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ekblad9's Avatar ekblad9 03:35 PM 12-06-2010

We have been TTC for a while after two miscarriages.  This month I thought it was going to be *it*.  After posting here that I had no CM I actually got CM and a positive OPK.  I had ovulation pain like every other month and thought I was good to go.  I tested positive for OPK two days in a row like usual.  Everything matched up.  Except I never got the temp rise.  I did manage one rise on one day but I had a glass of wine the night before and slept a little later than usual.  Any ideas?  I have wondered for a while if my thermometer was broken so I'm going to buy a new one tonight, I think.  I've completely lost hope now. :(

Attached2Elijah's Avatar Attached2Elijah 03:47 PM 12-06-2010

hmmmm, could you link your chart?

ekblad9's Avatar ekblad9 04:06 PM 12-06-2010

I've never done it but I'll try :)



Attached2Elijah's Avatar Attached2Elijah 04:33 PM 12-06-2010

Okay, go to the left hand side where it says "sharing" and then go to "home page setup" and there will be a link on the very top that will be for your chart :)

ekblad9's Avatar ekblad9 06:11 PM 12-06-2010
HulaJenn's Avatar HulaJenn 01:41 PM 12-09-2010

I am still getting nothing with your chart link, but I can only guess that your body either geared up to ovulate and didn't (yet) or it is still in the process of? How long since the positive OPK? That only indicates the hormone surge that usually triggers ovulation within 12-48 hours. And even then the body doesn't always ovulate after a pos OPK. I would keep DTD because sometimes the body gears up, doesn't but then tries again...so I wouldn't count yourself out.