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RoseRed's Avatar RoseRed 07:30 AM 01-05-2011

Ok so it takes me forever to get pregnant (3 years w/ number one, almost 2 with number 2) and so I want to start trying now, but I am scared... I think my body might be broken.


I had a wonderful home birth with dd2, standing in the shower with one leg elevated against the side of the tub. It was what my body wanted. About 3 weeks after dd2 was born I had extream pain in my lower abdomen. Both my midwife and myself decided that it was an ovarian cyst, but midwife suggested that I go get an untrasound just to make sure everything was ok. I don't have health insurance and we couldn't justify the cost at the time so we decided against it. Well since dd2's birth I have been having odd pains in the left side of my pelvis and left leg joint (the leg that was elevated durring birth) If I move a certain way (like doing sit-ups) or rolling over from back to side I get a mass amount of pain that area. The best way to describe it is like my bone is trying to break out of my body.


Now, I know you gals are not doctors. But as mentioned above, we have no health insurance so its not like I can run out for a check-up. And I am not sure how to google that ( :) ) but is pain like that 'normal' I don't want to get preganant and have this massive problem that is going to restrict me to a c/s or cause bigger problems later on..


And yes, I know I need to go to the doctor. But I can't afford health insuarnce that costs more per month then my mortgage or a trip to the doctor that could easily eat up my food budget for 2 months... anyway...





Mulvah's Avatar Mulvah 07:42 AM 01-05-2011

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bcblondie's Avatar bcblondie 03:17 PM 01-06-2011

You know, it's so hard to say. There are so many organs down there, it could be anything. But if it was that bad and resolved on it's own, a cyst is a good bet. Maybe you are getting cysts that are pressing on nerves to the leg that was up? A friend of mine that that and she does some stretches and I guess it makes the muscles more flexible to press against and she doesn't have as much pain. She did need to have a massive cyst removed though. :(