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TTCmama's Avatar TTCmama 09:23 AM 11-24-2010

I have to say I am not a fan of the new search feature.


I'm trying to research Maca but I don't know what sites to "trust" on my Google search and what I am finding theough the Mothering search is a bit of a mishmash.


Does anyone have a good website to point me to?



LadyJennifer's Avatar LadyJennifer 11:36 AM 11-24-2010

Sorry I don't, but I'm interested in other responses!:)

Panonim's Avatar Panonim 02:36 PM 11-30-2010



I read the book written by the herbalist featured on the home page of this site.  Very interesting, and she recommends organic maca, and specifically recommended this site.  I ordered my maca from this site and was very happy with the purchase.  It hasn't gotten me pregnant yet, but I have not been taking it as consistently as I should be!