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tngirl11's Avatar tngirl11 08:20 PM 12-12-2010

Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone might have an idea as to why this is happening: Ever since I gave birth last time and got my cycle back I have had this same pattern of mid-cycle spotting. It happens about one week after my period ends and about one week before I ovulate. It's light but enough to require a pantyliner, and it lasts for about two days. It's happened pretty much like clockwork for the last five cycles. I remember it happening here and there before I got pregnant the last time. In fact, I think it happened during the cycle that I actually got pregnant, so I don't think it's effecting my fertility negatively. I've tried to google it, but I only seem to find information about spotting right before or during ovulation. I'd appreciate any thoughts you might have!

LadyJennifer's Avatar LadyJennifer 08:22 PM 12-14-2010

I have heard of that in relation to hormonal imbalance. My sister had that when she got her cycles back after her son. She started vitex and it went away within a month or two.