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SoCaliMommy's Avatar SoCaliMommy 01:38 AM 12-31-2010

The plan for January

Waiting to be Ready







Waiting to Catch the First PP Egg!

*Amanda Williams





















Waiting to O
































*Vegan Princess~




*Ava's Mama










*purpletulip ~


4 Butterflies~


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marmo's Avatar marmo 12:08 PM 12-31-2010

Thanks, Kami, you are awesome!  Hope you enjoy your trip/visit, and your travels are safe.  Happy New Year!

LionessMom's Avatar LionessMom 12:34 PM 12-31-2010

according to everything i guess i havent o'ed yet. so i would still be in waiting to catch first pp egg.


i also have a second chart. they say the same thing so if you wanna link it you can...


tcoyf is slightly different to use and it rounds all your temps for you.


still dont know what is going on with me. i think maybe my body is gearing up. i have been hit by major mod swings. even if i did o tomorrow i am sure DH wouldnt touch me with a 10 foot pole... he said that jokingly yesterday. he even held up a stick and acted afraid. :shrug it would be funny if i werent so pissy all the time. i seem to have no control over it. everybody here now has a cold and poor DD1 has bronchial immflammation to go with it. my digestion has gotten wacky too. i seem to have diarrhea. but only once a day. it is wierd. still havent gone to get blood taken again.  i am thinking monday bc DS will have that day off school. i can just leave the kids home for the 30 min it will take to go there and back.


i have been so tired lately, prob the cold going around. but i have to get up and do something. i really need to finish this thing i am making for a friend for her baby. i have been putting it off too long..... oh and clean the house too i guess..... if i have to.

BrittBBT's Avatar BrittBBT 01:20 PM 12-31-2010

Hi fellow nursing mama's innocent.gif


6DPO here, hopefully. I'll begin testing in a few days... I'm so nervous. I'm totally expecting AF to show up, and probably out of order, knowing my luck! A good friend of mine is also TTC and AF just showed up for her, so I am even more nervous now!!

TMI-- is it usual to have tons of lotiony CM with strands after O'ing? Ever since a few days after my positive OPK I've been having this. I have way more CM right now than I did when I was "supposed" to be O'ing... weird.


Anyway, I'm totally bored but already obsessing over implantation! I refuse to DTD until AF shows ROTFLMAO.gifYou know- just in case. LOL!

Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 03:18 PM 12-31-2010

Can I join?  I probably should wait to my next cycle, but I saw this thread pop up and I thought I'd jump in now. 


We're TTC #3:


I'm nursing DD and since I've started TTC #3, it seems like she wants to nurse more than ever!  It's about 4 x's a day now, but somedays it feels like everytime I turn around.  I think she sensed me pulling away a little, so clung tighter.  So, I'm trying to postpone and distract and not say no and that seems to be working. 


Also, I'm 8 DPO now, so maybe I won't be here long. 


Good luck everyone! 

ms_quoted's Avatar ms_quoted 05:01 PM 12-31-2010

I can't believe I get to say this right now- but I just got a BFP!  Not exactly sure what the EDD would be since I didn't exactly listen to my doctor's advice on waiting until after I had a cycle whistling.gif


I think it would be around 9/9/2011 based off of when I think I o'd.

~~Sarah~~'s Avatar ~~Sarah~~ 07:16 PM 12-31-2010

Originally Posted by ms_quoted View Post

I can't believe I get to say this right now- but I just got a BFP!  Not exactly sure what the EDD would be since I didn't exactly listen to my doctor's advice on waiting until after I had a cycle whistling.gif


I think it would be around 9/9/2011 based off of when I think I o'd.


beccabus's Avatar beccabus 08:56 PM 12-31-2010


Originally Posted by ms_quoted View Post

I can't believe I get to say this right now- but I just got a BFP!  Not exactly sure what the EDD would be since I didn't exactly listen to my doctor's advice on waiting until after I had a cycle whistling.gif


I think it would be around 9/9/2011 based off of when I think I o'd.

peaches' mom's Avatar peaches' mom 09:43 AM 01-01-2011

joy.gif  joy.gif  joy.gif   Congrats, ms_quoted! I am so happy for you & wish you all the best!  joy.gif  joy.gif  joy.gif



Wishing everyone a happy 2011, I think it's going to be a great year! Come on BFPs!!!

~~Sarah~~'s Avatar ~~Sarah~~ 11:29 AM 01-01-2011

me too me too! I'm pregnant!



SoCaliMommy's Avatar SoCaliMommy 03:30 PM 01-01-2011
Updated To Here

I attempted to try and update the list from my



xerxella~ welcome to the group. I will add
You to the list when I get home on Tuesday I'm out of town and posting
from my phone.
kismetbaby's Avatar kismetbaby 04:16 PM 01-01-2011

Woohoo!   Congrats Sarah and Ms Quoted! ! !


Awesome way to start the new year!


I'm thinking I may not be around here much. . .I'll check in still to wish you mamas luck and hopefully see lots of BFPs, but I've decided that I'd rather wait till DS is 2 (or nearly 2) before getting pg.  I think my body isn't ready to be fertile yet anyway and my BFing relationship with DS is just too important to me to risk messing with. I don't want to stress over TTC before my body is ready and I don't want to risk loosing my milk supply.  If we did get pg, we'd be happy about it, and I'll still be curious about my returning cycles. . .but I'm making my New Years resolution to be happy with the moments I have and not obsessing so much about the future I can't predict.  Besides we all had the stomach flu here the past few days and I remembered how terrible nausea is!  I'm not sure I'm ready for 1st tri misery just yet.  


Anyway, not to lessen anyone else's desire for BFPs, I have just come to this personal conclusion.  But I'm sure the TTC bug will still follow me. Happy New Year mamas!

Vegan Princess's Avatar Vegan Princess 08:52 PM 01-01-2011

Got my day 3 hormone test results back. My FSH level is half of what it was and is in the normal range!!! I am SOOOOO releived and thankful!!! :-) Now just have to restest progesterone levels later to see if they are normal and that I am ovulating. Phew phew phew!



Congrats Sarah and Ms_Quoted!!!!! What a tremendous start to the new year!


Socali: Hope you are having a nice trip!



GreenMamma's Avatar GreenMamma 10:04 PM 01-01-2011

Congratulations, ms_quoted and sarah! What a fantastic way to begin the year!


BrittBBT - lots of lotiony cm is normal after Oing (particularly when pregnant....)


Kismet - enjoy your babe. it sounds like you have found a lot of peace with your decision to hold off. :)


AFM - Late Oing stinks big time. Anyway, I'm on cd 23 now and while I thought maybe I had O'd two days ago, my temp reminds me that I didn't. Darn cervix likes to play head games with me. And I have an appt with a urogynecologist on Monday to fully evaluate the prolapse situation. Maybe after the stress of waiting to get through that appt is over my ovaries will decide to cooperate.

Xerxella's Avatar Xerxella 12:39 PM 01-02-2011

Congrats Ms Quoted and Sarah!  May many more BFPs follow you!!!!

Ava's Mama's Avatar Ava's Mama 11:55 AM 01-03-2011

Hi there, happy new year!  I am in 2WW, I think I am 12 dpo. 

NolliesMama's Avatar NolliesMama 03:04 PM 01-03-2011

I'm back. I started spotting yesterday evening and a few hours later the flow was much heavier. I had betas drawn today but there is no way the baby is okay. =(


Has anyone who this has happened to had issue with their milk supply after a m/c?

peaches' mom's Avatar peaches' mom 05:56 PM 01-03-2011

So sorry, NolliesMama. Take care of yourself.  hug2.gif


I can't comment re: milk supply.

blissful_maia's Avatar blissful_maia 06:25 PM 01-03-2011

ms_quoted, congratulations! My ds was conceived the first egg after a miscarriage! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!


~~Sarah~~, congrats and all the best to you, too!!


NolliesMama, I had my miscarriage when I was nursing a two-year-old and didn't see much affect. The only time my milk supply dropped was during my next pregnancy at about 20 weeks and even then dd just kept on nursing away!

Ava's Mama's Avatar Ava's Mama 10:00 AM 01-04-2011

You can move me to waiting to O, I got my period today.  My first PP cycle was 26 days, is that long enough to conceive?  Trying out the Diva cup for the first time today and I am so scared of getting it stuck!

beccabus's Avatar beccabus 10:48 AM 01-04-2011

NolliesMama--so sorry to hear this news  :(  


Avasmama--I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think it's the length of the entire cycle that matters as much as the length of your LP.  I believe to sustain a pregnancy, your LP has to be at least 10 days/ 

sraplayas's Avatar sraplayas 11:04 AM 01-04-2011

Congratulations to ms_quoted and Sarah!   Yipee!!!


Well, I've been "away" for about one month due to lots of travel.  So glad to be back home and checking back in with you all. :)


It was so hard to keep on track with my "TTC protocol" in December!  Am I the only one?!


So, I am back to the routine again and hoping for my first PPAF this month. B/c I have'nt temped in one month I'm not sure where I am on that front, but my temps are still pretty low.


purpletulip's Avatar purpletulip 03:54 PM 01-04-2011

Congratulations ms quoted and Sarah! How exciting!

Kismet- I totally understand. I was just thinking a few days ago how it would have been if I'd gotten pg 4-5 months ago
when I started charting. I wanted to get pg very badly but ds needed me so much more then. He's changed a lot since then in terms of
how often he nurses and how well he sleeps (he's even been spending every other night or so with his daddy in another room).  I'm trying to
be in that mindset of it's not going to happen until my body and my son are ready, and to enjoy what I have now. We also had a stomach bug a few weeks ago and it brought back
a lot of unpleasant memories.... I had HG and I'm scared to get it again.
Anyway, I wish you the best in enjoying everything now and in getting pg when the time is right.

Hoping that the "January success list" is the longest one yet!

~~Sarah~~'s Avatar ~~Sarah~~ 04:44 PM 01-04-2011

Easy come, easy go. Right? I am busy losing this pregnancy.


krjt's Avatar krjt 06:36 PM 01-04-2011

So sorry, Sarah.  It's so hard to hold our pregnancies lightly, isn't it?


So, I think I am about to O in my Dec. cycle.  I am waiting for my 2nd PPAF, but have been having loads of EWCM yesterday and today, so I am hopeful, as long as my LP stays long.  Don't know how that will work out, since my LMP was 11/28, so I'm due for AF sooner rather than later  I still haven't gotten around to starting temping yet, so I'm only going by CM.


Have fun trying, everyone! ;)

SoCaliMommy's Avatar SoCaliMommy 09:56 PM 01-04-2011

Updated List To Here



hug.gifNolliesMama & Sarah


Ava's Mama~ What matters is the length from Ovulation til when you get AF, not the length of the cycle.




I survived the trip to visit the inlaws while feeling sick. I'm 10dpo today i think, and yesterday i started spotting, today it almost seems like a normal AF. I'm stumped since  last month i ended up with a 14day LP so if this is really AF it will put me at having a 8day LP yikes.

summerbaby's Avatar summerbaby 04:00 AM 01-05-2011

Can I join?  AF just arrived today greensad.gif eyesroll.gif so waiting to O again...


marmo's Avatar marmo 05:30 AM 01-05-2011

Sarah- I am so sorry, big hugs.  hug2.gif  This happened to me in July.

Marnica's Avatar Marnica 07:21 AM 01-05-2011

Sarah and Nolliesmom - Im so sorry for you both. Having just had a mc last month, Im still a bit raw myself. Take care of yourselves.


ms-quoted - congrats! Hoping for a sticky bean for you.


AFM - I got my first AF post miscarriage about 2.5 - 3 weeks after the bleeding stopped. I thought it was way to early for it to be AF, so I went and had my levels taken. HCG level is less than 2 and progesterone was 0.4 so yep, it's AF. I read and was told AF wouldn't come for 4-6 weeks. Doc says everybody is different so anything is possibleThis AF SUCKS too. Oh LORD is it a bad one!!


 We aren't trying this cycle so I'm still waiting to be ready!



blissful_maia's Avatar blissful_maia 07:35 AM 01-05-2011

~~Sarah~~, I am so sorry for your loss! I hope you have lots of support. hug.gif


AFM, I would just like a sign from my body that something, ANYTHING is happening! I have had gobs of EWCM intermittently, and tons of one-sided heaviness/cramping, but no AF yet. Maybe it is wishful thinking though... I am only 17 mos pp and I got my PPAF at 22 mos last time with a much less enthusiastic nurser! Time will tell, I suppose. Ideal timing would be March or April for a BFP but I know if I start cycling before then I might not be able to help myself! winky.gif

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