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Old 09-26-2010, 11:43 PM
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Our first was a very unplanned 3rd month we were together baby.
#2 took 2 years of ttc
#3 took 18 months of ttc
#4 was thanks to my insurance company not covering the nuvaring anymore and me being crazy with moving and not getting to the doctor to prescribe something else and then to the pharmacy to pick it up. And after a sum of 3 1/2 years of ttc, what would 1 month off bc matter? ha!

If I get pregnant anytime in the next 5 years, it will be an IUD baby.

Tiffany, loving wife to Matt, Mommy to Samantha (10/99), Tevin (8/04), Cadence (6/08) and babymooning with our sweet little Lauren 6/24/10
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I got pregnant the first time we tried but had an early miscarriage. Got another BFP a month following the miscarriage which resulted in my 2.5 yo dd.

Trying for #2 now, and frustrated that I'm not pregnant yet, even though it hasn't been that long. Worried about secondary infertility since the first was so easy.

Mama to a daughter (3/2008) and a son (7/2011)
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The first time we tried with ds (#2) we got preggers

lady.gifLacey, wife to an emerging author notes.gif,  mama to whistling.gif(6),bikenew.gif(4),  angel1.gif our Angel Faith born to Heaven April 2013 & Expecting our Rainbow Baby #4 July 2014 luxlove.gif 
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I got pregnant the first month with my first two. I got pregnant the second month of trying for #3 but miscarried. I am on month 9 of trying to conceive and no luck yet. It's been really hard since the first 2 were so easy!
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I think I am just being impatient. With DS we were more relaxed because I was in my twenties and whatever happeneds, happeneds! It happened the 3rd month trying! I am into my 30's right now and I really want another baby so much!
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Yup, I got pregnant on the first try both times. Hopefully it will be as easy with #3, but I'm nursing so who knows.

Abra, Married to George, Mother to DS 12/03 & DD1 08/09 & DD2 12/11 + Someone New in May 2015! After years of planning, we are finally living our dream in South America!!
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Well, we weren't trying with DS. We went on vacation to Disney World. He was a surprise souvenier. Go figure. I wish it were that easy with TTC#2!

Crystal (34) married to LPN DH (38) , mama to (7/07), (1/09), and (7/11) and (12/28)
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both my planned babies (number 2 and 3) were first month. My 4th was before a PP cycle and with barrier birth control. My 1st I was just careless...

Eden yikes.gif, working on a PhD in Education mama to Laurelleshamrocksmile.gif (16), Orijoy.gif (6), Yarrowfaint.gif (4) and Linusfly-by-nursing1.gif (1) partner to Brice. 
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If decomposition persists please see your necromancer.

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It took us 10 months TTC DD1, but with DD2, I caught just 4 days after I went off bc. So I guess I'm the reverse of the majority.

CD'ing, homebirthing, milk making school teacher. Supporting my family on my income and trying to get out of debt in 2013!
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the first cycle we stopped trying NOT to. DH was shocked. I had to take 4 tests

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we did just got my positive monday @ 14 or 15 dpo (going by ewcm and cervical position only) I was all set to start charting next month.

I just love the way kisses make ''booboo's'' all better.
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definitely with ds1! i stopped taking birth control and we were pregnant that first cycle! ds2 took about 4 cycles. hopefully ds/dd 3 doesn't take more!

wife to wonderful dh_malesling.GIF mama of three-DS1 born December 30, 2005 and DS2 born September 27, 2008 and one lovely little girl born September 7, 2011jumpers.gif

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I think it's all just a crap shoot....With my first, I was very surprised because I was 20 and had been having unprotected sex for years with my then boyfriend/fiance. Then wham, one month out of the blue ( we did nothing differently that month) after two years, I was pregnant.
Then with baby #2, he was conceived the second month of trying.
I tried for a baby #3 for two years with my second husband and nada!! I never did get him to get an SA....but you never know...It goes to show you can never tell...

I hope to get pregnant again one day soon!

Mom to three boys 7/7/00 fencing.gif 11/20/02 and 10/29/2011 luxlove.gif


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dd1 was second try (after I realized I ovulate late in my cycle), the other 3 (including our loss) were first try!

Peaceful mama to three blissfully-birthed and incredible small people: dd10, dd7 and ds5. Always awed and so thankful to be a midwife.
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#1 was second cycle. Just DTD, nothing special.
#2 was first cycle but we lost her. We weren't even trying but I noticed ewcm and wanted to see if I would get pregnant.
#3... this is my third cycle and nothing yet. Charting temps and cm, using opks.

goldfish.gif Mischa 9.30.08, ribbonpb.gif Willow 7.4.10 (21 weeks), rainbow1284.gif Nate 8.27.11

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I got pregnant the very first time I tried , but miscarried late into the first trimester.

In the 2ww of try # 2 now.
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