temps were so low that I wasn't 100% convinced that I had O'd, but all other signs pointed to O and my temp is higher today. Last cycle was the same way- my temps were low until 5 dpo. Does that mean anything?
SaraBravo's Avatar SaraBravo 08:18 AM 04-12-2010
Do u have lh while you ovulate or just before?
Tulpen88's Avatar Tulpen88 08:22 AM 04-12-2010
Sara- After you O, your LH will decrease. If you keep taking OPKs, they'll get lighter. By the way, it's very likely that FF will not give you an O date this cycle. It usually takes at least 6 pre-O temps to determine a coverline. Since you just started temping, your O date this cycle might be a little ambiguous. However, if your temps get higher and stay higher, you can be pretty sure that you did O (it just might not show up on your chart).
CLH_X3's Avatar CLH_X3 08:23 AM 04-12-2010
Tulpen - Thanks, I took my temp about an hour earlier then I usually did do as I had to get up FX this is your cycle!

anyone else have this ? TMI...

Im having slightly yellow, gobbly, but stretchy CM, Only a little bit though but enough to see some on the toilet roll.. What does that mean? It's not clear/cloudy like they say EWCM should be and it stretchs but returns back to globby after...
Im also getting a LOW, and – opks so I know im not going to ovulate tomorrow etc

Its also oderless, and Im pretty sure I dont have an infection or anything like that

I probs wont get it again today either....

Tulpen88's Avatar Tulpen88 10:32 AM 04-12-2010
CLH - How much does it stretch? Just a little or a lot? It sounds like it's sticky CM to me.
CLH_X3's Avatar CLH_X3 10:37 AM 04-12-2010
Originally Posted by Tulpen88 View Post
CLH - How much does it stretch? Just a little or a lot? It sounds like it's sticky CM to me.

It stretches a couple of inches, it reminds me of EWCM but yellowish instead of clear/cloudy ?
sleepingbeauty's Avatar sleepingbeauty 10:50 AM 04-12-2010
Good morning ladies!

CLH: I know! I've been sitting here waiting for someone else to come on so I had someone to talk to. lol

Me: The first day after a period without a pad/tampon/cup is my favorite day of the month. Yesterday was good. (AND we got some preactice BD-ing done. hee hee...)
Sweet.Bee's Avatar Sweet.Bee 10:54 AM 04-12-2010
CLH_X3: Does it look like "peel and stick glue" (the glue that's used to hold inserts in magazines) and stretch really super far, like more than even EWCM? If so, I had it a few days ago. I have no idea what it is, but it seemed weird to me.
karmab's Avatar karmab 11:08 AM 04-12-2010
clh it sounds like semen?
karmab's Avatar karmab 11:10 AM 04-12-2010
why do we not have a ttc acronym for semen? we should call it something.... oh yeah, someone here calls it his 'contribution.' that's it.

clh, it sounds maybe like his contribution?
SaraBravo's Avatar SaraBravo 11:15 AM 04-12-2010
Ok temp question... I took my temp @ like 540ish this morning and it was 97.1. I went back to bed and got up around 830. I temped again. 97.1 again...BUT... the further I put the thermometer in my mouth the higher the temp. I got 96.4 and 96.8 and 97.1.... I'm thinking the 96.8 is the better temp to use. I think I kept it more in the middle on the side then towards the back and def not way up front where I got the 96.4.

Clh- I don't know what that is but I know I've had that a lot in the past especially when I was pg with my dd. Not sying its a sign of pregnancy because I don't think it is as it happened a little further in pregnancy (once I started showing a lot).

Thanx for everyones help with my oing and charting and temping questions .
I am really hoping that I won't o for a little while longer. Even if I o today could bding tomorrow help if the eggies lives for 24hrs...?

I hope my body waits til tomorrow morning. I'm going to try to bd tonight but not sure if it will work out ... we will bd tuesdaynight and Wednesday morning and night...

I don't have ewcm yet... can u still o and be fertile with out it?

I'm wett and watery and very high sex drive this weekend. I must say that Saturday nights bding was sooooo awesome and there were @ least 3 helpings of baby makers dropped off lol. Then there was Sunday morning too.well some of sat night counts as sun morning too I think technically...?

Not having very high hopes this cycle
karmab's Avatar karmab 11:22 AM 04-12-2010
ladies, and gentleman, this thread is closed. please make your to the shiny new thread.
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