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Taxlady's Avatar Taxlady 07:01 AM 12-15-2010

Ok.. weird.. this morning I woke up a little early... random stuff popping into my head you know?  I specifically thought of Objet Trouve and LOW AND BEHOLD.. it's probably because you were answering my questions!  I was going to blame you for the early wake-up but the time is two hours before so you're off the hook wink1.gif  Cool mohawk, cool screen name!  Thanks for writing back.  I love creative looks - I work in a very stuffy place, black and drab - we could use a mohawk here and there orngbiggrin.gif  Glad you're getting settled in and YEA! for getting a washer and dryer!!  We finally got our own last year and it's so nice not to have to schedule a time to go do the wash!  But sooo sorry about your wisdom teeth!  OWIE!  Hang in there.. 

Sourire's Avatar Sourire 07:53 AM 12-15-2010


Originally Posted by objet_trouve View Post

Also Taxlady, no, I don't think you're being ignorant... I like people who aren't afraid to ask questions. Impossible to learn if you don't! :)

Weekend Check-In
Name: Lofn
Date:Dec 15
Where are you in your cycle: Just started Provera for Clomid attempt number 2! (fingers crossed)
Symptoms if they apply: cramps, and it may be unrelated but possibly relevant...I seem to have wisdom teeth coming in, and it's making it hard to swallow and my jaw is all locked up. My mom thinks it's muscles tensing from the teething pain, and I'm not sure but provera just might be aggravating it all, at least with mood stuff. I'm terrified of the possibility of having wisdom teeth removed (hoping I won't need to, aware of the statistics about whether I will), having worked as a dental assistant, since I've seen it from the other side and it's terrifying, bloody and extremely painful looking. :(
When are you thinking of testing: Not for a while.
Thoughts: My jaw hurts and I need it to stop. :( I want to be able to yawn and eat food that isn't cut up into crumbs!!!!
Appointments: PCP in a couple days
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: Provera, Clomid 100mg
Do you have any stress triggers: just the teeth thing. Moving has been totally smooth (except for a fight we heard our neighbors have and a lack of hot water in the shower) and I'm excited about hopefully buying a washer and dryer tomorrow! No more laundromat for me!!!
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: My kitties, my new home, Christmas spirit, 1 year anniversary with Scott, and he's been a LOT more supportive since my last weekend check in. That last one has made all the difference in the world.
Partners feelings if applicable: Concern about my teeth and jaw, focusing on helping me feel better about my life so I'll feel better during the TTC we'll be working on for a bit coming up.
Plans for this weekend: role playing game with my friends, husband and brother, maybe have some company, going to try to relax a little.

Hey speaking of wisdom teeth I am having trouble with mine as well right now. I haven't had any removed but one of them is starting to come out and I had swollen and painful gums in that area for the past too weeks, brushing my teeth was torture! Things are getting better now but I am wondering what you know about those statistics about having them removed... I agree with you that I would rather avoid going through that if possible!


I love your screen name... I speak French on a daily basis (my screen name is French for "smile") but I didn't know the artistic significance of found objects... thanks for explaing it, that is so cool!

ValH's Avatar ValH 08:17 AM 12-15-2010

Sorry you ladies are having wisdom teeth issues!  I will say that while the procedure may look painful and horrible, from being on the receiving end, I didn't think it was that bad.  I had all four of mine out about ten years ago, and I'm glad I did.  It only took me a couple of days to recover, and I actually went out to eat the night of the surgery - granted, I was only eating mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese, but still.  I never took any of the pain meds they prescribed and got along very well.  So don't be too afraid!!  Good luck to you guys, and I hope you can avoid the surgery if possible... but if you can't, I'm sure you'll recover just fine. 

musicoholic's Avatar musicoholic 02:04 AM 12-16-2010

Ouch - wisdom teeth!!!  BTDT...  about 10 years ago I had all 4 of mine extracted under GA because they were all growing along my jaw instead of up.  But that said I recovered quite quickly, apart from the eating soft foods for a week or so till the swelling went down (yay for icecream!  lol.gif )


And my lovely DH has a photo of my with an icepack tied onto my head....  wild.gif



I hate to ask, because I'm really trying not to think about it too much...  but could one of you charting experts take a peek at my chart please?  I'm still waiting on FF to give me x-hairs...  when I'm 99% positive I Oed almost a week ago (CD13 or 14).  I think my early-cycle flu-temps have screwed up the detection software.  irked.gif

ValH's Avatar ValH 05:37 AM 12-16-2010

music - I would say you may have O'ed on CD17.  I think if you get one more day of high temps, FF will give you crosshairs.  If you were sick pre-O, though, it's hard to see the patterns, so I could be wrong.  Good luck!

LivingSky's Avatar LivingSky 08:01 AM 12-16-2010

music - I'd say your O date could be any of CD 15, 16 or 17. Your temp on CD17 is throwing it off. I don't think you Oed as early as CD 13 or 14 though. If you ignore that super low CD13 temp, the temperature shift is quite clearly heading slowly upwards after CD15. Slow rises (an a jagged rise with CD17 being a bit low) always throw FF for a loop.

ValH's Avatar ValH 10:22 AM 12-16-2010

I'm doing this early, since today starts my weekend - yay!  I love long weekends. 


Weekend Check-In
Name:  Valerie
Date:  12/16/10
Where are you in your cycle:  10 dpo
Symptoms if they apply:  Had some spotting at 5, 6, and 8 dpo; backache.
When are you thinking of testing:  Had thought about testing today, based solely on a dream, but the spotting made me stop.  Now I'm waiting until 12/21.
Thoughts:  Eh.  Pretty frustrated with my body and beginning to question my ability to conceive. 
Appointments:  None, but STILL waiting on the results of my most recent blood work.
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc:  Nada
Do you have any stress triggers:  Spotting. 
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle:  Well, right now I've almost reached the "who cares" stage... that's more apathy than "stress-free" though. 

Partners feelings if applicable:  He was very disappointed when I started spotting again this cycle, it really broke my heart. 
Plans for this weekend:  Finish Christmas shopping!  Nothing like procrastinating! 


musicoholic's Avatar musicoholic 12:40 PM 12-16-2010

Thanks ladies....  yep, FF gave me x-hairs today for CD15....  I'm still not sure it's completely accurate (but, whatever eyesroll.gif - I still think 14 because of my pre-O temps being higher this month), but then that's just FF, huh?   


Thanks for peeking!!  love.gif

Sourire's Avatar Sourire 09:08 AM 12-18-2010


Weekend Check-In
Name: Heidi
Date: Sat Dec 18
Where are you in your cycle: CD20 - 1DPO
Symptoms if they apply: Nothing yet
When are you thinking of testing: Dec 30
Thoughts: I don't really believe this is our month.
Appointments: Acupuncture every Wednesday
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: Starting natural progesterone cream tomorrow, I really hope it helps lenthen my luteal phase!
Do you have any stress triggers: Trying to get all my Christmas gifts ready... I want to print out personalized photo albums of my wedding for my family members but its a lot of work and there is no way I can get it done by Christmas, which is upsetting me.
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: Acupuncture
Partners feelings if applicable: He is a lot more optimistic than I am about our chances this month.
Plans for this weekend: Trying to work on the Christmas presents, going to a Christmas potluck with friends tonight (which I don't feel like going to because I've already been overloaded with Christmas parties), hanging out with my dad who is currently visiting us.

objet_trouve's Avatar objet_trouve 05:13 AM 12-19-2010

Weekend Check-In
Name: Lofn
Date: Sun Dec 19
Where are you in your cycle: 8th day of provera
Symptoms if they apply: Nothing...not that I can even tell when my mouth is in as much pain as it is
When are you thinking of testing: not for a while
Thoughts: Mostly just fear about wisdom teeth. I'm having one removed by the emergency doc Monday (had to wait till Monday so I could try and open my jaw with antibiotics)
Appointments: No real appts, emergency dentist on Monday, need to try and schedule something with a non-emergency dentist who can remove the other three wisdom teeth that aren't causing trouble yet, but will according to my pano.
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: antibiotics, ibuprofen. Still on labetolol, dicyclomine and provera.
Do you have any stress triggers: I'm near delirious from pain most of the time, and I feel completely helpless right now. I need to be cleaning and moving and focusing on our pregnancy stuff, and I'm just not. I haven't even been updating my calender properly and have to keep fixing it. I just wish this wasn't going on right now. So many other things I need to do!
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: I'm glad we're in our new home and I'm glad my husband is done with school for this semester. He can help me and I have lots of room to stumble around in.
Partners feelings if applicable: He's worried about my teeth, and he's not saying it but I think he's worried my teeth will keep us from traveling to LUbbock (to see his family) for the holidays.
Plans for this weekend: I want my washer and dryer! Tomorrow we plan on doing some moving and cleaning to take my mind off of my tooth, and we plan on shopping around to try and find me my washer and dryer since I still haven't found a good one in our very very low price range. Monday or Tuesday I'm getting my tooth pulled by the emergency dentist, the one that is digging into my cheek, then I have to find a regular dentist to pull out the ones that are pointing at their neighbor teeth and waiting like random little time bombs. I'm so nervous about all this, just wish I could have it all over with right now.

OJazzy1's Avatar OJazzy1 07:51 AM 12-19-2010

Weekend Check-In
Name: Jasmine
Date: 12/19
Where are you in your cycle: 10 DPO
Symptoms if they apply: Not much
When are you thinking of testing: Tested this morning because I couldn't help myself, BFN
Thoughts: Trying not to be too disappointed that once again I am prob not pregnant and just be excited about Christmas.
Appointments: Not until Jan.
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: antibiotics, ibuprofen. Not really.
Do you have any stress triggers: We are starting a business, a lack of friends IRL and of course, not getting pregnant.
Partners feelings if applicable: He is just hanging on to when it's time we'll get pregnant again, he is trying to be positive.
Plans for this weekend: Not much, went to the Twin Cities yesterday and had a blast. My sister babysat my mini man so I got to enjoy shopping child free! Today, just rest.

copper.kettle's Avatar copper.kettle 07:10 AM 12-23-2010

Hi ladies!  I'm just delurking to send baby dust orngbiggrin.gif


Val, OJazzy, Musicoholic (and anyone else I forgot), any good news?  I hope this is a big weekend for BFPs!!

objet_trouve's Avatar objet_trouve 09:25 AM 12-24-2010

Weekend Check-In
Name: Lofn
Date: 12/24
Where are you in your cycle: Waiting for my period to start, finished Provera on 21st.
Symptoms if they apply: None
When are you thinking of testing: no time soon
Thoughts:Glad I got my tooth pulled before pregnancy! I think it may have been messing with my mental health, because being stable has been so much easier since I had it removed. I'm feeling much more positive in many areas of my life. Also, Xmas is tomorrow and I've had a wonderful Yule so far. :)
Appointments: Not until....end of January I guess??
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: Getting back into rune working. Found it very encouraging last night.
Do you have any stress triggers: Sure, nothing I can't handle right now. Wish my washing machine would spin though. :(
Partners feelings if applicable: He's relieved that I'm feeling better and excited about getting to spend Xmas with his side of our family.
Plans for this weekend: Off to Lubbock for Xmas, then I have to come home and go on a cleaning rampage in our old apartment.

Rune reading: Reads past-present-future, Isa (standstill, frozen), Berkana (female fertility), Pertho (initiation). My cat picked them, I'm taking it as a sign that this won't be forever, and I will be a mom someday!

~~Sarah~~'s Avatar ~~Sarah~~ 12:32 PM 12-24-2010

Weekend Check-In
Name: ~~Sarah~~
Date: Dec 24
Where are you in your cycle: CD 19, 4 DPO! (which used to be my average LP length)
Symptoms if they apply: psychosomatic nausea
When are you thinking of testing: not, I'll know before it's time to test due to the LPD
Thoughts: I *really* want this to be my month but I don't think it's gonna be....
Appointments: none
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: more herbs than I can count, and Natural Progesterone cream
Do you have any stress triggers: all work and no play etc.
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: gonna take a real day off this week, just for me.
Partners feelings if applicable: excited
Plans for this weekend: day off, sleep, work

Sourire's Avatar Sourire 03:17 PM 12-24-2010

Weekend Check-In
Name: Heidi
Date: Christmas eve
Where are you in your cycle: CD 26 / 7 DPO
Symptoms if they apply: getting super angry at everyone, started spotting today
When are you thinking of testing: I am not testing.
Thoughts: I started natural progesterone cream at 3 DPO and I think it is making my moods go crazy! I hoped it would delay the onset of the spotting but I started spotting at 7 DPO, same as last month. Still got my fingers crossed that it will help lengthen my LP even if I'm already spotting.
Appointments: Acupuncture every Wednesday.
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: Natural progesterone cream.
Do you have any stress triggers: right now, everything is making me get crazy angry...
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: blaming my mood swings on the natural progesterone cream :)
Partners feelings if applicable: he is like "great! you were unpleasant enough when you only had 1 or 2 days of PMS... "
Plans for this weekend: going out for supper with my MIL tonight because she is dying to start giving us some of our gifts, then going to spend Christmas day with DH's aunt, uncle & 2 cousins in another city about 2 hours away.

OJazzy1's Avatar OJazzy1 06:49 PM 12-24-2010

My period started.... 3 days late. Ugh. I don't even know what to say. I am making some new plans for the New Year and trying to even de-stress this whole thing some more, we'll see how that goes. I hate all the disappointment.


On the brighter side Christmas has been a blast so far. Merry Christmas to you all!

musicoholic's Avatar musicoholic 08:28 PM 12-24-2010
Originally Posted by copper.kettle View Post

Hi ladies!  I'm just delurking to send baby dust orngbiggrin.gif


Val, OJazzy, Musicoholic (and anyone else I forgot), any good news?  I hope this is a big weekend for BFPs!!

Nope...  no news from me orngbiggrin.gif  Except DH thinks I'm pg...................  but he said that 2 cycles ago as well (he was right....  but we know how that ended).  

I'm completely ignoring any "symptoms" I'm having...  I just don't want to know right now.  AF is due tomorrow......  so it's a nice distraction that we're on holiday at the moment in one of Australia's premier wine regions...  Yesterday we visited 4 wineries, and I had the tiniest taste of 3 wines and a liqueur yesterday and felt ill...  but came home with 6 bottles of wine and 3 of liqueur!!!  lol.gif  Tomorrow we're going to do a couple more wineries...  so it seems I'm planning on going home broke!!  



If my new "collection" has to be cellared for the next year or so.....  well....  I'll be happy with that too.

musicoholic's Avatar musicoholic 08:44 PM 12-24-2010

Weekend Check-In 


And Very Happy Holidays to those of us who don't celebrate  love.gif

Name: Bee
Date: Christmas Day
Where are you in your cycle: CD 28 / 13 DPO
Symptoms if they apply: fatigue, sore boobs, uneasy/queasy tummy, and my ankles are retaining fluid like a camel!
When are you thinking of testing: not until we get home sometime next week from our road trip....  if I still need to test.  So probably around 17 or 18 dpo...  maybe a day or 2 later.
Thoughts: trying to ignore my DH who is telling me at every opportunity that I'm UTD.  Trying to make the most of being in this gorgeous wine region - without jeopardising "possibilities".  Trying to convince my stomach that the duck I can smell roasting at the moment smells good....
Appointments: none
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: finding new ways to ignore my husband....  lol
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: ROAD TRIP!!!
Partners feelings if applicable: he is convinced I'm pg.
Plans for this weekend: Christmas lunch at our friends' place today, more wineries tomorrow!!!!  Maybe taking DS to the Army base early in the week to see their range of fighter jets and helicopters etc etc (the friend we're staying with is a Captain).

~~Sarah~~'s Avatar ~~Sarah~~ 06:41 AM 12-27-2010

Where is the smiley for "crickets chirping"?

it's awfully quiet around here!


here's my new mantra that I thought I'd share with you:

"another day, another DPO!"


Today makes 7 days (post ovulatory)! WHooooooo! Hang in there little egg - I'm cooking up a real lining this time!


OJazzy1's Avatar OJazzy1 08:19 AM 12-27-2010

I am trying not to just "give up" at this point. I am reworking eating and exercise again to see if that helps and I do have an appointment for just a general check up in January, I think I may be battling some bacteria.


I was hoping to get on and hear that someone got a BFP over Christmas!

VJSJ's Avatar VJSJ 10:28 AM 12-27-2010

sleepytime.gif indeed... coming out of vacation mode is a bit tough.. All I got for Christmas was AF. So here's to another New Year... another month cause I plan to celebrate champagne.gif ( at least a little). I will give it the good ol' lets ring in the New Year try. So looking forward to the No Stressing/No Obsessing group for January.

objet_trouve's Avatar objet_trouve 10:35 AM 12-29-2010

Weekend Check-In
Name: Lofn
Date: Dec 29, 2010
Where are you in your cycle: Day 6
Symptoms if they apply: Not really symptoms of pregnancy or Clomid, but I'm a MESS right now. I got a yeast infection from antibiotics after I started the provera, couldn't treat it for a couple days because we spent Christmas in a town so small they only had an Allsups (which doesn't sell vagisil lol). I'm recovering from the Wisdom tooth removal, but I can't actually relax and recover because we have to fix up our old apartment befor we turn in the key. And we have like three days to do that for a place we lived in for two years. I'm quite exausted.
When are you thinking of testing: Not all that soon unfortunately :(
Thoughts: I want everything to slow down. I want to lay down on the couch and let my husband baby me for a few days. He's not feeling so good either though, we're both going to just crash when this is over. And stuff will be going on then too!
Appointments: You know, because of how the system is set up, making my appt to get tested on day 21 means actually going to the clinic and standing there until they do it, so where I should have made the appt on day 1, I still haven't made it. I'm going to try and do it today, but god it's got to be so complicated. Every time I call, the front desk doesn't seem to know how to do anything but transfer me to a nurse who can't make that appt (that would be the front desk's job, they just don't seem to know how to do it unless I'm standing right in front of them), or an answering machine that NEVER gets responded to.
Any new regimes, ie herbs, medications, mantras etc: I will say this. All the unrelated stress is making me not even think about fertility problems. Which is good. Seeing my newborn niece the other day, and seeing my husband getting to hold a baby for the first time...nearly killed me. Also, I think his mom tried dropping a hint the other day. One of his presents was socks and underwear, but she put it in a diaper genie box before they wrapped it. She doesn't know we've been trying, and I don't really want to tell most people yet, so any hints have to be taken with a smile while I just sit there wanting to go cry because damn it I'm trying and just can't seem to. Although...the look on Scott's face was HILARIOUS.
Do you have any stress triggers: Everything is a stress trigger right now. I want to go back to sleep.
What is working to help you be stress-free this cycle: unrelated stress lol :P
Partners feelings if applicable: He feels like crap too. He seems to be coming down sick, or is pushing himself too hard or something. I think spending so much time with the baby the other day hit him with the realization that we've been trying since January, I still haven't ovulated on Clomid, and there's a very real possibility we may not be able to get pregnant, or at least any time soon. I have to deal with this every time I take my pills, but I think he hasn't really had it made personal till now.
Plans for this weekend: The weekend? I haven't been able to plan past the next two days!

OJazzy1's Avatar OJazzy1 02:28 PM 12-29-2010

Looks like a few of us got a visit from AF for Christmas... wonderful huh? At least I know I won't be ringing in the New Year that way! That has to be worth something right?


Does anyone want to take the January thread?

~~Sarah~~'s Avatar ~~Sarah~~ 11:13 AM 12-31-2010

Originally Posted by OJazzy1 View Post

Does anyone want to take the January thread?

Is no one lined up to be January's threadkeeper? I can do it, if no one else wants to...

OJazzy1's Avatar OJazzy1 11:22 AM 12-31-2010

As far as I know no one is so it's yours if you want it Sarah.

~~Sarah~~'s Avatar ~~Sarah~~ 12:24 PM 12-31-2010

Is there a tutorial somewhere or should I just throw myself into it?

OJazzy1's Avatar OJazzy1 07:21 PM 12-31-2010

It's pretty easy. Just copy paste all the information from the beginning of this thread in to a new thread that you make and then edit it if/when you need to add new information smile.gif

~~Sarah~~'s Avatar ~~Sarah~~ 10:19 PM 12-31-2010

OK ladies - the January thread is up - please post there. :)


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