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OllieMama's Avatar OllieMama 10:11 AM 10-20-2010
This is my first month charting, and crosshairs just showed up today. I'm not sure I believe that it's accurate, however, I was hoping a real person with experience could take a quick look. My temps look kind of all over the place, but at least 3 or 4 of those higher pre-o temps were not really "good" temps--not taken after a solid 3 hours, or restless sleep with a gropey ds, or taken way later in the am than the rest of them. Also I had just an excessive amount of days of ewcm, although I was going by the advice that you record the most fertile cm, even if there's not much of it. So the earlier string of days were where I found like a little scant glob and recorded it as ewcm anyway. So basically, I'm thinking (hoping) I o'd on cd 27 but it put me at cd 28. cd 28 was already a little up from the temps before it, but maybe not enough? So, I'm not sure.

I was so sure I would o "any time now" for like the past 2 weeks that I'd kind of burnt out on bd'ing and ff's o date would put the last bd at 3 days prior. I'm hoping it's actually only 2. But any input would be appreciated! I guess it's not too big a deal, as 3 days before doesn't necessarily mean doom for my chances


actual chart this time hopefully

edit: oh man I feel dumb. And here I thought I was avoiding that by using the image url instead of the /index url of the homepage. <sigh> thanks for telling me instead of snickering or eye-rolling silently at the charting noob. heehee

CrunchyKatie's Avatar CrunchyKatie 10:49 AM 10-20-2010
Your link actually takes me to an image of my own chart. If you go to your chart there should be a button above it somewhere that says "Home page Setup". If you click on that you should be able to find the link. Hope that helps!
Sourire's Avatar Sourire 02:20 PM 10-20-2010
I think its possible you O'd on the date your chart says, but it's not for sure. How long are your cycles normally?
OllieMama's Avatar OllieMama 12:43 AM 10-21-2010
My cycles are generally quite long, though also somewhat irregular. last cycle was about 43 days...
OllieMama's Avatar OllieMama 11:11 AM 10-21-2010
ok, adding in todays temp, it looks kind of like a sloping or staircase rise, and I guess I'm not sure I understand why they put it cd 28 and not 27, especially given the cm data. Like I said I'm new to charting, so also new to interpreting
Sourire's Avatar Sourire 11:25 AM 10-21-2010
Based on this morning's temp I think its very likely you O'd either on CD31 or CD 27/28.
escher's Avatar escher 05:25 PM 10-21-2010
I would guess you O'd on day 27. I'm assuming that day 24's temp was a fluke of some sort. I agree it could be day 31, but that doesn't match up as well with your CM.