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Banana731's Avatar Banana731 10:50 PM 09-24-2010
congrats Barefoot!

tjjazzy's Avatar tjjazzy 10:10 AM 09-25-2010
Originally Posted by BarefootScientist View Post
Welcome! You have been added.
thanks! and congrats to newly pregnant heathenmom and barefoot. may we all drop a test this month (or early October, in my case)
TickleToes's Avatar TickleToes 04:57 PM 09-25-2010
Congrats Barefoot & Heathenmom!

Weekend Check-In

Name: TickleToes

Date: September 25

Where are you in your cycle: CD 23 - 6 DPO

Symptoms if they apply: I'm trying not to read into any symptoms this early this cycle.

When are you thinking of testing: October 5 - 3 days after AF is due

Thoughts: I'm feeling a lot more casual and a lot less stressed about getting pregnant this cycle. This feels healthier to me overall.

Appointments: None

Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: I was going to walk every day... or do yoga... or dance. I've been so tired and busy though that I haven't made it happen.

Do you have any stress triggers: I've not been sleeping well... and I have so many deadlines to meet lately. I'm wondering how to stay on top of it all. The upshot of it all is that I'm too busy to obsess over every little feeling in my body this cycle.

What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: My husband. He is just amazing, supportive, and keeps me grounded.

Partners feelings if applicable: He is constantly kissing, rubbing, and talking to my abdomen... I guess as a way to encourage the possibility of being pregnant. It is very touching.

Plans for this weekend: I finally finished making the guest book for my friend's wedding and feel very proud of it. It is the most beautiful book I have made to date. The rest of my weekend will be filled with homework for the class I am taking that I've neglected last week... its all due on Thursday!
Smokering's Avatar Smokering 07:39 PM 09-25-2010
Name: Smokering

Date: September 26

Where are you in your cycle: CD36, 10DPO

Symptoms if they apply: Well now... who knows. I have the flu. I have sore breasts, which I thought was because DD bit one of them a few days ago, but even the other one feels kind of tender (not a regular PMS symptom for me). I have a headache, fatigue, runny nose etc, but that's presumably due to the flu. I did have heartburn last night, which doesn't fit flu, but... do people get heartburn that early in pregnancy? I got it in late 2nd tri last time.

When are you thinking of testing: My average LP is 11 days long, maximum is 12, so maybe after day 13? Is that late enough to get a reliable POAS result? I don't want to buy a test, I want to go get a free one from the midwife, but I'd have to walk there and don't want to do it several days in a row. So when's the laziest, most frugal day to test?

Thoughts: I kind of feel like something's up, but my previous instincts about pregnancy have proven to be woefully un-attuned, so.

Appointments: Nope

Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: Started taxing Floradix along with my folic acid. Have semi-ordered some fancy high-vitamin fermented cod liver oil and butter oil; now I just need to summon up enough courage to pay for the stuff!

Do you have any stress triggers: Uh, being a depressive control-freak? And the flu. And I need to make (and design) my dress and DD's for my sister's wedding in 6 weeks, and her wedding cake, for which she won't give me the bally measurements so I can get on to baking it.

What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: Knitting. I'm onto my second baby sweater, and learning to cable.

Partners feelings if applicable: So busy at work that he hasn't had much time to really ponder and absorb the whole TTC thing. He's said "Babies are nice" a few times though, and when DD is being sweet expresses some enthusiasm about having another one like her.

Plans for this weekend: Recuperate. Not die.
Smokering's Avatar Smokering 06:08 AM 09-26-2010
Hah! DD (2.5) just came up to me, patted me lovingly on the squish and told me I had a baby in my tummy. Either she's psychic or DH and I need to start talking in code... I thought we were being subtle, too!
blackbird2's Avatar blackbird2 09:28 AM 09-26-2010
Wow, Barefoot, that was precise!
Congrats Heathenmom
Smokering, good luck on the not dieing - hope you feel better soon!

Name: blackbird2
Date: September 26

Where are you in your cycle: CD2 - back to the beginning

Symptoms if they apply: AF

When are you thinking of testing: Now that I've figured out that I have a 33 day cycle .... like Oct 29th. <sigh>

Thoughts: Uff, I've had a really nasty couple of days of being very depressed and teary. Although not related to TTC (had a little cry when AF showed, but I'm actually feeling really sane about it). Is it possible for hormonal fluctuations to actually make you depressed? (well, obviously PPD, but on the level of a monthly cycle?) Anyway, I rediscovered positive thoughts/emotions yesterday evening and am feeling much better!

Appointments: Nope

Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc:

Do you have any stress triggers: Paying for work on the house on a very tight budget. Family visits.

What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: I think I'll try focusing on knitting projects, keeping the house picked up, and try to get some exercise again.

Partners feelings if applicable: Enthusiastic about TTC, not phased by AF. Hoping October will be our month as it was with DS.

Plans for this weekend: Paint is 40% off at the local store this weekend, so we made some quick decisions and hope to start painting today.
swimming-duck's Avatar swimming-duck 09:03 PM 09-26-2010
Can I join? I know Sept. is almost over, so really it would be October if I conceive this cycle. I actually am restarting my TTC efforts after a break of several months and it's because I've been so upset and stressed about it. I'm having issues and I think some of it is due to thyroid issues that are now at least diagnosed and being treated and some is due to my 3 year old nursling - my progresterone is low. But we're not ready to wean!

Weekend Check-In
Name: swimming-duck
Where are you in your cycle: waiting to O
Symptoms if they apply:NA
When are you thinking of testing: When I'm late...I got too carried away with early testing when I was TTC prior to this and I need to just STOP doing that. It's enough to make a person insane...not to mention a huge waste of money!
Thoughts: I can't wait to see my LO get to be a big brother.
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: Getting back on track with my progesterone and also now on thyroid medication. Also taking Vitamin D, prenatals, probiotic, and magnesium.
Do you have any stress triggers: Stupid people who get pregnant easily. My DH - go figure.
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: I think I'm realizing that I've been blowing things out of proportion. Yes, my cycle isn't what it could be right now, but I'm blessed compared to what a lot of woman who are TTC are going through.
Partners feelings if applicable: He's on board with TTC - especially with the BD part! He wants to hold a little newborn in his arms again!
Plans for this weekend: ??

Baby_Cakes's Avatar Baby_Cakes 10:22 PM 09-26-2010
Weekend Check-In
Name: Carrie
Date: 9/26
Where are you in your cycle: CD9
Symptoms if they apply: Pre-o, so nothing now. Just increase in CM, gearing up to O.
When are you thinking of testing: 14dpo
Thoughts: SO READY TO BE PG.
Appointments: Nothing as of now.
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: Maca, EPO, Merry Mother (new this cycle), Prenatal, B-complex...I think that's all.
Do you have any stress triggers: Lots.
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: Exercise! Sounds so cliche, I know. But I started running again after AF showed this month, and feel awesome about it and myself.
Partners feelings if applicable: He's on board. He's really enjoying "trying"!! And he is looking forward to having another baby.

Thanks! Here's to a stress free cycle, ladies!!
atnightingale's Avatar atnightingale 05:17 PM 09-27-2010
Well I was laying low this month as I was frustrated with wierd bleeding patterns and seeing an OB with it. So not much hope for anything this month, but we tried anyway. Immagine my shock when I was hit with nausea and then a BFP. Due in late may.

So good luck to all and don't get to frustrated.
wake_up's Avatar wake_up 06:51 PM 09-27-2010
Congrats atnightingale! So hopeful and happy seeing all these BFPs popping up

I'm getting excited for our weekend trip, DS will be staying with grandma and we're off to live it up! Am now able to be happy about not being pregnant this month - I think Vegas is probably the worst place to hang out pregnant, I'd be so tired with all the late nights. I was a chronic napper with DS the first trimester.

Have set an intention to ride my bike every day for a month, at least a short ride. Have done 3 days now, and am feeling more positive all around - and clothes fitting better already! This last month I swear I went up two pants sizes, which I wasn't upset about *until* AF came, hoping (irrationally) it could be early pudge...

Hanging in there like the rest of y'all. Deep breaths and glasses of water when I get anxious. Also trying to do my daily abdominal massage, I feel so much better when I do.
Smokering's Avatar Smokering 09:32 PM 09-27-2010
Another BFP here.
TickleToes's Avatar TickleToes 12:23 AM 09-28-2010
Originally Posted by Smokering View Post
Another BFP here.
So, your little girl is psychic! Congrats
Smokering's Avatar Smokering 12:49 AM 09-28-2010
She just might be! Although, um, I hope not, because this morning she told me she had a baby in her tummy. I like the thought of being a young, hip grandmother, but this is ridiculous.
BarefootScientist's Avatar BarefootScientist 01:06 AM 09-28-2010
Originally Posted by Smokering View Post
She just might be! Although, um, I hope not, because this morning she told me she had a baby in her tummy. I like the thought of being a young, hip grandmother, but this is ridiculous.
LOL. Congratulations!
heathenmom's Avatar heathenmom 09:34 AM 09-28-2010
I'm just blown away by all these September bfp's!! Best to everyone!
swimming-duck's Avatar swimming-duck 11:28 PM 09-28-2010
So how exactly do you stress less while TTC? It's my first cycle TTC after taking a few months off and I'm already starting to feel pregnancy symptoms everywhere, think nonstop about becoming preggo, and obsess about how soon I can POAS.
gringuitica's Avatar gringuitica 10:16 AM 09-29-2010
Originally Posted by swimming-duck View Post
So how exactly do you stress less while TTC?
Your guess is as good as mine! No, in all seriousness, for me it's just about filling my days with other. Anything to distract me from thinking about my temps, my CM, my CP, our BD timing, whatever. It can be cooking, reading or knitting (my new hobby -- fun!). I also make sure to take a little me time everyday, when I sit down with a steaming mug of tea and a crossword to just veg for a good 30 minutes. Oh, and it really helps that I promised myself not to test until AF is late... it has helped make me feel less antsy and nervous.
BarefootScientist's Avatar BarefootScientist 11:43 AM 09-30-2010
Not testing until I was late helped me a little, as well as, yeah...thinking about other things.

Anyway, can someone start the October thread? Please? It might bring you luck!
Silverbird's Avatar Silverbird 06:27 PM 09-30-2010
Hi all,

congrats to all the bpfs!

I'm sorry I missed the check-in. I've been feeling a bit lot (as well as really busy!) and not really like checking these borads much. But best of luck to all of you and I may pop back in a while when I feel better.

TickleToes's Avatar TickleToes 10:42 AM 10-02-2010
*peers around* Is there an October thread? I've enjoyed these weekend checkins
BarefootScientist's Avatar BarefootScientist 01:33 PM 10-02-2010
Someone needs to volunteer. I'm pregnant so I won't be hanging out here anymore. Otherwise I would start it again.

It's not hard, just quote my post and copy/paste everything into a new thread, make a couple necessary changes... this thread's not too hard to be threadkeeper for.
Taxlady's Avatar Taxlady 04:24 PM 10-02-2010
Can I be a little bit bitter over at BSL but still not stressing in October? If so, I'll be happy to volunteer to start a new thread.

If I haven't heard anything after about 24 hours, I'll go ahead and start the new thread.

Congratulations, Barefootscientist - your experiments and expertise have been fun and valuable to us all. Thank you.
BarefootScientist's Avatar BarefootScientist 04:54 PM 10-02-2010
Sounds great, TaxLady, get it started! Let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks for the congrats. I hope your time is soon!
Taxlady's Avatar Taxlady 06:06 PM 10-02-2010
It is my pleasure to ask you all to join us in the October thread!
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