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ekblad9's Avatar ekblad9 02:29 PM 10-17-2010
I chart and use OPK's and my luteal phase has always been 12 days. Well, today I am 15dpo, negative pregnancy test, high temps still, no AF. I'm losing my mind. I don't even have any AF symptoms. NOTHING. Has this happened to anyone else?

LivingSky's Avatar LivingSky 02:36 PM 10-17-2010
Just happened to me actually. My LP is always 13 days, this month it went 16 days. AF seems to have arrived today - along with a temperature RISE instead of fall. I'm stumped
karmab's Avatar karmab 02:42 PM 10-17-2010
sometimes a little luteal cyst can do that. it should go away on its own real soon.
ekblad9's Avatar ekblad9 02:45 PM 10-17-2010
Thanks, ladies. It's so dissappointing and frustrating. Well, you know the drill. I've had three losses in the last year and I'm just about losing my mind. Ah well. Thanks again!!
crunchy_mommy's Avatar crunchy_mommy 05:32 PM 10-17-2010
I just went through that last month with a 16-day LP... Ending in a horrible AF I'm sorry about your losses and I hope you get a + very soon!!
SimplyRochelle's Avatar SimplyRochelle 01:27 AM 10-18-2010
It really freaking sucks, but I've learned it just happens from time to time. In December, after months of 12-14 day LPs, I had a 17 day one out of the blue. It was miserable and I totally thought I was pregnant, only to have my heart crushed. Hope you're out of limbo soon.
HulaJenn's Avatar HulaJenn 11:04 AM 10-18-2010
Could be that you ovulated later than you think too. charting isn't an exact science.
I hope it reveals itself soon either way!